Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part One.

The Suit.

Are you that guy that never knows what to wear, or doesn’t care enough to know what to wear (and what not to wear for that matter), or gets completely overwhelmed in a clothing store or doesn’t know what actually fits?

Well, fear not. Herein lies all the answers to the questions you’re probably too afraid, uncaring, or unaware to ask. As a girl writing a guys clothing article you would assume that this would be a daunting project. I, however, am not afraid. No, not at all.

To start off with, every guy needs a great suit. Its that one suit you could wear when occasion calls that would look good, no matter what. Now the key to finding a great suit does mean that you save up your allotted video game money but in the end, it’ll be worth it (you’ll probably, actually, get a date). Some companies that sell  “easy to get to” suits would be H&M, J.Crew or Banana Republic. Gap also has some nice ones. Every girl likes a guy in a nice suit, especially if he can wear it like he owns the Bellagio. Confidence is key.

$425.00 JCrew

                                        A suit should be fitted (not too fitted though.. it could get awkward) through the chest, waist, arms and legs. The length of the pant shouldn’t be too long that it touches the ground, but rather should sit about 1-1.5 inches off the floor (depending on your taste). Likewise the sleeves need to end right at the wrist. Too long and you look homeless, to short and it’ll look like it shrunk. Do try to get something in a good quality material, whether its mostly linen, cotton or wool. These will help you “breathe” in the suit and it wont get hot and uncomfortable. Also make sure that you can extend your arms straight ahead of you when its buttoned in the front. Dont worry about it being just a touch snug. Diversity is great too, roll up the pants and wear with a white T and sandals or shoes (be it Toms, boat shoes or whatever your fancy is) and you have a great relaxed-but-put-together look or wear the jacket with a pair of shorts and boat shoes (or Toms, boots, whatever) for a relaxed look.