Can We All Have Little White Dresses?

In celebration of the warmer weather I did a little shoot with this amazing sun dress from Asos. It has lots of little details including little ties on the sleeves and lace around the collar. I’m loving fresh, crisp colors for spring with lots of room to breathe. If it’s a cooler day, pair your little dress with booties for a warmer look. I also added this silver choker to add a bit of structure and a bit of shine. Play around with layering accessories like necklaces or bracelets. Throw on a pair of chunky earrings to give your look a Dolce and Gabbana vibe.


Mock Necks and Fancy Treads

Spring is around the corner, believe it or not! The foul weather we’ve had up here in the northern hemisphere absolutely won’t dampen the enthusiasm I have for warm weather. Instead I’ve been drooling over pictures depicting perfect summer days on Pinterest and getting myself excited for my summer wardrobe.

In the meantime we’ll focus on how to transition from the gross winter weather and ease gracefully into spring without looking ridiculous. Yes, comfy sweaters are still a must, though you won’t need your thigh high boots much longer and can probably switch them out for flats or pumps. If, on the other hand, you do find yourself needing those thigh high boots, try wearing them with a short dress, or denim cut-off’s a la Olivia Palermo and an oversized sweater. There’s countless ways to make your winter (and last fall and summers’) wardrobe work for you this spring.

Grab that turtle neck sweater (loving this Victoria Beckham baby, but any will do) and wear it with light blue denim. Nothing spells fresh spring air than white and vintage pale blue denim. Grab those flats and a coat because it is, still, after all, winter. I love the juxtaposition of streamlined shoes and a more boho bag. Creating different textures in the same color story always makes for an amazing outfit.

Lastly, break out your salt-spray and give yourself some beachy waves in preparation for the endless summer.


Have fun and enjoy experimenting with different styles!



Wednesday Wishes – Midi Skirts

I love midi skirts, such a cute look. You can go either way with something super feminine, or edgy chic.

poppies and pretty

1.29.14 WW-Midi SkirtsIt’s finally starting to rain in Sacramento after over 40 days of dry weather! Although I love this gloomy weather, I am ready to break out the skirts and high heels (or maybe even sneakers) once the warmth is back.

These are a few skirts I am dreaming about and plan to wear one similar to this for a birthday party next weekend.

1. asos: $59.26

2. H&M: $149

3. J. Crew: $298

4. Nordstrom: $48


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Silk – The New Luxe

There’s something so terrific about wearing silk. It’s one of the softest and coziest (yet most chic), materials to wear, and this season is it’s debut into the lime light. You’ll see this luxe material showcased in high-waisted pants, classic cigarette-leg pants , shorts, blazers, blouses, etc. and we will find no shortage of it in all our favorite stores.

9d4ebbe3e390dc53b38247e07ff02d74Get this chic look for a sunny winter day by pairing high-waisted pants similar to this pair from ShopBop by Rebecca Minkoff, or a slim leg version by Moschino that still has those fun prints and silky feel.  For the top, if you’re trying for something a bit more put together, try something like a cotton top or a knit sweater like this cardi from Zara. A classic structured top would go really well with a trouser that has a fun print. Stella McCartney’s top will add  a touch of class to a fun pant. If you want something more casual a simple crop tee or tank will do the trick. Try this cropped tee from Top Shop.

If  wearing a pair of bold trousers doesn’t quite fit your modus apparendi, then try a fun blouse instead. If wearing bold colors, period, isn’t your thing, then ease into it by wearing something subtle at first. There’s no end to the attractiveness of a woman who wears something with confidence that stands out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and putting together different outfits. You’ll feel a boost in your self-esteem and your peers will definitely notice that new smile on your face.

Check out the different looks below to get some inspiration!


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