The Essential Wardrobe: Dresses & Jackets

You’ve made it so far! We’re finally on dresses and jackets, the essential ones every girl should have in her closet.

Dresses are one of those things that, although perhaps not worn often, are essential in our wardrobes. In my ebook, The Essential Wardrobe, I tell a story of when my husband told me, very last minute, that we actually had a christmas party to attend the next evening. He had bought tickets for his companys’ annual affair and was naturally looking forward to the festivities. I would’ve been in a major flap about it because I don’t like surprises that include me having to be dressed a certain way, but luckily I had gone shopping that summer and decided to invest in a classic, fancy LBD that would be business appropriate but also very soiree appropriate. I had something to wear! No stress. This is why having those classic pieces come in handy, you never know what will come your way! A surprise date night, a spontaneous night out with your girls, who knows!


  • Something fun! I love this little metallic shirt dress because you can throw heels on and it’s dressy and fun, or white converse and it’s casual and cute.
  • A good every day dress. This wrap dress has stolen my heart! It’s easy enough to toss on in the morning if you’re running out of the house, paired with suede sandals. Or throw on some heels and you have a fun casual dinner look.



  • The bombshell! Every girl needs a bombshell dress! This is for those special occasions, date night, “you want to make your man swoon”, dressy parties etc. If you wear this with stockings and a cardigan in the winter with super fun accessories, you have a more demure and classy look. Throw a boyfriend blazer over your shoulders in the summer! You can also wear super cute black kitten heels and loose chignon to tone down the sex appeal if you need to.
  • The formal dress. This dress is perfect for functions, business meetings, formal occasions where you need to be a bit more serious. Do tousled beachy hair and big earrings (I’m talking Dolce & Gabbana status) to make this dress a bit more light-hearted if you need a black dress, but not quite at the bombshell level.



I’m all for fun trendy jackets, but I’m also a sensible girl. And being sensible means you have things that prepare you for the elements. Here is a list of must-haves!

  • The trench. This is a no brainer. If you want something that’s a bit edgier, opt for a black trench. This is for work, going out, visiting friends.
  • The “muck about” coat. This is a waxed coat that can handle any weather, is sturdy and can get some mud on it and it’ll be ok. This is the coat you wear when running errands, going on walks, going to the gym, all round doing life in not so fair weather. This is not for work, visiting friends, dinner parties.
  • The boyfriend blazer. This jacket goes with EVERYTHING. It’s a perfect spring/summer/fall coat when it’s too hot to wear an actual jacket, but you want to look a little more put together, or have your shoulders covered.
  • Denim jacket. My choice here is a black one because I love wearing black. But get a classic denim jacket that suits your personal style. Also goes with absolutely everything.
  • Leather jacket. Also can be customized to suit your style, but a good leather jacket never does anyone wrong! If leather really isn’t your thing then try a suede option in a more neutral color.



Hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think!!


Into the Wild

We’ve gone and done it again. We’ve traipsed through the woods, across soggy marsh land esq situations and towards dried rocky river beds with breathtaking views  to bring you this seasons trends, looks and general attitudes, dispositions and beautiful people.

Brent (photographer and creative genius) and I started the afternoon not knowing quite sure which of our models would show up to the shoot, this is obviously a stressful situation albeit hilarious. As life goes in our small town it just so happens that our models are our friends, and to our advantage they’re all beautiful, but they also have lives and jobs and so on. We met at Brents’ office downtown and with much fear I opened the door, fully not knowing who would be there but having a vague idea and a vague hope.

My fears were stilled because Matt was there, with his beautiful wife Jess. And so, as a troupe, we traipsed out to the truck to go find our location for the shoot that day. Location this time round happened to be Whiskeytown lake, at the back end, and we ended up bouncing down some dirt roads, through trees and into the wilderness stumbling upon the most beautiful vlei you could imagine. It seemed like a little pocket of something, something special and almost magical that I cant’t quite find the words to describe. There were still fresh bear, coyote and mountain lion prints in the squishy floor of the semi dried up cove. We were legitimately in the wilderness and were expectant of an impending wild beast attack at any given moment.

