How To Dress Like A New Yorker: The Celebrity

How To Dress Like  New Yorker During Fashion Week

The Celebrity.

Think expensive. Your major item of interest is your Burberry leather coat. It’s daring, it’s pricey, and you because you’re super confident you can rock it like no other. You’re pulling out all the stops because you’re at THE fashion event of the year and you need to show people that you (or your stylist) live at the brink of fashion heights. It also can be a little sexy, because all the attention is on you and you need to leave your mark. That’s  where you wear the deep cut sweater that’s a little frayed (you’re probably from California), and a lacy camisole underneath because you can’t be that risqué and show the ladies. A simple pencil skirt and booties complete the look and bring a bit of a subtle glamour and style edge. Throw the fur collar over your shoulder and your accessories are good to go! Welcome to New York.



Top 10 NYFW 2015 Happenings

If you’re heavily invested into fashion and the industry, then you know that fashion week is at the top of the proverbial mountain in terms of fashion prediction and trends. The designers pull out all the stops and their shows are becoming more and more fabulous as the years roll by (Tommy Hilfiger’s foot ball field runway..). The cities buzz with models, stylists, buyers, bloggers and designers and the air is thick with creativity and preening peacocks, and we love it.

If, however, you are not into fashion week, and you don’t even know what fashion week is, then this is for you. The collective mass that actually don’t really mind or care and find that their silent addiction to H&M satiates all their fashion needs. If you are curious, however, then this will help you understand.

Here are my top ten collections, street style looks, moments, etc. to make you feel like you were/are at least a little in the know.

Fashion Week! And the beef I’ve got.

I love fashion week just like the next person. The looks, the models, everything. There’s something about it that just seems plain fun. This keeping in mind that it’s hard for me to take the especially snobby and pretentious people seriously because I’m from Africa, where seeing people wearing the same outfit till it turned to shreds was real life and was seen more often than not. I do, however, love beauty and timeless style and elegance, having fun and playing dress up.

This being said, my favorite part of fashion week is the street style. What the people actually going to the shows are wearing. Sometimes because it’s hilarious, other times amazing, but most times a little bit wtf-ish. Obviously there are those that have ah-mazing looks, all the time. Olivia Palermo is one of those, we all know it and admit we want her wardrobe. She carefully balances being stylish, but not too much, really well. What I mean is, is that she has a stylish undertone with an every day girl vibe, and that’s something I can respect. The “oh ya I could totally wear that” look. (I hope ya’ll don’t think I’m saying her style isn’t very stylish, it totally is!)

I read an article one time about the different types of woman in New York city. You have the ones that, in the winter time, are wearing short skirts and high heels and their little leather jacket (because it’s stylish) and somehow are keeping their chattering teeth and body-shaking shivering to a minimum. Then you have those that wear the bare legs but maybe with a big coat, it is, after all, -20 if you count in the wind chill factor. Then you have those that wear leggings under their wool blend pants with knee high boots and socks, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, coat and scarf, gloves and a beanie. Maybe ear muffs. That’s me. When it comes to being cold, style can suck it. I hate being cold.

This year at New York fashion week, my jaw hit the ground. There were girls literally wearing nothing. On days I KNEW the temperature was icy icy icy cold. I had checked. I’m talking see-through shirts (her ladies I’m sure were ruining the material), high-waisted shorts and tee-shirts (sweetie, this isn’t California), and then the little crop tops and high wasted skirt ensemble we love. People of the fashion world. Those people lost their minds. For the love of all thats good in the world, style isn’t wearing the latest trending look and being distinguished from the crowd as an “it” girl/guy. It’s many other things including wearing weather appropriate clothes. It’s wearing outfits that aren’t an affront to humanities eyes. Literally, nobody wants to see your nipples. It’s fine for the runway, because runway isn’t real life. This, however, is.

I almost want to start a campaign for the real girls. The ones that can be stylish EVEN when it’s freezing.  It’s being stylish, or having style, or a sense of “put togethered-ness” when there’s a wind chill that could freeze oceans, waist high snow or whatever evil winter image your scared mind can conjure. It seems impossible, but it’s not! It’s doable! I’ve tried, and I’ve conquered. Many others have as well. Here are some deep winter doldrum styling tips:

(P.S I know we’re headed into spring, but better late then never, eh?)

Starting with the first layer; try stockings and a long sleeved v-neck blouse or shirt. Second layer; thermal tights! Yes these are real. Then throw on a nice oversized but slim fitted wool sweater. It should be fairly thick with a nice collar you can pull toward your neck. Finally throw on a pair of socks then some over the knee heeled leather boots, making sure the soles have some good traction. So far so good, you have a chic outfit thats weather appropriate. Lastly grab your favorite calf length oversized coat, and some leather gloves, and voila! If you’re headed to the office or undesignated destination where you’ll be in a building for 9 hours, then it’s totally ok to throw in some work shoes and pants for the day in a nice oversized handbag.

Some truth: If you’re the girl wearing the ridiculous outfits in the freezing cold; it’s not attractive, it’s silly. It shows a sense of being immature, an inability to make wise decisions and a tendency to lean towards being more concerned with what peoples opinions of you are, rather than actually just being confidant and loving yourself. No trendy or sexy outfit is worth you suffering in silence. It’s the difference between being a girl vs. being a woman. The woman is the sexy one, the girl is the self-obsessed one. Learn to love yourself! You’re beautiful as you are.

Good Luck!

Here are some pictures of woman who beat the weather! And looked fabulous doing it.

My New/Old Love: Skirts

I absolutely cannot wait for cool/cold weather, and wearing skirts and ankle booties with leather jackets and cozy sweaters has me more excited than a kid on christmas morning. I’ve re-inspired myself by getting my fall and winter wardrobe ready, and so far, it’s looking good. Taking cues from fashion week with bold silhouettes, vintage inspired looks, street style and my obsession with leather and black, I’ve created some cute looks and outfit ideas for my two favorite cold weather skirts.

I love this midi 50’s inspired skirt because it just oozes elegance and city chic. Pair it with a rocker esq tee or a cropped sweater with cute shoes and you’ll have an outfit to die for. My other love, the classic leather pencil skirt, is just perfect for an every day glam look. You could wear it with just about anything and easily make it a day to night look with some extra accessories.

Check out these outfits! Have fun and experiment!

Much Love,