The Office: What to Wear Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style

Nothing makes me cringe more than woman’s business professional clothing. Unless your budget allows you to purchase high-end tailor made suits or outfits, most business professional clothing for woman feel oversized and badly made with horrible material. After watching my husband get dressed for work everyday, I understand the wish to be able to throw on clothing and walk out the door without worrying whether your outfit looks ok and put together and I also understand what it means to buy on a budget.

When you’re working in a professional environment you want people to see that you take your job seriously, that you are capable and able to handle any task given to you. You also want to dress for the position you want. Dress like a manager, instead of a person who drags their feet to the office. Stand out of the crowd with great clothing instead of that faded grey oversized suit you had to buy on the cheap. Wear outfits that are fresh, new and exciting that draws the attention to you, without breaking your offices rules. I love black, creams and emerald colors like blue and green in the office because it speaks of authority and capability. Stay away from soft colors that make you blend into the wall behind you, like greys and pastels.

When you’re trying to stick to your budget, it’s important that you don’t purchase pieces that can only be worn once every 3 weeks because it’s such a statement piece. Try to stay within a certain color palette so that your wardrobe is easy to mix and match, and you can make countless outfits out of just a few pieces.

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal off-duty style for your office, all it takes is some know-how to make your wardrobe work for you, including incorporating some of those weekend or evening pieces.

Here are a few outfit suggestions!

Wardrobe tips:

1. You should have at least one or two great suits. Make sure that they are fitted and accentuate all your good parts. I love seeing a tailored blazer, and cigarette leg black trousers that end at the ankle. Never wear trousers that are baggy, drag on the floor or are beige or grey colors. You want to stand out.

2. Trousers. I love these cream trousers because they are fitted and they would go with any of the above tops and jackets. I don’t love boot cut or flared trousers because I don’t believe that they are flattering to the female figure, especially if they are the wrong size. They also don’t feel very professional when they’re dragging on the ground. You want to look trim and neat.

3. Pencil skirts are amazing because they are versatile. Own at least two, a black one and a fun one. You can get away with wearing one that has a bold but simple pattern on it, so long as the shoes, top and cardigan or blazer are basic in color. I paired this bold one with this peplum top because it’s a great day to night transition outfit. Throw on a blazer or cardigan over the top for the office.

4. I love this black dress because it’s fitted, and very professional. Again, you want to look trim and neat. You can also wear a button up shirt like the white one underneath to create a layering effect. Pair it with any of the cardigans or blazers for a nicely put together look.

5. Friday outfit! Some companies allow jeans on Fridays, and this look is perfect for it. You still want to be taken seriously, this isn’t your ticket to wear your mom jeans and slouchy sweater. That look is great for the weekend, but you still want to show your boss that you take your job seriously. Pair it with this sleeveless turtleneck for a fashion forward, flawless outfit.

6. Cardigans: Don’t wear slouchy, old looking sweaters. Make sure that even though they’re boyfriend fit, they are snug around the waist when buttoned. I love this belted cardigan because it’s super cozy, but the belt makes it neat and sculptured. You don’t want to look like a wafting ghost floating down a corridor.

7. Tops: These tops are great even though they’re not very bright or colorful, but they do have amazing texture. What’s also great is that they can totally be worn in off-duty ensembles. The trick to make a “off-duty” top work is by throwing that blazer over it. I would stay away from cropped blazers because they don’t have that same “power suit” effect that longer blazers have.

8. Shoes: It breaks my heart when I see woman wearing plain old shoes with their outfits! Unless your job includes a lot of walking, you can totally get away with wearing a heel. Stay away from bright, colorful platform shoes as they don’t convey that you take your job seriously. I once saw a woman wearing a beige pencil skirt with 4 inch snake skin peep toe platform shoes; it was overwhelming. Stick to fun styles in simple colors. Kitten heels are a great way to get that heel in while sill being comfortable.

When you’re shopping for clothing, don’t automatically go to the section with the “business-y” clothes. Hunt for these items in the regular sections and you’ll see you’ll find some real gems. Take a look at the quality, if the material looks cheap, then you will look cheap.

Have fun shopping!!


