Spring/Summer Trend: Overalls

Such a fun look! There are a lot of overalls or dungarees out there so be sure you try on a bunch till you find one that works for you. I love this high-wasited one, specifically because I have long legs and because I can get away with crop tops. A low-waisted dungaree that sits very loose can soon make you look like a farm kid (no disrespect, I used to be one) instead of a mature adult. Same goes for the shorts version. Unless of course you’ve styled it and you look adorable.

With these, I added that textured blouse, which immediately matures it. A tee-shirt is great if you’re just relaxing and a flannel, gingham or really any kind of checkered shirt is a big no-go unless you’re headed to your local hoedown. Pairing it with a blouse gives it an adult, but playful look. It says, “I’m willing to have fun, but not at the expense of my dignity”. I love the wedges because all together, they add to this vintage 70’s vibe that I’m loving. It’s perfect for spring and summer, it’s relaxed and playful, not to mention that wedges will make your legs look great!



Spring/Summer Trend: The Playsuit

Playsuit, romper, jumpsuit; whatever it’s called, it’s adorable. I love a fun, bright romper because it’s so easy to wear and looks amazing on anyone. You can have a dressy romper or a playful one, and I’d consider this towards the playful, fun day-date weekend look. The reason I chose it for my Spring/Summer Trend collection is because of the material. The bright color, silky material and the pattern feel like a 1950’s vintage beach girl, which I love. Any romper that has a burst of color, pattern or texture will be trending this season.

I added a trench coat because it tones down the busy-ness of the romper and gives it a more mature approach. The clutch compliments the material on the pattern and the sandals are those wardrobe staple leather sandals that every girl should own. Perfect for a balmy spring day! The earrings add to that boho vibe and with hair worn loose and wavy, will complete the look entirely.


It’s Here! My Favorite Spring/Summer Trends

After watching fashion week, and the street style, closely it’s quite easy to deduce what will most likely be trending this spring and summer. We had lots of color and pattern usage this year, with mixed style elements including boho-chic pieces and 70’s inspiration around every corner.

As much as last year was the year of monochromatic “normal” style with the color spectrum being mostly greyscale, this year we’ll see lots more pops of color, patterns, textures, with that norm core soul. Listen, if Victoria Beckham is selling loafers at her Dover street store, you better believe a style revolution is at hand. As much as I love my heels, I’m loving this functional look. It’s feminine but strong.

Check out my top 14 favorite Spring/Summer trends! I’ll be discussing styling clothes that could be half edgy and hard to pull off in the next few articles so stay tuned. Also how to not like a 5 year old, or a farmer, in dungarees!

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Snowy Winter

Since snow has been falling on the ground in some places, I decided to create the outfit I’d probably love the most in such a situation. I love layers in winter, it’s cozy, warm and so inviting. I layered a tunic dress over leggings with a wool and mohair sweater, with another faux fur jacket over that. Throw on some over the knee boots and a chunky scarf and your look is complete! Easy, cozy and chic. Enjoy!

Uniqlo dress

Warehouse fake fur jacket
$130 – warehouse.co.uk

Mango black pants
$32 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Elizabeth Arden lipstick

Metal wall art

Look of the Day!

This look of the day comprises of a cozy oversized sweater with this chic Balmain skirt.
The sandals make it a relaxed, but glam look. I felt like looking nice today,
(after being on the road for the whole day yesterday) and this was the perfect outfit.
Super cozy, super cute, and even my hubby raised a flirty eyebrow.
   Look of the Day

J brand top

Balmain mini skirt

Topshop doctor bag