Spring/Summer Trend: Red

If you read the last article, (or watched any of the fashion weeks and street styles) you’d know that a major player in the events was the color red. Whether dark burgundy hues or bright red, it certainly propped up enough for people to notice. Not only that, but I think that since last year was so monochromatic, we’ve been looking for something to break us out of our bubble.

The reason for red? It’s bright, happy, playful, sensual, and more. A pop of red is a great way to spice up a look because it’s such a daring color. You’ll see someone wearing red as often as you’ll see a red car on the road. Not often. This is way it’s a fan favorite. Check out the look below to see how to wear red in a totally rad (that was weird..) way.

You’ll see I’ve incorporated all the major trends into this one look. The mules, the textured top, the feathery earrings and even a good solid bucket bag. The bucket bag will never go out of style because it’s been a wardrobe staple since carrying a handbag even became a thing. Invest a good black (or tan) one, they go with just about any outfit.



Pencil This In!

Whether you’re Christmas shopping this season or going for a night out on the town, this staple piece oozes femininity and lux and is sure to not only make you feel like a woman but also a woman with gumption.

This particular skirt carries a requirement and a responsibility of Confidence meets Fox and will without fail draw the attention of both men and women alike with the ease and mystery with which you will wear this certain item. Pair it with ankle booties with tights for the winter or your fav pair of pumps that’ll not only bring length to the legs (definitely a plus if you’re on the shorter side) but give that sophisticated and modern look that you may have been wanting and looking for.

Remember you can bring style and elegance to any situation so long as you carry it with ease and confidence. You are a woman to be reckoned with.