The Essential Wardrobe: Blouses & Tee’s

Three days ago we chatted about what an Essential Wardrobe is and why every girl needs one in the article that also included your first batch of undergarment needs.

Today we’re detailing the next step. Tee’s and blouses.

You’ll notice throughout this series that the color scheme basically stays the same, apart from a few pops of color. This is because having an orange shirt and purple pants makes it hard to coordinate a effortless look. Neutral colors are easy because everything goes with everything. The oversized light blue linen blouse can go with denim cut-offs or a classy white pencil skirt.

The items I picked out are pieces that I personally love, they’re examples of what you could look for. This essentials list is also high customizable. If you find that you don’t love wearing heels (that article will come in a few weeks) then opt for more flats. Although do give the heels a try! Try everything. Because this essential wardrobe is the foundation, there’s two ways to work it. You can fill it out with the “meat” which might be the stuff you wear on a day to day basis. Gym clothes, farm gear, etc. The second way is that this becomes your “uniform”. The items you always wear. Your “meat” items become the sprinkling of on-trend pieces or those pops of colors. It all depends on your life-style.





I love, love, love a good blouse. So effortless. The list of must-haves is as such:

  1. Classic stripes: This is will never not be in style.
  2. Black: I’d go for a chiffon or satin, something that can be dressed up and down. A plain button front blouse would be just that.. plain. Make it splashy. Give your wardrobe some texture and life with different types of materials. Chiffon, linen, satin, etc.
  3. White dress shirt: I love this particular shirts style elements. It’s not your classic  office wear white button front, and it has some fun details. The length means you can rock this with leggings and perhaps cute flats. Win.
  4. Silk Blouse: I love wearing white, ivory and creams because it looks classy and timeless. This particular blouse is great because of the hidden buttons, but also because it only opens half way. This can be both office appropriate and casual.
  5. Casual linen or denim blouse: I love this light blue linen blouse. It’s the perfect blend between chic and casual. If you don’t love denim shirts then this is a good option to give more color and texture variety.





I live in my t-shirts, so they have to be good quality and super comfortable. I love oversized tee’s because they look so effortless, and because I’m curvy, I don’t like to always accentuate absolutely everything. I can breath in this style. For some of you however, this may not be your look. So pick something that you love and can live in!

  1. Something with stripes. I love this tee because it has some great style elements. The collar being a bit tighter and the sleeves being a bit looser make it something unique. If you absolutely hate stripes then pick a lovely neutral color, like a blush pink or nude.
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Grey


Stay tuned this week! We’ll be tackling denim and dress pants!


Wearing Your Fav Tee Successfully

We all have those tee-shirt and jean days, the ones where you’re rocking your fav vintage tee or boyfriend sweater and a pair of smoking hot cigarette leg skinny’s. It’s the day that putting in that extra effort to be runway just seem like a bit much. In past, present and future, the jeans and tee look has survived all the fashion trends, still maintaining ease and every day comfort., love this tee and leather pants look. The heels and clutch complete it., love this tee and leather pants look. The heels and clutch complete it.

Taking that classic look from so-so to sassy is easier than you imagine and as someone who lives in jeans and tee mode more than I’d like to confess, I feel as though I have some insight into “making it work”.

Lets start from the top and work our way down.

I like to stick to something natural looking. Doing too much work will make you look a little Barbie-ish. It means that you’re trying too hard to pull off a look, rather than owning your sense of ease and style. Whether it’s natural wavy beach hair (salt water spray and dry shampoo at the roots works wonders to achieve this look) or a fun top knot that has some texture, or a messy side braid, you’re bound to look fresh, comfortable and trendy.

I like going for something that’s a little more than just natural. A cat eyeliner adds that sass while a subtle smokey eye adds intrigue. Polish off with a nude or fun lip color and your overall appearance can vacillate between classy and sassy.

When wearing a tee shirt (or in fact, any simple top), try a sparkly jewelry collection. Whether it’s vintage diamond stud earrings, gold bangles and a solid leather belt or a long necklace, make sure it adds a sense of richness to your outfit. Again, this separates your look from drab, to fab.

If the jewelry option doesn’t appeal to you, try a fun scarf. Whether it’s a chunky knit one, fur or linen, drape it loosely around your neck.


At this point anything goes, except sneakers or work-out shoes, those are meant for the gym or long walks. I like a pair of flats, booties, cute kitten heels or even Havianas. Pumps or high heels can work if you’re wanting to step it up a notch, but that case is rare.

Have fun and experiment! Nothing looks better on you than you being you.

Check out the different looks below!

Shoes of the Season!

by Cat Russell

It seems like the sun has finally decided to show us it’s beautiful face! Gone are the morose clouds, endless rains and foggy mornings. Instead we find the birds chirping and the kids frolicking. You finally have peace about putting your heavy winter boots away and embracing the warm tingling sensation of the sun on your feet.

