The Best Spring/Summer Dresses

I’ve decided that it’s imperative that I invest in a few dresses this season. The options are just too dazzling. We’re talking metallics, whimsical whites, florals etc. You name it, it’s on the street and I need it in my closet.

I’ve picked out my top 6 favorite styles and fabrics including a whimsical white, which will always be in style, a truly timeless and classic piece. I’m also loving denim dresses for their laid back, vintage vibe.

Metallics have been a fun addition this season as well; from shoes, bags, and now dresses. This shift dress is the perfect design for a metallic color because it’s simple but the shimmer is eye-catching. Florals are huge this season as well, especially in more structured looks, like these shirt and body-con dresses. Last but not least we have the off-the-shoulder number from Mango. It’s the perfect throw back to 70’s style, and paired with lace up sandals makes it the quintessential summer look.





Spring Shoes To Feel The Flutters For

We’ve all (mostly) seen fashion week; seen the trends, the shows and what the models were wearing off-duty. We can all readily admit that this season feels like it’s a “anything goes” season. There were over-sized layers, minimal looks, suede everything, 90’s everything, floral everything, super feminine, super masculine etc… and the list goes on.

Fashion has been having a major moment over the last few years because designers are thinking out of the box, and onto the streets, to see what’s actually being worn.(This is not new news..) Colors, patterns, chunky heels, suede, and jeans that have had everything done to them to ensure uniqueness, is the norm these days. Gucci layered their loafers with fur, and if it doesn’t get more impractical than that, then we can for sure assume that amazing, non-practical (but weirdly practical at the same time) fashion will be here for a while

All that to say.. Check out some ideas for your spring/summer shoe closet!

I’m loving metallics, loafers, mules, menswear inspired shoes, bright colors, and ultra feminine styles, wedge espadrilles, and wedge everything. Like I said… Anything goes. Creating unique, special and exciting looks are the beat this season. Dig up some oldies but goodies and see how you can style them!

I’ll readily admit that some styles that are missing are perhaps a fun ankle boot and flat sandals.. but those are practically closet basics.



Let me know what you think! What does your shoe closet look like? What are some things you can see you may need/want?