We put Matt into an outfit but were soon joined by a group of native spectators. Mountain people, I think. Or so they seemed. (They were probably just local farmers but my sense for extravagance pins them as mountain folk). They watched with much amusement, whilst puffing away on their joints, as Brent handled the camera and Matt handled the smolder, I in turned handled coughing away the puffy clouds. It was hilarious. I don’t know that they’d ever seen a photo shoot, and they’d make little comments here and there as if to encourage us in our exciting endeavor.

Hunter and his crew showed up then, and as it turned out, we were doing two shoots in one that day. After Hunter and his band, Gabriel Kansas, were done with their album shoot we proceeded with Hunter and Matt. It seemed so easy to shoot them together, both the most laid back guys, no posing needed. It was natural and it was real. After taking in the beauty of that place, and after watching Paul (from Gabriel Kanses) streak around with a Minnesota flag, which was hilarious, and also deciding on next location, we packed up and met Grace on the other side of Whiskeytown. Grace is flawless. A natural beauty who doesn’t try. She just is.

Again we traipsed and hiked/slithered down the side of what I assume to be the dried lake, and came to a rocky little beach where we shot the three of them together, and again, it was perfect. Brent captured them in such an amazing way, so at ease, so peaceful. It was as if we had stumbled upon them just being there. It was such a relaxing shoot, it seemed so easy.

Our outfits were inspired by winter wear; knit norwegian sweaters, scarves, the odd fur here and there, boots, blue grass, european class and that rough but sweet woodsy feel. This seasons winter wear is inspired by cozy but chic.

And so here it is, introducing our Into the Wild shoot. Enjoy! Also check out Brent’s website

Click on the first image to open the slideshow.

Odyssey of the Desert Boot

My family is hilarious. Not only do they fully support you in your dreams but so much so that they take part in them  with you, often carrying your lifeless body through the mire of life that we call the Great Race in order to see a watery smile on your face after you’ve been through months of, shall we say, drought. In such times their support does nothing but produce a sense of hilarity in how family works and the measures taken to prove that you are, indeed, special.

Such a moment has been happening over the last few months, or if we’re honest, years. This story begins with my dad. Stephen. My dad works in the clergy business and often finds himself consulting many a man and woman whose lives seem to be falling apart, and on top of that, many a minister who just can’t get over the crazy people in his ministry. His reach is far and wide and we’ve affectionately dubbed him the “Pope”. (He would be mortified if he knew this was now public knowledge).

The only reach poor dad didn’t have, was in his closet. The poor man was at a style loss. Shirts like tents, pants that were most likely used during the prohibition era to smuggle whiskey in their legs and not the right shoes. Ever. His jackets hung on his thin shoulders like bags of empty potato sacks and often one could find golf shirts hearkening from an era gone by.  As such, being from a classy, beautiful family (legitimately everyone in my family could be models or actors) appearance was of somewhat a high order. The understanding being that first impressions are everything, especially if you’re leading people out of purgatory. You don’t want to look like you’re actually leading them into it.

With the birth of the Luxurie, and my own personal passion for timeless style, classy life and a general air of living life well (inherited from my wild parents)  came the sudden frenzy of supporting dreams and jobs and all of sudden Dads closet got thrown out and the old man had to let go of his faded golf shirts and bootlegger pants. Look at him now and you’d witness a man in his 50’s being the best looking man I’m sure you’d see for miles around. Slim, trim, everything fitting well and all the right shoes. Such has been the excitement of the family makeover that Mom has been digging in the origins of where things came from. Being an intelligent woman she has dredged up all sorts of information from the corners of cyber space and a sprinkle of information from the grounds of Africa from whence she hails.

This is where this article comes in. I now introduce to you my Mother. She had decided it was high time my dad got desert boots and as such he now looks better than most young adults and adults. The woman is extraordinary and dad has no choice in the matter whatsoever, though he has fallen head over heels with his new babies.

Here then, is her article. Written with much gusto and excitement. Read and enjoy.

