Vintage Inspiration and la Femme en Danger

I woke up this morning with an idea to do a shoot that was vintage inspired and centered around the femininity, fragility but strength of a woman. It doesn’t feel like anything fancy but it was fun to shoot and edit nonetheless. I actually like the idea of playing with style and creating characters that tell a story. It makes fashion interesting and fun and it’s where it becomes an art form instead of just a pretty dress. I asked myself what the opposite of art was and I couldn’t easily find a word that perfectly described it but I knew I didn’t want to do that thing. To make something that is art takes a sense of vulnerability because you’re not so much worried about the beauty or prettiness, but rather the feeling, and capturing that feeling rightly is what makes it beautiful, in my opinion. It’s why we love photoshoots in the glossy magazines, they give us a feeling which we then want to replicate in our personal lives. Whether it’s whimsical, fierce, minimalistic or wild. Just some musings..

I’m wearing a Neiman Marcus cashmere sweater, H&M belt, and a cotton pencil skirt with Guess heels.

Take a gander and let me know your thoughts! Do you dress for your mood or whatevers’ trending?


But Is There A Thing As Too Much Tassel

If you didn’t know it already, tassels, fringes, lace and all things delicate and seventies inspired is whats on the watch list for spring and summer trends. For most of us, wearing a maxi tassel skirt seems like a bit much. My first instincts would be to hold on to every swinging frond, because as my luck would have it, it would get caught in the train or get sucked up into the escalator stair. I think about the awful things that would happen. Nevertheless, tassels and fringes are and adorable detail and, if it’s styled beautifully, can really add a nice touch your look. I like the idea of this look below because it’s still trendy, but with some sanity attached to it. It’s a great weekend look if you’re about town or hanging out with your ladies at breakfast at the outside cafe. Weekend Look Check out some more tasseled skirts below!

Silk – The New Luxe

There’s something so terrific about wearing silk. It’s one of the softest and coziest (yet most chic), materials to wear, and this season is it’s debut into the lime light. You’ll see this luxe material showcased in high-waisted pants, classic cigarette-leg pants , shorts, blazers, blouses, etc. and we will find no shortage of it in all our favorite stores.

9d4ebbe3e390dc53b38247e07ff02d74Get this chic look for a sunny winter day by pairing high-waisted pants similar to this pair from ShopBop by Rebecca Minkoff, or a slim leg version by Moschino that still has those fun prints and silky feel.  For the top, if you’re trying for something a bit more put together, try something like a cotton top or a knit sweater like this cardi from Zara. A classic structured top would go really well with a trouser that has a fun print. Stella McCartney’s top will add  a touch of class to a fun pant. If you want something more casual a simple crop tee or tank will do the trick. Try this cropped tee from Top Shop.

If  wearing a pair of bold trousers doesn’t quite fit your modus apparendi, then try a fun blouse instead. If wearing bold colors, period, isn’t your thing, then ease into it by wearing something subtle at first. There’s no end to the attractiveness of a woman who wears something with confidence that stands out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things and putting together different outfits. You’ll feel a boost in your self-esteem and your peers will definitely notice that new smile on your face.

Check out the different looks below to get some inspiration!


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The Trench

by Cat Russell 

Well, it’s started raining again. Alas we thought Spring was around the corner, little did we realize that we first had to survive through the many waters that would be the precursor to the season we so eagerly await. If you live in a sunny place where the weather is fine and the living is good, then I envy you and this article is not written for you. You cannot possibly sympathise. Rather read, and then encourage us poor, drenched cats.

Courtesy of Burberry, Emma Watson.

The onslaught of water we’ve received for the last few days, and the many more days to come, has given me an idea to write about trench coats. Ladies, trench coats are a necessity in the closet of any modern women! I breezed through some articles concerning the history of the trench coat, and as it stands, Burberry was in fact one of the first founding designers of the Trench. As the story goes, they designed these light weight coats for the soldiers during the First World War and the term “trench coat” came from the soldiers. After the war many soldiers kept their trench coats and that’s when they became fashionable to wear for both men and women in civilian life.

Fast forward a few decades and you’ll find Burberry thriving and see that the Trench has developed a culture all its own. It not only denotes class and elegance but for both men and women exudes a sense of well-being, it has the capacity to complete any outfit, changing a pair of cut-off shorts, a blouse and flats or wedges into a classy affair.  You could find your Trench anywhere from Nordstrom’s to Target but the key is to wear it with pride.

Below are some cute outfit ideas for this miserable weather! We will overcome.

First Set.

I love this set. You’ll notice that you could just about mix and match any of these pieces, all with the trench. This set contains a more relaxed look for everyday running around. Play around with this mixing and matching and find your favorite outfit!

Second Set.

This set is for a more put together look, especially if you’re not the wild Twenty something that would prefer the first few looks. This set is perfect because again, it all goes. Both sweaters are a little cropped, since the jeans are high-waisted and slim fit, it creates an illusion of long legs. The tanks being a little longer than the sweaters would then create  fun layered looks and the orange one brings a nice pop. (Obviously don’t wear them together.) Be sure to not purchase an Autumn orange as you would be dressing for the wrong season. The heels bring class and the earrings are a suggestion of what could work here. Mix and match these different pieces and come up with a favorite look. Remember these are ideas of similar pieces that you will find in stores and online.

A favorite website to check out for ideas and general trench coat culture is Burberry’s 

Have fun playing around with your Trench and finding your favorite looks!