It’s time to revisit our shoes, the ones we wear in the Spring and Summer, and if you’re like me, sometimes, in the Winter. I’m loving everything native, leather, easy, comfortable and something that reminds us of when we were young and carefree. Summer in California is about re-living your childhood. Everyday.

To start off with, you need a good, solid, go-to summer sandal. It’s the shoe that you’ll end up wearing the most, and with most everything in your closet. If you choose a good leather pair, they’ll even last you a few seasons. The style should be simple, but classic. A slip-on, so you can run out the door. Next you’ll need a good solid ballet flat, something that’s comfortable and makes a bit of a statement style-wise. Whether its a fun color or a classic tan, be sure its something that you can live in and something you won’t be afraid  to possibly wear with everything. Either a peep toe or closed toe are super cute, but why not get both. Last but not least I always suggest having a good wedge sandal. Nice enough to wear to garden soiree’s and tennis club luncheons, but fun enough to do your grocery shopping in. Pair them with flowing linen pants or cotton sailor pants and a loose tank tucked in a little and you’d be the talk of the town.

Below are a collection of sandals and flats we love for this season.

The list, and why we love them:

1. Hive and Honey Claudette Sandal – We love because of it’s simple leather design, but the ankle strap adds a touch of flirt. Can be paired with your favorite skinny’s (make the ankle strap go over the jeans to add spice) and white tee, or add a boho flair to a pencil skirt and tank.

2. Mulberry Signature Ballerina Candy Pink Smooth Patent – Love this, the color is bright and fresh and the design modern and simple. Any flat with these elements would be a great purchase. Pair these with red skinny’s and striped black and white tee for a foxy look or simply with white sailor pants and loose off the shoulder tee.

3. Lucky Brand Silvia – This chunky wedge is such a perfect answer to any outfit dilemma. Its versatile style and detailing, along with the nude color will go with practically any outfit, from skinny jeans, to a long skirt, short skirt, wide-legged pants, lace shorts etc. This is definitely a summer must-have.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs New Love China – Rose Gold Leather Shoes – What we love about this shoe is the color, it’s bold and fresh. The shape is flattering to your feet and it’s also easy to slip on. The peep-toe adds that extra touch of foxy. Pair this shoe with those red, high-waisted cotton shorts and tee or your LBD.

5. Coconuts Native Womens’ Flats – Love this simple, every day shoe that you can throw on while running errands or simple puttering about. It has a feel of that coastal town life and, paired with the right outfit, will make it seem like you’ve been on vacation your whole life.

6. Madison Harding Camel Delilah Platforms – Love the simple design. The Wedge is a new “flatform” type and brings a fresh and trendy aspect to any outfit. In the Winter time, wear it with socks or tights to add aspect to your outfit, or to just make a statement. This shoe speaks of relaxation and full on Summer fun. Wear with just about anything.

7. Cynthia Vincent Laurie Flat – This flats’ simple elegance yet bold statement is perfect for Spring and Summer days. A white shoe is a necessity in any closet and this beauty looks small but it’ll say a lot about the woman that decides to wear them. They speak of vacations in Venice and strolled streets in Paris. Again the key elements to look for in a similar shoe is the fact that it’s white and has that cute peep toe. Anything along those lines will work.

8. Rick Owens Leather sandals – The beauty in these sandals are the simple design, the non fussy-ness and the fact that you can just slip them on and run out the door. The thin lines serve to accentuate the elegance of the foot and again, this can be worn with any outfit. Something to keep in mind when looking for your perfect slip-on flat is that the shoe has to look good on your foot. Make sure you keep those feet looking fresh!

9. Ancient Greek Sandals Melpomeni braided leather sandals – I love this shoe! This is the kind of sandal I would wear every single day of the Summer. The design is simple and elegant. It has that foreign flair that suggests you found it in a flea market in Bali and the color would look gorgeous against your tanned summer feet. Simple key features are the the slip-on factor, the braided string down the middle and the toe.

10. Qupid Puffin 28 Stone Canvas Lace-Up Ankle Booties – These are perfect for those cooler Spring days, paired with anything from colored tights and mini skirt to skinny jeans or high-waisted flared pants. The light color suggests the lightness of Spring and warmer weather, making it the perfect combination with your more Spring-esq outfits.

11. Madewell Belle By Sigerson Morrison® Suede Flats – Your basic ballet flat with an extra kick! I love the old, classic victorian style. This shoe is more versatile than it lets on and can be paired with black tights and a black skirt for an up-do situation or with your favorite harem pants and off the shoulder tee for a light, summery day. Wear these well! This unique design is sure to garner attention. Key elements in this shoe are the frontal area and the pointed toe.