Wardrobe Essentials and the Art of the Sock.

Fellas, we’re revisiting the age old story, the one that suggests what you should have in your closet if you want to look back next year and say that the winter of 2012-2013 was your best winter yet; also, it’ll be easier for you to dress in the morning if you have a helping hand with knowing what looks good, no matter what.

First let’s start with these boys:

Jasons’ look:

Keep your vintage tee and a wool blend (either tweed or something to that effect) extra slim fit pant paired with your oldest most rugged brogue boots, it completes this outfit. The tee dresses down the pants and the boot adds that edge that it needed. Sometimes it’s nice to create variety in your look, shying away from wearing jeans every day. Mix it up a little but maintain your comfort and edge if you’d like.  He accessorized with a hat.

Calebs’ look: For a more dressy look, something more put together that’s do-able for the office (not if you’re a lawyer though, sorry…). Try a cotton blend (or wool blend if it’s real cold) button-up shirt paired with an extra slim fit chino pant in dark dark blue (or color of your choice) and a pair of oxfords or brogues. If the weather is particularly cold where you live, go ahead and wear fun patterned or solid colored socks (try something that ties in with the color of your shirt or pants). Not only will your feet stay warm, but the socks give an exciting detail. NEVER wear white socks. Leave those for the gym and other extra-curricular activities.

Which brings us to this conversation: The do’s and don’t’s of sock wearing.

DO wear fun socks with dress shoes – it’s a fun detail that tells women, your boss and all the other important people in your life that you pay attention to detail and that you care.

DON’T wear fun socks with sneakers. It’s too much.

DO wear no-show socks with your sneakers, it’s a much neater look. If you argue that your feet will get cold then you should be investing in boots. It is winter after all and you might be the fool wearing Vans in the snow. No bueno. Your toes’ll turn black and have to be chopped off which makes for an awkward story as to why you no longer have toes. Don’t be that guy.

DON’T wear gym socks (those white bunchy ones) for your every day chukka wear. But DO wear black instead. You can never go wrong with black. It doesn’t stand out like a beacon in the night hailing lost sailors and sirens. Example below!

Jason’s second look:

Simply, cozy, casual, classy. Jason wears a cable knit sweater with a cowl neck and a hat, completely casual but put-together looking. Pair this with those wool blend extra slim fit pants and boots, or jeans and chukkas, and your whole look is complete. You’re put-together but you’re still comfortable.

This sweater is great because you can also throw a tweed blazer over, or a bomber jacket, or a pea coat of some sorts. It goes with everything.

Check out the different looks below, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things! You’ll be surprised at the outcome.


Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Five

The Chino and Pant

The Chino is a classic. A must have. Chino cloth is a twill blend, primarily with cotton whereas the regular pant will have different blends including stretch. Its that pant that bridges classy and casual. It gives off that air of young professionalism accompanied with that laid back look of a holiday by the sea or an escape to the mountains in the Fall and Winter.

ASOS Slim Fit Chino


Chinos come in different widths at the ankle, but by far the slim straight leg or skinny leg would look the most modern and put-together. Just like jeans, be sure that they aren’t too baggy but fit good around the thigh and gluteus maximus.

Wear with your favorite (snug) hoodie and oxfords, rolled up at the leg, for a more relaxed look or with your new fav knit sweater, and then straight at the leg with boots when its cold outside or with dress shoes for a more professional approach. You can never go wrong with these and they’ll mature you in only the best way possible. And again, dont be afraid to experiment with different looks for this, whether its pairing it with a simple graphic tee, boat shoes and massive wool scarf or a blazer too.  Its worth mentioning too, but if you do roll up the pant be sure to wear no-show socks, or on the other extreme wear socks that have a fun pattern or come in fun colors.