Preggo Vibes 

It being that I’m practically 9 months pregnant, I’ve rediscovered my love for linen pants and loose shirts. I feel a little boheme in this look and not super edgy, but I imagine if I were to gather the strength to leave the house I’d throw on large, oversized black sunnies and killer wedges. None of that’s happening today, let’s be honest.

I’ll sashay around the house with a vacant longing-for-the-sea look on my face while I drink smooth move tea (#realtalk) and pray this baby comes soon.


Today’s Look 

I can’t get away from doing a really glowy, natural look for my hair and beauty regime. I have a feeling it has something to do with that effervescent feeling that pregnancy can give you at times.

Here’s a list of beauty products I used today for this look!

1. Vitamin C oil

This will change your life. My skin is so soft and dewy it’s unbelievable.

2.L’Oreal Foundation

I mix mine with a dab of that Vitamin C oil to thin it out and give a more luminous finish. Since it’s so thin then I also use it on my eyelids instead of eyeshadow and a primer.

3. NYX illuminating stick

4. theBalm Hot Mama Blush

5. NYX Bronzer 

6. Your favorite lip balm, mascara and brow!

Remember to contour and you’ll get a breezy summer glow!

Preggo Blues – How To Spruce Up Your Style 

I’m currently 7-ish months pregnant. As a style lover (check out my Instagram – @theluxurie) living in the most tumultuous 7 months of my life thus far, in terms of my body drastically changing all the time, hasn’t just been hard to deal with, it’s been downright unpleasant at times.

Don’t get me wrong, the joy and privilege of carrying a little human hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s special and exciting. But there are days when pulling on yet another pair of leggings with an oversized  sweater has me looking wistfully and my “other” wardrobe and dreaming of putting on that little high waisted denim skirt with the cropped blouse and some kitten heels.

I’ve had to fight somewhat hard to keep my sanity in and amongst all these changes at a time when I usually would’ve found some solace in my wardrobe, I now too don’t have that. Most days I feel frumpy, tired and super un-sexy. (My ladies have changed so much that I’ve resorted to wearing sports bras…this is sacriliage. I miss my little satin and lace lovelies!)

As a result, I’ve come up with a plan of action to assist my sanity, and by direct extension my husbands sanity, as he has to hear me quietly mutter at my ever growing bump and ever shrinking wardrobe options.

The keys to not feeling frumpy and unsexy in my book is then as such:

1. Build your inner confidence.

The first step is reminding yourself that you are creating possibly the most special and magical experience you’ll ever experience. Your body is growing a human. This surpasses any insecurity and thoughts of self-doubt and fear. You are a warrior! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with it.

2. Frequent pampering sessions.

This may seem small, but setting time aside once a week to fully pamper myself has been life saving. Doing full body exfoliations and baths, pedicures, manicures, face masks, you name it has not only made me love my crazy looking body more, but it gives me time to reflect. To reflect on my connection with my hubby, my new sweet baby, my new life. Taking time to soak it all in is all you need to manage this major transition smoothly. There’s also something about a good mani/pedi that just makes a girl feel put together.

3. Shoes.

Down to the details. I used to insist that I would never wear just sneakers or sandals when I was pregnant, but alas, it being winter, I’ve practically salivated over anything totally flat and boot like. However, the seasons are changing and I’m busting out my super cute kitten heels (an inch or two never hurt anyone) and am committing to commit. An adorable pair of shoes never did hurt a girls morale.

4. Accessories.

Fun accessories will be a life saver when all you can muster is a sweater and leggings. I’ve elevated my looks many a time by simply adding statement earrings or a bold handbag. You can also play with necklaces, bracelets and rings. Remember to have FUN. Minimalism be damned.

5. Outfits.

I refused to buy an entire wardrobe of maternity clothing simply because I knew I wouldn’t wear half of it for longer than two months. Instead I invested in two or 3 maternity jeans and pants, some super long tank tops and an abundance of sweaters from H&M’s Basics section. I’ve also managed to squeeze into some of my other sweaters, t-shirts, dress shirts, cotton dresses and leggings. The days that you get sick of wearing the same thing again are days to get creative! My low rise boyfriend jeans still fit through all this time so I wore those with a tee and kitten heels for a fun but semi polished look. Or belt a maxi cardigan over a dress or leggings to give yourself a figure. The options are not endless, but they do exist.

