The Bomber Jacket: Why You Need One

This 90’s grunge (at least in my memory) has taken quite a a major turn and presented us with a pretty unforeseen comeback. Sure Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were seen wearing this but is that enough to make it a closet staple? It a little bit is.

I remember seeing boys with jeans wrapped around their thighs wearing oversized bomber jackets in high school, which was almost 12 years ago (huge gasp), and I never thought in a million years that I would see this come back like it did. The great thing about a black bomber jacket is that the shape is unique enough to create a really interesting look. If you’re wearing a classic look, it’s enough to add enough to add that extra edge to your look.

It’s unexpected.

I’ve come to love bomber jackets so much that I’d almost classify it as a closet staple. Jackets come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find the ones that work for you and I do feel as though this one works for just about anyone. Whether you’re draping it around your shoulders your simply have it zipped over your work out clothes, it’s really a great look.

Check out these examples below!


7 Steps To Healthy, Glowing, Summer Skin

I can honestly, and positively say that I love my skin. I’ve putting oils and all sorts of lotions daily on my skin since my teens because I love having that fresh summer glow. My tried and proven ways of having great skin has been tested from the winters in New England to the hot, hot, hot summer days in California.

Here are 7 steps to amazing summer skin tried and proven by me!

1. Wax!

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of waxing, I’d say to just do it. I always hated it immensely, but having done it a couple of times I honestly couldn’t go back to solely shaving. Shaving is fine for emergencies, but I love waxing anything that can be waxed including my legs, bikini area and sometimes the tops of my arms because it gives a much smoother look and feel compared to shaving. It also lasts a whole lot longer (up to 4 weeks). When you shave you irritate the top of your skin and quickly develop bumps, in grown hairs, not to mention nicks and scratches etc. Ouch! Waxing also takes off dead skin and leaves you with a nice smooth glowing finish. Now you’re on your way to that summer glow! My favorite wax is Moom wax. 

2. Moisturize!

This is the mother of all things to do as a woman. At night after a shower I prefer to use oil all over, and I find that all natural and organic coconut oil is the absolute best to use, but I’ve also loved using a mixture of essential oils with vitamin E and so on. The company Yves Roches has an amazing selection. (Their Monoi Oil is to die for).  Your skin is immediately infused with moisture as your skin soaks in the goodness. In the morning I use an Argan oil infused body butter like this one all over, and almond oil for my face. The almond oil is very light and doesn’t weigh on the skin. I always try to use lotions and body butters that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. Burts’ Bees also makes an amazing super thick moisturizer for ultra dry skin. Here is where I find the coconut, essential and argan oils.

3. Exfoliate!

If you’re not waxing, or between waxes, it’s critical that you do this. Use a loofa sponge, a pumice stone or even a back washer brush to scrub your body all over, at least once a week. This way you get rid of dead, flaky skin that gives you that ashy look, and it also prevents in-grown hairs. Remember to be gentle, no need to take all your skin off!

4. Baths

I love taking hot baths infused with whatever oils I have on hand. I love those coconut, argan or essential oil mixture. When you’re in the tub your pores open up to reduce over-heating, and your skin is soft and supple allowing the oils to soak in nicely. When you dry off you’ll find your skin feeling extra soft and glowing beautifully.

5. Drinking Water

We all obviously know that drinking water is the best way to get healthy, glowing skin. It cleanses you from the inside and washes away all those impurities.

6. Self-Tanner

If you’re ready to have a nice summer tan try this self-tanner, I’ve used it before and it’s amazing. It’ll look extra great used on top of your now gorgeous glowing skin!

7. Bronzer

When I have a nice tan I like to high-light parts of my body with a very subtle bronzer. Usually the tops of my shoulders and arms, collar bones and naturally the cheeks. This give your overall appearance that dewy summer skin look.

Now you know how to get that amazing summer glow! Give me feedback and let me know if you have questions and how it worked for you!

