Beach Babe to City Slicker

In the last few weeks I’ve been covering how to smoothly transition from your beach babe attire back into the chic Fall wardrobe. We’re seeing it everywhere; that the laid back Summer jams is drawing slowly to a close, the weather is getting chillier and it’s time to step it up a notch. We soon will no longer have the excuse of it being simply too hot to get properly dressed in the morning. The transition from Beach Babe to City Slicker need not cost you a fortune, nor need it be confusing or overwhelming. All you need are those key transitional items that can be worn during the Summer scorch or Fall chill.

This weeks item is a good pair of shorts.

Not┬ánecessarily┬áthe frayed cutoffs you’ve been wearing to the beach, but one with a little more sass. My favorites so far going into this season have been the lace kind, or even sequin shorts. For city ritz, I try to stay away from skin tight, short shorts. I leave those to the sizzling summer days where I’m wearing longer tees and tanks and the heat ruins poise and half a sense of propriety. (You know exactly what I’m talking about). My favorites for being a little more city-esq is something made a little looser (not baggy, not skin tight), like lace for instance, or just a simple linen, cotton or velvet short. Pair with a cute pair of heels, (nothing to hooker-ish) and a soft blouse or modal tee with either a blazer or boyfriend cardi and you’re golden. Accessories and cute bag, a must.

As soon as the weather gets chilly you can throw stockings (not tights, not the 80’s) underneath with a chic pair of booties or flats and a comfy oversize knit sweater or blazer and you’ve transitioned beautifully. Maintain your Summer wild hair and a bit of glow (Jergen’s has a great lotion for giving off a glow without the trauma of a tanning bed or alternatively you can lather on a natural body oil after a shower and your skin will remain soft, supple and dewy), and combined with your transitional wardrobe would be a great look to have reminding everyone about the long beach days and Summer bliss.

Below are some fun outfit ideas!