Remember to wake up in the morning, to put on a dab of mascara and lipstick, brush your hair and face the day. Doing these little things will help set the standard for what I’m assuming will be a crazy first few months. I’m preparing myself for sleepless nights, lots of throwing my hands in the air and deep breathing. But I know I can set myself up for success by creating healthy habits and routines now that are flexible enough for mommy-hood.

Let me know some things that you did as a new mom to help keep you sane!!

No Fear For the Fringe

Fringes, tassels, boho, 70’s glam, 90’s grunge, etc etc.. These have all been styles that’ve been around for a few years now. Our obsession with all things tassel reached fever pitch circa last year with women salivating over anything suede and fringed, but thankfully we’ve settled into a happy balance. Unless you’re a street style star or a insta-stylist it can be hard to style a fringed look without looking like a wash-up from last years Coachella trip, or a wild west woman who is really wild, and really west. It also may appear to be a challenge to grab, let’s say, a fringed hand bag, and worry that you’ll get severe stares at Target. But don’t fear the fringe. Embrace it.

Styling fun, spicy things can be an enjoyable experience, and it adds that certain pop to a look that takes it from here… to HERE. Knowing how to style fringed things will take you from “girl-next-door” to “Paris-here-I-come”, and getting those style basics down will ensure that you don’t suffer from buyers remorse when you see your garment or accessory hanging in the closet.

My general rules for styling fringe:

  1. Keep it simple, keep it sweet. Don’t over fringe. Keep it to one accessory or clothing piece.
  2. Keep it neutral. Let your tassel do the talking, and if it’s colorful, then keep the rest of the colors in your look muted.
  3. Elevate your look with elegant shoes. Try flat mules,heels or booties. I reserve a sneakers and tassel combination for the street style queen. She’s being photographed, whilst we on the other hand, are not.
  4. Rules are made to broken. Have fun!!


Check out some outfit ideas with the Barbara Bonner “Lilith”. It screams iconic fringed bag and makes for a great accessory.


The Essential Wardrobe: Dresses & Jackets

You’ve made it so far! We’re finally on dresses and jackets, the essential ones every girl should have in her closet.

Dresses are one of those things that, although perhaps not worn often, are essential in our wardrobes. In my ebook, The Essential Wardrobe, I tell a story of when my husband told me, very last minute, that we actually had a christmas party to attend the next evening. He had bought tickets for his companys’ annual affair and was naturally looking forward to the festivities. I would’ve been in a major flap about it because I don’t like surprises that include me having to be dressed a certain way, but luckily I had gone shopping that summer and decided to invest in a classic, fancy LBD that would be business appropriate but also very soiree appropriate. I had something to wear! No stress. This is why having those classic pieces come in handy, you never know what will come your way! A surprise date night, a spontaneous night out with your girls, who knows!


  • Something fun! I love this little metallic shirt dress because you can throw heels on and it’s dressy and fun, or white converse and it’s casual and cute.
  • A good every day dress. This wrap dress has stolen my heart! It’s easy enough to toss on in the morning if you’re running out of the house, paired with suede sandals. Or throw on some heels and you have a fun casual dinner look.



  • The bombshell! Every girl needs a bombshell dress! This is for those special occasions, date night, “you want to make your man swoon”, dressy parties etc. If you wear this with stockings and a cardigan in the winter with super fun accessories, you have a more demure and classy look. Throw a boyfriend blazer over your shoulders in the summer! You can also wear super cute black kitten heels and loose chignon to tone down the sex appeal if you need to.
  • The formal dress. This dress is perfect for functions, business meetings, formal occasions where you need to be a bit more serious. Do tousled beachy hair and big earrings (I’m talking Dolce & Gabbana status) to make this dress a bit more light-hearted if you need a black dress, but not quite at the bombshell level.



I’m all for fun trendy jackets, but I’m also a sensible girl. And being sensible means you have things that prepare you for the elements. Here is a list of must-haves!

  • The trench. This is a no brainer. If you want something that’s a bit edgier, opt for a black trench. This is for work, going out, visiting friends.
  • The “muck about” coat. This is a waxed coat that can handle any weather, is sturdy and can get some mud on it and it’ll be ok. This is the coat you wear when running errands, going on walks, going to the gym, all round doing life in not so fair weather. This is not for work, visiting friends, dinner parties.
  • The boyfriend blazer. This jacket goes with EVERYTHING. It’s a perfect spring/summer/fall coat when it’s too hot to wear an actual jacket, but you want to look a little more put together, or have your shoulders covered.
  • Denim jacket. My choice here is a black one because I love wearing black. But get a classic denim jacket that suits your personal style. Also goes with absolutely everything.
  • Leather jacket. Also can be customized to suit your style, but a good leather jacket never does anyone wrong! If leather really isn’t your thing then try a suede option in a more neutral color.



Hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think!!

The Essential Wardrobe: Creating Looks With Your Essential Pieces, Part Two

So far, we’ve covered tops, denim, pants, tank tops and skirts. Creating outfits out of your essential pieces should be the easiest thing in the world. You’ve purchased things that will always go together, no matter what. Below are a few examples of outfits from the previous articles’ pieces that you can easily create using your own things that you’ve picked up. Remember you can choose your essential item pieces based on your own style preferences, following the basic guidelines of material, colors and basic style.

Look One:

I call this my “brunch” look. I love wearing a cozy sweatshirt with unexpected pieces. Here we have this gorgeous white skirt (or color of your choice, if white isn’t your thing), a black silk tank, black flat mules and a cute clutch. I am also a major fan of clutches and have a few in different styles.


Look Two:

Here we have the black pencil skirt, a linen tee, nude heels, dressy sunnies, fun earrings and your black hand bag. I created this look to show that with the right accessories, you can dress down a pencil skirt with a tee, but still look put together. You could even substitute the heels for the black flat mules and have a similar effect.


Look Three:

Here we have all the same accessories as Look Two, but now with a simple black silk tank and the black chinos. This is why it’s important to have really great accessories. Simple outfits are transformed into really stylish looks when you have the right accessories.


Look Four:

Here we have your “fun” jeans, your “fun” tank, same nude heels and a “fun” bag. In my essentials list I always include picking a “fun” item. Something, that is good quality and timeless, but not necessarily those neutral colors or simple designs. They’re a little out of the box. I chose, for my “fun” items; these distressed jeans and the striped cropped tank with a bold and colorful bag. I’d consider the bomber jacket one of my essential pieces (more on light coats and bags later on), and also the nude heels as an essential item.


Look Five:

Your “fun” skirt, in my case denim, with the essential white blouse and fun accessories. Notice how these nude heels are being recycled through a lot of the outfits, despite them being quite busy. Also notice I’m using primarily two sunglasses; a dressy pair, and a casual pair.


Look Six:

Your pencil skirt, sleeveless white blouse, and accessories. Notice how all the pieces in this look are the same as Look Two, except for the tops. That’s how easy it is to recycle looks. Simple by adding a dressy blouse to essential the same outfit, you’ve created a stunning dressy look.


Look Seven:

Here we have the bomber jacket, white skirt, blue linen blouse (in place of denim, more on that here), black mules and a fun clutch. This is another way to dress down a dressy skirt, tuck the front of that comfy blouse in, toss the jacket over your shoulders and you have a really simple but nicely put together look.


Look Eight:

The splashy look! Grab that sequin skirt, bedeck yourself in all things sparkly and have fun!



Let me know if this was helpful in the comments below and check out my Essential Wardrobe ebook on Amazon!!


The Essential Wardrobe: Sleeveless Tops & Skirts

If it were winter, this title would read “The Essential Wardrobe: Knits” . But lucky for us it’s summer and so our wardrobes must reflect this.

In the ongoing “Essential Wardrobe” series, we’ve covered denim, pants, blouses, tees and even under garments. Today we’re going to focus on sleeveless tops and skirts.

Tanks or Sleeveless Tops

  • White cotton, linen or brushed silk. Don’t just find a plain white tank top, get something truly special.
  • Black silk.
  • Something fun! Stick to good materials and choose a style or color that you feel is timeless and suits you extremely well. Nothing can every surpass an item of clothing that fits truly well.


The essential wardrobe, book, how to have the perfect closet, style, fashion


I love skirts! They are a vital part to any wardrobe. Here are some essentials to have.

  • Black pencil skirt. Always. Whether for work, funeral, meeting, dressy date, etc etc. You can never go wrong with a black pencil skirt.
  • White pencil skirt. The same goes for this. In regards to white clothing; if you have small children or a terrible knack for spilling things and you know that white is not your friend, then opt for another neutral color. Whether it’s a flowy cream, hunter green or something along those lines. Make sure then that the rest of your neutrals are all in the same color family so that your outfits go together regardless. (Creams and reds, or creams and greens, never reds and greens as essential pieces).
  • A splashy dressy skirt – something with sequins or gold. This is your party skirt. Every girl needs at least one.
  • A fun every day skirt. Cotton or linen are good choice and I also love denim because it’s hardy and ages well. Choose a style that suits you that you can live in.