It is that time of year again: the nights are chilly and often a gust carries a warning that “balmy” is a word that will be used again only next year. Most of us are in the seasonal process of storing summer clothes and shoes, hauling other stuff out of storage, airing, cleaning and looking with dismay at what appeared to be so gorgeous last season, only now to be so lifeless and boring.

For the men here on Cape Cod it means out with the boat shoes and loafers and in with anything that will prevent some serious frost bite: roomy enough for thick socks and high enough to keep the feet and ankles warm.

Enters the Desert Boot. Like their cousins, Chukka boots, Desert boots are ankle-length boots with two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing. Desert boots are generally loose fitting with a durable high-traction sole and less support at the ankles than the cousin Chukka. Desert boots are known for their comfort and durability; though a casual shoe, they’re suitable for work. I once read the Desert boot will carry a country boy through a night in the city and a city boy through a weekend in the countryside, and do it in style….

Whilst in Egypt in 1950, Nathan Clark (Clark’s shoes) saw British officers  who wore crepe-soled, rough suede boots that were ordered from the local bazaar in Cairo. Clark’s have since turned this soft, floppy ankle-high boot in a fashion icon – the Desert boot.

Long before Nathan Clark saw these ankle boots in Egypt, they were  being worn in South Africa, already  for many  generations. Veldskoen boots (pronouned feld-skoon) and colloquially known as “vellies” (try fell-lese) are worn by just about everyone in South Africa. Boys wear them to school, farmers trape in the fields and office workers hit the sidewalks in Vellies. Vellies have a long history in South Africa – they are believed to have been made by the Khoi people with untanned leather uppers sewn without tacks or nails. The original Veldskoen was handsewn from two pieces of Kudu hide (antelope indigenous to South Africa). Members of the Dutch East India Co copied the shoes in the mid 1600’s. Veldskoen was the footwear of the Great Trek in 1836, the migration of white people to the north. It is believed that the British, in turn, copied these easy to make, lightweight and extremely tough shoe during the Anglo-Boer War at the turn of the previous century; the design was carried by the British to the second world war in Egypt.

Veldskoen or Vellies were manufactored all over South Africa but Schier Shoes put the Vellie on the international map. They have been making Vellies out of Swakopmund in Namibia since 1935. Eight Damara gentlemen turn out 20 pairs of shoes per day, made entirely by hand. (Visit to see a great selection of Vellies.)

The Desert boot has come a long way. Known for their comfort, they’re a far cry from the rugged Vellies. The saying goes that if you buy a Vellie today, the blisters will stop by next year Christmas. The topline of the Vellies is considerably lower than chukka or desert boots but in all other ways they are similar.

Time to shop! If you want a great comfortable ankle-length boot for your chinos or denims, just about nothing beats a Desert boot. If you want to step back in time for the ultimate shoe experience, visit for the Desert boot’s ancestor, Vellies. This humble shoe is enjoying a fashion revival beyond the borders of native South Africa.

Written by Dalene Russell for the Luxurie.

Wardrobe Essentials and the Art of the Sock.

Fellas, we’re revisiting the age old story, the one that suggests what you should have in your closet if you want to look back next year and say that the winter of 2012-2013 was your best winter yet; also, it’ll be easier for you to dress in the morning if you have a helping hand with knowing what looks good, no matter what.

First let’s start with these boys:

Jasons’ look:

Keep your vintage tee and a wool blend (either tweed or something to that effect) extra slim fit pant paired with your oldest most rugged brogue boots, it completes this outfit. The tee dresses down the pants and the boot adds that edge that it needed. Sometimes it’s nice to create variety in your look, shying away from wearing jeans every day. Mix it up a little but maintain your comfort and edge if you’d like.  He accessorized with a hat.

Calebs’ look: For a more dressy look, something more put together that’s do-able for the office (not if you’re a lawyer though, sorry…). Try a cotton blend (or wool blend if it’s real cold) button-up shirt paired with an extra slim fit chino pant in dark dark blue (or color of your choice) and a pair of oxfords or brogues. If the weather is particularly cold where you live, go ahead and wear fun patterned or solid colored socks (try something that ties in with the color of your shirt or pants). Not only will your feet stay warm, but the socks give an exciting detail. NEVER wear white socks. Leave those for the gym and other extra-curricular activities.