Vintage Inspiration and la Femme en Danger

I woke up this morning with an idea to do a shoot that was vintage inspired and centered around the femininity, fragility but strength of a woman. It doesn’t feel like anything fancy but it was fun to shoot and edit nonetheless. I actually like the idea of playing with style and creating characters that tell a story. It makes fashion interesting and fun and it’s where it becomes an art form instead of just a pretty dress. I asked myself what the opposite of art was and I couldn’t easily find a word that perfectly described it but I knew I didn’t want to do that thing. To make something that is art takes a sense of vulnerability because you’re not so much worried about the beauty or prettiness, but rather the feeling, and capturing that feeling rightly is what makes it beautiful, in my opinion. It’s why we love photoshoots in the glossy magazines, they give us a feeling which we then want to replicate in our personal lives. Whether it’s whimsical, fierce, minimalistic or wild. Just some musings..

I’m wearing a Neiman Marcus cashmere sweater, H&M belt, and a cotton pencil skirt with Guess heels.

Take a gander and let me know your thoughts! Do you dress for your mood or whatevers’ trending?

7 Steps To Healthy, Glowing, Summer Skin

I can honestly, and positively say that I love my skin. I’ve putting oils and all sorts of lotions daily on my skin since my teens because I love having that fresh summer glow. My tried and proven ways of having great skin has been tested from the winters in New England to the hot, hot, hot summer days in California.

Here are 7 steps to amazing summer skin tried and proven by me!

1. Wax!

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of waxing, I’d say to just do it. I always hated it immensely, but having done it a couple of times I honestly couldn’t go back to solely shaving. Shaving is fine for emergencies, but I love waxing anything that can be waxed including my legs, bikini area and sometimes the tops of my arms because it gives a much smoother look and feel compared to shaving. It also lasts a whole lot longer (up to 4 weeks). When you shave you irritate the top of your skin and quickly develop bumps, in grown hairs, not to mention nicks and scratches etc. Ouch! Waxing also takes off dead skin and leaves you with a nice smooth glowing finish. Now you’re on your way to that summer glow! My favorite wax is Moom wax. 

2. Moisturize!

This is the mother of all things to do as a woman. At night after a shower I prefer to use oil all over, and I find that all natural and organic coconut oil is the absolute best to use, but I’ve also loved using a mixture of essential oils with vitamin E and so on. The company Yves Roches has an amazing selection. (Their Monoi Oil is to die for).  Your skin is immediately infused with moisture as your skin soaks in the goodness. In the morning I use an Argan oil infused body butter like this one all over, and almond oil for my face. The almond oil is very light and doesn’t weigh on the skin. I always try to use lotions and body butters that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. Burts’ Bees also makes an amazing super thick moisturizer for ultra dry skin. Here is where I find the coconut, essential and argan oils.

3. Exfoliate!

If you’re not waxing, or between waxes, it’s critical that you do this. Use a loofa sponge, a pumice stone or even a back washer brush to scrub your body all over, at least once a week. This way you get rid of dead, flaky skin that gives you that ashy look, and it also prevents in-grown hairs. Remember to be gentle, no need to take all your skin off!

4. Baths

I love taking hot baths infused with whatever oils I have on hand. I love those coconut, argan or essential oil mixture. When you’re in the tub your pores open up to reduce over-heating, and your skin is soft and supple allowing the oils to soak in nicely. When you dry off you’ll find your skin feeling extra soft and glowing beautifully.

5. Drinking Water

We all obviously know that drinking water is the best way to get healthy, glowing skin. It cleanses you from the inside and washes away all those impurities.

6. Self-Tanner

If you’re ready to have a nice summer tan try this self-tanner, I’ve used it before and it’s amazing. It’ll look extra great used on top of your now gorgeous glowing skin!

7. Bronzer

When I have a nice tan I like to high-light parts of my body with a very subtle bronzer. Usually the tops of my shoulders and arms, collar bones and naturally the cheeks. This give your overall appearance that dewy summer skin look.

Now you know how to get that amazing summer glow! Give me feedback and let me know if you have questions and how it worked for you!

But Is There A Thing As Too Much Tassel

If you didn’t know it already, tassels, fringes, lace and all things delicate and seventies inspired is whats on the watch list for spring and summer trends. For most of us, wearing a maxi tassel skirt seems like a bit much. My first instincts would be to hold on to every swinging frond, because as my luck would have it, it would get caught in the train or get sucked up into the escalator stair. I think about the awful things that would happen. Nevertheless, tassels and fringes are and adorable detail and, if it’s styled beautifully, can really add a nice touch your look. I like the idea of this look below because it’s still trendy, but with some sanity attached to it. It’s a great weekend look if you’re about town or hanging out with your ladies at breakfast at the outside cafe. Weekend Look Check out some more tasseled skirts below!