Chic Beach Accessories! How To Look Fab On The Sand

I consider myself a professional when it comes to all things beach. My love for the sandy expanse that ends in luscious water goes as far back as I can remember being alive. My first beach moment was captured in all its 80’s glory on a film camera at the tender age of 2.

The waves are enthralling, the peace is sublime and the bodies are beautiful. Having the right accessories will help make your beach experience memorable and you’ll feel prepared to take on the sun, sand and waves.

Here’s my list of the perfect accessories! Minus tanning lotion..

Beach Attire


Yes! Grab a fun neoprene bathing suit top that screams “I’m down to have a good time” with matching bottoms. A hoodie and shorts to cover up when it gets a tad chilly because you know you’ll probably stay for a bonfire that night. Fun shades and gold accessories to finish off your look, and finally Havaianas to drag your tired, sunburnt feet home.

Beach Paraphernalia


A tote is an absolute must, and I love a white canvas bag because it can easily be washed and bleached if it gets dirty and you spill watermelon inside.  A towel is a necessity to dry off, but I prefer to lie on a large quilt when it comes to tanning. A king size quilt is big enough for a party of 3 to tan on and you can use your towel as a pillow, your towel also won’t get nasty with sand and sea creatures after you’ve dried yourself off.

An umbrella is vital to escape the sun, and to keep the cooler in the shade. Your cooler is obviously filled with fruits, sandwiches, lemonades and waters to keep you deliciously hydrated. Add a great chair for the view, some toys and your beach day with pals is ready to go!

Notice I kept all the paraphernalia in the same color combo! It’ll make your beach area look neat, organized and styled! It’ll also be easier to find in the sea of rainbow colored towels and umbrellas.

Have fun!!