Flouncy Little Blouses 

This past season we were all totally obsessed, bonkers, over 70’s style. I mean, it was tasseled EVERYTHING, suede all over the place and for all those girls who love flared jeans; their moment to shine.

I didn’t hate it.

A key aspect of 70’s style that might’ve been overlooked just a touch was the Blouse. In the 70’s it was the uniform of the independent, working woman. The flouncier, the better. Since then, blouses with neckties have  been relegated to the secretaries and the upper-class house wives. It was kind of a fashion no-no to be seen in one in the 90’s and 2000’s in terms of street style, and up until recently you really couldn’t find an adorable alternative, unless you worked in an office.

What I love about the blouse I’m wearing is:

1. It’s sheer. It’s sexy. It’s mysterious.

2. The texture is on point. Literally. It has little velvet polka dots all over it.

3. It oozes femininity, in an age of “be all and everything”.

You can really dress this up or down, but I prefer to wear blouses like this one with ripped jeans and other statement pieces. That way you give it a bit of an edge and it doesn’t come across as dowdy, or secretarial.

Let me know what you think!


This look can go big, wavy hair, or half-up half down and still look glamorous.

(I’m embarrassed at how utterly “Stepford Wives” this pose it. But I had to try it.)

For makeup I went with a smokey eye and nude lip. Modern but also timeless. I did my hair in the end in a half top-knot, such a on-trend look really helps keep your look in the present.


Why You Should Try Unique Sweaters!

Apart from really elevating a look and giving your over style a total makeover, unique sweaters (ones with a special or different design or design element) are a timeless commodity.

Some examples:

You can dress any of these up or down depending on your situation and your wardrobe contents. I love pairing a unique sweater with a midi length pencil skirt and ankle boots. It creates a really fun, distinct look that stands out in a crowd. Dressing it down can be as easy as throwing on your favorite jeans and sneakers.

Check out my look below!


Pajama Tops! 3 Reasons To Wear Them.

3 reasons to wear pajama style tops:

  1. They’re incredibly comfortable.
  2. Your street style repertoire will sky rocket.
  3. The semi disheveled look gives you a cool girl, “I can wear anything” vibe. Obviously what we’re striving for.

I recently acquired the perfect pajama top, it doesn’t have buttons but the collar has a nice deep neck making it less drab-y. The material is soft and cozy and the cuffs add a nice sophisticated touch. The color is a heavenly dark blue that looks perfect on soft winter skin.  Comfort and style on point. Accessorize or layer with bold patterns and/or textures!

Check it out!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIMG_0101


Check out these street style looks to get more inspiration. I especially love the last one. I’m already ready for summer!


Outfit Inspo! For The Occasion

I put a look together for an occasion where you may have to look a little classier but still a little relaxed. I’m totally obsessed with this cropped metallic knit tank, it gives the whole look a hollywood vibe when you pair it with these classic high waisted trousers and the vintage esq clutch. I would drape the blazer over your shoulders to polish it off.

Check it out!