Which brings us to this conversation: The do’s and don’t’s of sock wearing.

DO wear fun socks with dress shoes – it’s a fun detail that tells women, your boss and all the other important people in your life that you pay attention to detail and that you care.

DON’T wear fun socks with sneakers. It’s too much.

DO wear no-show socks with your sneakers, it’s a much neater look. If you argue that your feet will get cold then you should be investing in boots. It is winter after all and you might be the fool wearing Vans in the snow. No bueno. Your toes’ll turn black and have to be chopped off which makes for an awkward story as to why you no longer have toes. Don’t be that guy.

DON’T wear gym socks (those white bunchy ones) for your every day chukka wear. But DO wear black instead. You can never go wrong with black. It doesn’t stand out like a beacon in the night hailing lost sailors and sirens. Example below!

Jason’s second look:

Simply, cozy, casual, classy. Jason wears a cable knit sweater with a cowl neck and a hat, completely casual but put-together looking. Pair this with those wool blend extra slim fit pants and boots, or jeans and chukkas, and your whole look is complete. You’re put-together but you’re still comfortable.

This sweater is great because you can also throw a tweed blazer over, or a bomber jacket, or a pea coat of some sorts. It goes with everything.

Check out the different looks below, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things! You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Fabulous Fashion Fly for Fall

By Lisa Ross

I found myself recently in Redding, California which is a 9 hour road trip from where I live in Los Angeles.  It was the second time I’d been and it is the type of place where one goes to mend a broken heart and get some clarity on the madness of this thing we call life.  It was spectacular.  Redding is a beautiful part of the state, chock full of loving warm souls and rich in spirituality.  It is God’s country for sure.
With what seemed like a B12 shot to my self esteem and the tattered seams of my heart sewn up, I began the journey back to Los Angeles with my friend Jason, who was on his own soul searching mission and looks like he just walked off the pages of L’Uomo Vogue.  We had one last stop.  A visit to the set of our friend Trevor’s photo shoot for The Luxurie.  It was hot beyond hot, like desert hot, as we pulled into the parking lot of the apartment building. I got out of the car and pulled myself together.  I put my hair on top of my head in a bun and I thought about my days in fashion when I launched the tents at Bryant Park in NYC.  Every season there was  a new crop of male models and every season I think I fell in love.
On this one particular occasion I was working at Tommy Hilfiger’s first show on  39th and 11th.  He wasn’t famous yet.  There was this one model from Israel and I told him he looked like Prince Charming.

“Who’s that?” he asked.