The essential wardrobe, book, how to have the perfect closet, style, fashion

Next time we’ll do some outfits! Check out my new ebook “The Essential Wardrobe: How To Have the Perfect Closet“!!

The Essential Wardrobe: Creating Amazing Looks With The Essential Pieces

We’ve written a few articles so far detailing those essential wardrobe pieces, and talked about how they’re the bones of your closet. With these pieces, or pieces like the ones I’m about to show you, you can create innumerable looks with a few of your choice accessories.

So far we’ve talked about tees, blouses, denim and pants. So with those four categories, here a few looks that incorporate pieces from this, and this article.

You’ll notice that I recycled the shoes and accessories in these looks. As much as I love shoes, it’s not always necessary to have 30 pairs. Check it out:

First Look: You’ll notice I grabbed the striped blouse and my “fun” denim with classic espadrilles, a shoulder bag and sunnies. Your “fun” denim is the piece that you choose outside of your black, blue and white classic denim. Choose one that had distressing, or is a fun wash or shade of color. Something that speaks to who you are, your style.


Look Two: Here we have those cigarette trousers. Paired with your essential striped tee, espadrilles, sunnies and shoulder bag. Your look is dressy casual. This is perfect for grabbing lunch with an acquaintance or an informal business brunch or coffee date. You decide.

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Look Three: I love this look because it’s summery and breezy. I would tuck the front of this blouse into the pants. This top is one of the essentials and takes the place of a denim shirt. I don’t particularly love denim shirts so I’ve chosen a light blue linen one in it’s stead. It still serves the same purpose. The pants are gorgeous for any occasion, and in this look you have another casual, but dressier outfit. Notice I recycled all the same accessories from the previous looks.

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Look Four: Your classic silk shirt and black-ish denim from your essential pieces are spruced up with fun earrings, an adorable clutch and belt that really pop and then some minimal black heeled sandals. This style of heeled sandal is easily my favorite and I would own it in at least three different colors if I could. They’re chic, simple and classic.


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In your wardrobe, your accessories are everything. Because my wardrobe tends to have a lot of neutral colors, I opt for accessories that are really unique and special. They create the frosting for an amazing look.


Much Love!

Borrowed From The Boys: How To Rock Menswear

The “girls just wanna boys” look has been around since women first started wearing pants.. circa 1920’s. We saw androgynous looks on the runway this year (and every year past) which means that the trend of women wearing mens clothing, and vise versa, really isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. If you love being feminine (like me) it might seem hard to trade your heels for brogues or loafers, and your a-line skirts for trousers, but there is a way to rock this trend while still staying true to our girly selves.

Check out these looks below for some menswear inspired trends!


These are some basic “borrowed from the boys” pieces, mix and match and have some fun outfits! The way to rock this look is all in the details. Soft and feminine hair and makeup, accessories and the right shoes.

Styling Complicated Pieces: Moccasins

My husband hates two things in this world; maxi dresses, and moccasins. I used to avoid moccasins because I felt that they were so style specific. If you wore them, I judged you to be a beach girl from California or the towns local bohemian (which, by the way, if your town has a local bohemian then it has more culture than most places). Not bad things, just different. That was until I actually got my first pair of Minnetonkas’. I had left all my comfortable shoes at home and while we were away on a trip, I got myself a pair to ease my hurting feet. I have never looked back.

For a short period of time I started wearing them with almost everything, and managed to style them in such as way so as not to lean too heavily to the bohemian side, but sort of stay in the middle of classic chic, and boho glam. I’ve since learned that pretty much anything can be styled in a way thats adorable and presentable, if you just think a little outside of the box. I like to balance mine with minimalistic clothing as well as more structured accessories.

Check out these outfit ideas!


Apart from the statement necklace, everything is really simple and low-key. This way you can wear your hair wild or put up nicely and still looks contemporary.


This look is very demure but sexy at the same time. Leave the coat behind if it’s warmer out and you still have a wonderfully cohesive look. Do a peach lip for some color and tie your hair back in a loose bun.


I love this version of a look that could be business-y were it not for the denim skirt and booties. It’s playful but the lady wearing it is to be taken seriously. I love a nude lip for this one, keeping the hair and makeup really simple will add more to your look than trying to add loads of makeup. Let the accessories do the talking.

Here are some celebrities rocking their moccasins!