Borrowed From The Boys: How To Rock Menswear

The “girls just wanna boys” look has been around since women first started wearing pants.. circa 1920’s. We saw androgynous looks on the runway this year (and every year past) which means that the trend of women wearing mens clothing, and vise versa, really isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. If you love being feminine (like me) it might seem hard to trade your heels for brogues or loafers, and your a-line skirts for trousers, but there is a way to rock this trend while still staying true to our girly selves.

Check out these looks below for some menswear inspired trends!


These are some basic “borrowed from the boys” pieces, mix and match and have some fun outfits! The way to rock this look is all in the details. Soft and feminine hair and makeup, accessories and the right shoes.

That 70’s Vibe: The Beginning

We’ve seen it on the streets, and we’ve seen it on the runways, but that 70’s trend is coming back, albeit with a modern twist, and it’s coming back full force. From culottes, to flared denim, to flowery, flowing dresses and billowing coats, these pieces will be around for a while bringing texture, color and prints to center stage. I’ve collected the top 20 outfit inspirations from that decade and given us a mood board we can glean from. Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Debbie Harry are some of our leading ladies in this collection.

Check it out! Which looks are your favorite?

Spring/Summer Trend: Overalls

Such a fun look! There are a lot of overalls or dungarees out there so be sure you try on a bunch till you find one that works for you. I love this high-wasited one, specifically because I have long legs and because I can get away with crop tops. A low-waisted dungaree that sits very loose can soon make you look like a farm kid (no disrespect, I used to be one) instead of a mature adult. Same goes for the shorts version. Unless of course you’ve styled it and you look adorable.

With these, I added that textured blouse, which immediately matures it. A tee-shirt is great if you’re just relaxing and a flannel, gingham or really any kind of checkered shirt is a big no-go unless you’re headed to your local hoedown. Pairing it with a blouse gives it an adult, but playful look. It says, “I’m willing to have fun, but not at the expense of my dignity”. I love the wedges because all together, they add to this vintage 70’s vibe that I’m loving. It’s perfect for spring and summer, it’s relaxed and playful, not to mention that wedges will make your legs look great!


Summer Love!

Whose ready for summer?! I definitely am. I’m even over spring. I’m ready for hot sun, warm breezes and copious amounts of sand and surf. I’m making it a point to have the most fun summer yet. 
 I love this late afternoon, evening look; super cute, comfortable and a little bit beachy. 

Pull Bear shirts blouse
$9.94 –

Sass & Bide black jeans

Dolce Vita sandals

Forever 21 fedora hat


Silk – The New Luxe

There’s something so terrific about wearing silk. It’s one of the softest and coziest (yet most chic), materials to wear, and this season is it’s debut into the lime light. You’ll see this luxe material showcased in high-waisted pants, classic cigarette-leg pants , shorts, blazers, blouses, etc. and we will find no shortage of it in all our favorite stores.

9d4ebbe3e390dc53b38247e07ff02d74Get this chic look for a sunny winter day by pairing high-waisted pants similar to this pair from ShopBop by Rebecca Minkoff, or a slim leg version by Moschino that still has those fun prints and silky feel.  For the top, if you’re trying for something a bit more put together, try something like a cotton top or a knit sweater like this cardi from Zara. A classic structured top would go really well with a trouser that has a fun print. Stella McCartney’s top will add  a touch of class to a fun pant. If you want something more casual a simple crop tee or tank will do the trick. Try this cropped tee from Top Shop.

If  wearing a pair of bold trousers doesn’t quite fit your modus apparendi, then try a fun blouse instead. If wearing bold colors, period, isn’t your thing, then ease into it by wearing something subtle at first. There’s no end to the attractiveness of a woman who wears something with confidence that stands out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and putting together different outfits. You’ll feel a boost in your self-esteem and your peers will definitely notice that new smile on your face.

Check out the different looks below to get some inspiration!


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Springs’ Most Fun Accessory: The Strappy Sandal

Ladies, the weather is finally changing, it’s warming up, and this Spring has an array of fun accessories to spice up that outfit of yours. It’s the eternal battle of taking it from “meh”, to “yes!”. At the present moment I love love love the strappy sandal.