OMG, how could he not know who Prince Charming is?
“He’s the prince in Cinderella.”
The next day when we had a run through for the show, he told me that he went to the library and looked up Prince Charming.  I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe it.  He asked me out, we kissed on a street corner and he gave me a rose from a deli.  It was magical and I never saw him again. Sigh.
Anyway, back to the shoot in the desert.
We made our way to the second floor and Trevor greeted us.  He was rakishly handsome and carried himself in such a way that I knew he could hold his own if I plucked him from obscurity into Testino’s studio on a whim.  He had cleared out the living room and put down a white sheet against a plain white wall.  I think he rolled his eyes at the shag carpeting but of course he made it work, he keeps it moving.  He’s a genius in the making and turned this second story flat into a den of fabulousness.  Cat who runs The Luxurie, looked like a fashion model herself, a natural beauty with red hair and a smattering of freckles; she has a killer South African accent and worked the room like a pro.  I loved her.  Winnie helped style, a mini Rachel Zoe in the making and Mariah knew her way around a pencil, she could do a smoky eye and nude lip like no other.
Caleb and Meeks were the other models and they were gorge as well.  We also threw some girl who came to visit into an oversized sweater and placed her next to Jason (Trevor put him in the shoot too, well because you know, he’s everything a model should look like).  Snap, snap, snap.  She was a natural and I think all of us were impressed with our find.  I was bursting with ideas but didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.
“Caleb tilt your hat and scrunch your forehead.”
“Wear the suspenders with just a tank”
“Yes, a nude lip on her.”
And three hours later, that is how our day went.  It was Ffffab….I always hesitate when I say the word fabulous.  I think it goes back to my boutique days in Boston.  There were these two sisters that lived on Beacon Hill and summered in Nantucket.  They were twins and would pop into Armani every season and leave with rolling racks of the entire collection.  Fabulous, fabulous..air kiss, air kiss.  I remember swearing that I would never say fabulous because I thought it was extremely overused.  But then it started to shift.  I worked  an event for Chanel when I was in PR and I met Linda Wells from Allure and she said my hair was fabulous. Smile.  And when I met Anna Wintour from Vogue, I spontaneously uttered “fabulous.”
“Excuse me”, she sang from under her bangs as she handed me her fur to hang in the closet.
“I..I think your shoes are fabulous.”
 She broke her death stare with a grin then turned on that white patent leather heel, leaving me in a waft of No. 5.  (It was winter and she was wearing white shoes which is probably why I thought SHE was fabulous, she broke the rules).
So with all that being said, I have been exposed to the top of the top in the fashion game.  Fabulous and not so fabulous.  I am miles and years away from that time in NYC but I found the same essence in this second floor walk up with the shag carpeting.  Trevor, Cat and their crew were so creative and had “fabulous” down to an art form.  Fabulous meaning that palpable feeling in the air where it is all working and you look fierce while doing it.  I was happy to be a fly on the wall.
I taught, and most importantly I learned, and in the end it made me more fabulous just being there.
   (Picture below – Lisa and Cat)
Lisa and Cat

Finally! The Pre-Winter Campaign!

A few weeks ago we did a photo shoot that seemed more like family time than an actual photo shoot.

The photographer, Trevor Boyd, had been wanting to do something using only natural lighting while maintaining the flawless look  that a studio would bring. We spent some time looking at different locations that had great lighting and finally settled on his friend’s place who also happened to be one of the models, Caleb. It has massive windows and a perfectly white living room. After settling on a time we decided we would shoot Meeks and Caleb and hopefully find more models along the way. Little did we know that they would come off the street in the shape of friends and friends of friends that  perchance would happen to stop by.

The first unexpected model to arrive on scene was Emily, who grew up in England and was here for school. She had heard through one of Caleb’s room mates that we were doing a shoot and wanted to hang out and be a spectator. At this point we had a few of those as friends would drop in to say hi and watch the process. Trev, Allie and I took one look at her, asked her what her name was and if she was free for the afternoon. With much excited bewilderment, she shakily said yes and  was thrown immediately into position with hair, makeup and a sweater. The rest with her is history. Trev couldn’t stop gaping at her and frankly neither could I. She was flawless and her innocence only added to her beauty. We couldn’t believe our luck, that this absolutely stunning girl just stumbled through the front door, and despite her nervousness, absolutely killed it in front of the camera.

Our next visitor were Trevs’ friends Jason and Lisa who stopped by to say their farewells. The two were headed back to LA after a weekend retreat in town. Once again, gaping ensued. Trev asked Jason if he had 5 minutes, those 5 minutes turned into about 3 hours of more gaping and shooting and exclamations on how amazing he was, and how ridiculous it was that everyone looked so good together. Again, it was perfect. Lisa yelled her two cents with eyes glued to her phone and gave much feedback and ideas. We couldn’t have done it without her. Meanwhile clothes were swapped in and out, closets were raided, clothes were shared and the corner of the living room started looking a little rambunctious.

As models posed and sweated it out in heavy sweaters and makeup, pizza was ordered and soda was drunk, loud music kept our pace going and our gorgeous hair and makeup girl, Mariah, gave haircuts wherever she could find a willing head, and I was willing. The girl knows how to cut hair. The beautiful Allie ran around fetching things and dressing people, steaming clothes and making sure everyone had anything they needed. She was a godsend.

After we wrapped up the day, shooting at the lake with the sun setting, we looked back on it with whimsy. We didn’t want it to end. New friendships were formed and etched forever in our minds, were the warmest and most affectionate memories.

We decided that the only way to do photo shoots, fashion, style, life was being family. And from here on out that’s the way it’ll be.

