The Season’s Sweater

How to wear this season’s staple without looking like a soccer mom or a carpet bag.

Finding those great knit sweaters to wear when the weather gets chilly can be tricky if you’re not sure what it is that you’re looking for. (If you live within two miles of a Forever 21, however, you have nothing to fear because everything is just so trendy, you could shop with your eyes closed and still manage to look good). When you’ve been  relegated, however, to a few department stores, consignment stores and your brother’s/dad’s/boyfriend’s/husband’s closet, the options for greatness is severely diminished. I do believe in shopping online but sometimes you just need to try stuff on. I love consignment and thrift stores because I always find some great vintage pieces that are to die for.

I love this simple cropped cashmere sweater, such a sweet little thing but paired with the pants and shoes it gives this outfit the perfect balance between edgy and classy.

There’s not really a sweater that’s so hideous that you can’t do anything with it, unless it is covered with anything sewn on, especially  bells, poinsettias, bits of leaf, or weird shapes (bar aztec). Don’t be afraid of anything with a fun pattern though. A bow on the shoulder is a great little added lux.  I always try to get a sweater in the most raw form of its material whether it’s a type of wool or cashmere or a blend of the two. Anything else that’s not natural will make you hot; your body won’t be able to breathe which turns you into a sweaty mess.

I stay away from v-neck sweaters unless it’s a cardigan or a deep-v, I can never seem to find one that sits just right on people unless it’s very chunky. I love a scoop, crew or boat neck. I feel as though those are the most flattering especially since it can be either bulky or light-weight and it always seem to sit just right.

Over-sized loose fitting sweaters are a major trend this season, especially worn with booties and  fun leather jackets, vests or a chunky scarf. When doing an over-sized sweater remember that it is bulky so keep the pants/jeans/skirts etc on the tight fitting side. Also, because it’s such a casual piece of clothing, bring balance to your over-all by wearing a dressier shoe, (not uggs, for instance, unless you are lounging around your house) and crisp, clean makeup and kept hair. You don’t want to completely look like you rolled out of your house without paying any attention to yourself whatsoever.

Below are some fun sweater ideas. Pay attention to the shape, size and the overall look. Whether it’s cropped, 3/4 sleeved, crew neck or boat neck, you could easily find any of the below styles at any store if you search a little more than usual. Remember you can always layer with blouses underneath to create some texture and layering. Don’t feel like you need to be stuck buying something in “your size”. I often will buy sweaters a few sizes bigger or smaller if I want to achieve a certain look.

Check out the looks below!