The Brits Picks: Nail Art

by Leanne Cox

Nails are a great way to subtly or non-subtly express ourselves as women AND they are a fashion accessory in their own right. A good shape and polish can boost our confidence and enable us to manifest many different sides of our personality. Whether we opt for an elegant French manicure or multi-coloured neon nails we should always OWN our talons with pride.

I recently had an urge to become a rock star, apart from the fact that I am nearly tone deaf and would feel awful at the prospect of throwing a TV out of a hotel window, I really wanted to break the mould of my non rock star-like life. Instead of purchasing a whole new closet of black clothes and studded accessories I decided to pop into my local nail salon. The particular nail technician I requested had been recommended to me by many of my friends due to his incredible artistic nail designs. After exchanging our ideas and visions with each other, the work begun and my nail dreams came to life. I left the salon with my head held high feeling like I could run the world!

I could wear a simple outfit and my rock star nails stood out as a statement all by themselves instead of pairing a bag or shoes to my look. I could also add some bling in the form of multiple necklaces, rings and bangles to add that extra rock star goodness to my outfits.

Sadly my nails today are at the stage where I need to soak them off, however I have compiled a file of nail art that I have fallen in love with which is large enough to easily fulfil my nail fetish for the next year. Below is a snippet. The next nail design I have chosen to wear is the delicious pale pink and glitter design which will look fabulous next to my new faux fur collared coat this Christmas and is simple enough to do myself in the comfort of my own home. Why not create a nail mood board of your own?

In conclusion ladies be yourselves, be inventive, be daring and let your greatness shine through your nails.