This look has that contrats of feminine blouse, rough jeans and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.
This look has that contrast of the feminine blouse, distressed jean and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.

I recently got a pair of black heeled ones and I want to wear them every single day. The fun thing is, is that they actually work with most, if not all outfits. In that sudden moment of panic when you don’t think you have a shoe to match your outfit, throw on the strappy black sandal and you’re all set. It just works. I’ve worn mine with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee, skinnny jeans and a blouse, an oversized sweater and tights. And of course, the LBD. They’re classy, elegant, feminine and the straps and simplicity of it create a point of interest in your outfit.

When getting dressed I always think, “how can I make it better”, keeping in mind that I live to be comfortable. So instead of throwing on that same pair of flats I do every time, or boots, I adjust it and throw on that strappy sandal, giving it that extra oomph. It does something to a woman to show off her beautiful feet, this is certainly the way to do it.

Check out a few of the looks below and get inspired!

Essential Items For the Modern Man

In an effort to have every man looking handsome and dapper, full of self-confidence and suave, we’ve decided to cover the 5 essential items every man needs in his wardrobe. They’re the items you’ll create a history with, the ones that have memories and stories attached to them. This weeks Essential Item for the Modern Man is, then, without a doubt, the Raw Denim.

The logistics behind raw denim is that its simply denim that hasn’t been washed after the dying process. The uniqueness of raw denim created a following of lovers that will wear only raw since it molds to your specific body shape. The whiskering (upper thighs), honey combs (behind the knees) and stacks (at the ankles) are naturally worn in over time without the help of a factory worker. The denim, in essence, is then fully your creation. Over time it fades and becomes fully “you”. Some prefer to not wash their denim for over 6 months at a time to maintain its raw look and feel.

When it comes to fit, make sure your denim is tailored to fit you. Wearing denim in the right fit includes one that isn’t overly baggy, but fits nice and snug in all the right places.

Having a good go-to pair of dark wash denim will make it easier for you to grasp your wardrobe, and a lot easier to pick out a solid outfit.

Some places that have great denim is or even Asos, Levi’s has a good line as well.

Below are some visuals to help get you inspired and headed in the right direction!

City Slicker Part Three: Denim

Part Three!


If you’re anything like me, you have denim in every color, style and even size, from super model skinny to boyfriend baggy. There is, however, just one that fulfills the job of every good jean and that is (in my own personal opinion), a good super dark blue wash, skinny jean. (Whether super skinny or not).  This beauty can be dressed both up for ritz, or down for a cool summer day with a fun tank. We sometimes fail to realize the importance of such a simple article of clothing, but go ahead and check in your closet. Do you have the perfect one? One without holes, fade, cray stitching etc? Remember this is your One of Five articles, therefore keep the fancy and embellished stuff for another time.

In my opinion there should never be costume jewelry on your derriere. The reason? It lacks a sense of propriety and, again, class. You are not, in fact, a show horse. Leave the embellishments for the entertainers. The moment you realize that your outfit matches the lady riding the elephant at Cirque du Soleil is the moment you’ll find yourself taking off your clothes. Take pride in your natural beauty and sophistication, lustre! No need for extra embellishments.

Great denim need not be skin tight, but dont opt for baggy “because you’re trying to hide stuff”.  A great fitting pair will hug you in all the right places. Know your body type! Do you have skinny legs and a booty? Or straight up and down, no curve. You’ll find that as soon as you start shopping for your body type, you’ll feel MUCH better about yourself, and your self-confidence will spike. If it means trying on 20 pairs till you find the right one, then do it. It’s so worth it. Addressing the issue of the skinny jean, I hear girls all the time say things like “oh I’m not skinny enough”, or, “they don’t look on me because of my body type”. I can and will say that 99% of the time this logic simply isn’t true. The only difference between skinny jeans and flared jeans are the cut from the calf down. Now if a boot cut denim looks better on you, then by all means, lets do that one. But never ever give in to insecurity simply because of the name of a pair of denim. Love your body and embrace who you are! Thats when you’ll look your best.

Below are some good denim looks