How To Dress Like A New Yorker: The Model Off-Duty

How to Dress Like New Yorker

The Model Off-Duty

You’re tired, your feet are sore, yet you’re excited because you’ve just done runway and the backstage buzz got to you. Nevertheless, home and comfort is still your main modus operandi. You wear flat boots because Gucci’s heels killed your feet, and keep it simple with jeans you can throw on, layering with sweaters for warmth and proper winter accessories. A nice big bag will carry all the things you needed to have with you during the day, including water and snacks. You aren’t phased by the cameras and the bloggers prancing around every where; you need to get home and soak in a hot bath and drink a nice wine.


How To Dress Like A New Yorker: The Celebrity

How To Dress Like  New Yorker During Fashion Week

The Celebrity.

Think expensive. Your major item of interest is your Burberry leather coat. It’s daring, it’s pricey, and you because you’re super confident you can rock it like no other. You’re pulling out all the stops because you’re at THE fashion event of the year and you need to show people that you (or your stylist) live at the brink of fashion heights. It also can be a little sexy, because all the attention is on you and you need to leave your mark. That’s  where you wear the deep cut sweater that’s a little frayed (you’re probably from California), and a lacy camisole underneath because you can’t be that risqué and show the ladies. A simple pencil skirt and booties complete the look and bring a bit of a subtle glamour and style edge. Throw the fur collar over your shoulder and your accessories are good to go! Welcome to New York.


Top 10 NYFW 2015 Happenings

If you’re heavily invested into fashion and the industry, then you know that fashion week is at the top of the proverbial mountain in terms of fashion prediction and trends. The designers pull out all the stops and their shows are becoming more and more fabulous as the years roll by (Tommy Hilfiger’s foot ball field runway..). The cities buzz with models, stylists, buyers, bloggers and designers and the air is thick with creativity and preening peacocks, and we love it.

If, however, you are not into fashion week, and you don’t even know what fashion week is, then this is for you. The collective mass that actually don’t really mind or care and find that their silent addiction to H&M satiates all their fashion needs. If you are curious, however, then this will help you understand.

Here are my top ten collections, street style looks, moments, etc. to make you feel like you were/are at least a little in the know.

NYFW2014 – It’s that time of year!

When fashion week rolls around all the fashionistas and style lovers around the world stand to attention. It’s the buzz; the models, the designers, the fabulous garments, the street style, it’s New York. It’s the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I love seeing what the people of New York will dish out when it comes to outfits, remembering that the weather has been absolutely frigid and that sometimes you just really want to stay warm and cozy. Suffice to say, there were those few outfits you winced at (the white thread bare top with no bra situation? Um.. what.) and those that we drooled over. These are the ones we drooled over!


The trends I’m loving most are the short fur coat, thigh high boots and big hats. Total lux, but total comfort. I also loved Karlie Kloss’ cape, it’s a great garment to dress with and will class up any outfit. Pair it with a blouse and light skinny jeans and pointy toe pumps. You’ll have a killer look thats totally timeless and well put together.

Have fun experimenting with your closet and garments and don’t be afraid to take risks! Sometimes it takes that extra effort to glam it up but the effort is so worth it.

Stay in touch for my favorite looks from designers!