V-Day and How To Look Your Best

By Asaph Cueto and Cat Russell 

Fellas, Valentines day is right around the corner. It’s the time of year where you get to impress your girl. Likewise, she’ll be going out of her way (if she’s the kind of girl we like) to look good for you and be charming. You therefore have the responsibility to reciprocate.


Don’t be the guy that makes the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter what you wear for this big day. If you look like a mess, you won’t want to be seen with in public. Super awkward. Make an effort and go out of your way. Dressing well tells your partner, “You are worth me looking my best,” although you and I both know we still won’t measure up to her beauty.


All this being said, let’s work with what we have and focus on the outfit, starting from the top. Since it’s  Valentines day, and this is our excuse to show how sappy we are without sacrificing our masculinity,  throw on a shirt that has touches of red in it. I’d grab something like this Thom Browne Red & Blue Plaid. (If you’re an undershirt guy, wear a grey one). Definitely tuck your shirt in (it should be a slim fit) and grab a belt like this one from J.Crew. Go with dark jeans like these Diesel slim fits too, or skinnys if you’re just that trendy. Do yourself a favor and, while you’re at J.Crew, get a hold of a gray cotton v-neck pullover and throw it on over the shirt. The suit jacket should be one of the most pivotal items in your wardrobe and, if you don’t already have one, fetch a taupe colored jacket like this one by Thom Browne. The vertical balance will be flawless when paired with the dark denim and a pair of brown wingtips. For this Valentines day it’ll be the essential piece that completes your look. Finally grab a pair of brown, leather Oxford Wingtips and definitely don’t wear your gym socks. Grab either fun colored ones that have a pattern or wear no-show socks.

So there you have it, you’ll look absolutely great and ready to have a good time. Remember, dressing like a gentleman doesn’t mean you are one, so make sure you’re intentional about making her feel great, acting like the gentleman that every woman wants to be with. And relax, she already said yes to the date.


Good Luck!