Mock Necks and Fancy Treads

Spring is around the corner, believe it or not! The foul weather we’ve had up here in the northern hemisphere absolutely won’t dampen the enthusiasm I have for warm weather. Instead I’ve been drooling over pictures depicting perfect summer days on Pinterest and getting myself excited for my summer wardrobe.

In the meantime we’ll focus on how to transition from the gross winter weather and ease gracefully into spring without looking ridiculous. Yes, comfy sweaters are still a must, though you won’t need your thigh high boots much longer and can probably switch them out for flats or pumps. If, on the other hand, you do find yourself needing those thigh high boots, try wearing them with a short dress, or denim cut-off’s a la Olivia Palermo and an oversized sweater. There’s countless ways to make your winter (and last fall and summers’) wardrobe work for you this spring.

Grab that turtle neck sweater (loving this Victoria Beckham baby, but any will do) and wear it with light blue denim. Nothing spells fresh spring air than white and vintage pale blue denim. Grab those flats and a coat because it is, still, after all, winter. I love the juxtaposition of streamlined shoes and a more boho bag. Creating different textures in the same color story always makes for an amazing outfit.

Lastly, break out your salt-spray and give yourself some beachy waves in preparation for the endless summer.


Have fun and enjoy experimenting with different styles!




Cool Summer Day Look

I’ve been completely obsessed with pencil skirts lately. Their versatility and sense of class and “put-togethered-ness” is what attracts me to outfits that include them. From a basic tee to a blouse, you can really go in any direction with a pencil skirt, from dressy to casual with the easy swap of a top or a pair of shoes.

Patagonia t shirt

Jane Norman white skirt
$47 –

Verali tan purse
$46 –