Enjoy some of the shots taken at Calebs’ house!

(Click on the first image to open the slideshow)

Fall Cozy for Him

Fellas, not sure how to put together an outfit that doesn’t consist of a tank, shorts and boat shoes for the soon approaching chill? Here’s how to not be the guy at Thanksgiving this year still living in the Endless Summer.

When it comes to chilly weather, layering is key. The way to pull that off while still hanging on to your dignity is by paying attention to colors first, then textures (whether it’s knit, cotton, leather etc). Your outfit doesn’t necessarily have to match, it just has to “go”. Start with a tee, then throw on a vintage denim shirt, throw on a knit sweater over that (can either be chunky or not, depending on the look you’re going for. Chunky is more cozy and relaxing, the other a little classier). Finish the look with the coat of your choice.

Alternatively, you could try layering flannel under your denim shirt and a tee under that for extra texture. Accessories are an easy way to add layer as well, even if they’re just peeking out. A watch with a few bracelets is always a good look, or a beanie etc. Roll up your jeans and do fun socks with brogues, oxfords, desert boots, work boots etc and your layering 101 is complete. Try looking for shirts that have some fun to them, whether it’s an aztec pattern, a good wash, or great material. Sweaters are great for layering as well, so invest in a few different ones and your wardrobe will be much easier to work with.

Remember to try new things!

Essential Items for the Modern Man Part 3

In the last few weeks we’ve been covering those essential things that every guy needs in his closet.

Sure, you have tons of clothes, and your closet is practically overflowing with t-shirts, sweaters and suits  (those are from when you played football in high school). But do you have the tees that fit right? The sweaters that compliment instead of detract, and lastly the suit, the one that makes a man out of you?

This week’s article will be focused on just that suit. Fellas, it’s imperative that you have a good suit. Whether you have to save or sell a kidney, get one. Looking dapper and handsome is one of the many reasons to own one but also, when a woman sees a man in a suit something like fireworks, loud clapping and shouts of joy and mirth, children cooing and carnations being thrown about the streets ensues. That’s more or less the reaction you’ll receive because of how good you look.

The right fitting suit should sit snug about the shoulders, but not so snug that you can’t move about just a little. You should be able to button it comfortably in the front but not so comfortably that there’s plenty of room. The arms (cuff) should sit about half an inch from the edge of the palm. The length of the jacket should end right about the top of the thigh (depending on the style).

The pants should have a nice slim leg and should be about an inch above the ground. The backside should sit comfortably and not have any pull marks from the material either being to tight, or baggy-ness from it being too loose. The pants will fit comfortably if you can fit at least a finger in the waist band. They should also sit right around the hips.

Shoe-wise you could do something like an oxford. Either with fun socks that peek out, or a no-show sock for a more edgy appeal.

Below are some outfit inspiration and fit guides!

Essential Items For the Modern Man

In an effort to have every man looking handsome and dapper, full of self-confidence and suave, we’ve decided to cover the 5 essential items every man needs in his wardrobe. They’re the items you’ll create a history with, the ones that have memories and stories attached to them. This weeks Essential Item for the Modern Man is, then, without a doubt, the Raw Denim.

The logistics behind raw denim is that its simply denim that hasn’t been washed after the dying process. The uniqueness of raw denim created a following of lovers that will wear only raw since it molds to your specific body shape. The whiskering (upper thighs), honey combs (behind the knees) and stacks (at the ankles) are naturally worn in over time without the help of a factory worker. The denim, in essence, is then fully your creation. Over time it fades and becomes fully “you”. Some prefer to not wash their denim for over 6 months at a time to maintain its raw look and feel.

When it comes to fit, make sure your denim is tailored to fit you. Wearing denim in the right fit includes one that isn’t overly baggy, but fits nice and snug in all the right places.

Having a good go-to pair of dark wash denim will make it easier for you to grasp your wardrobe, and a lot easier to pick out a solid outfit.

Some places that have great denim is or even Asos, Levi’s has a good line as well.

Below are some visuals to help get you inspired and headed in the right direction!

5 Essentials for Summer/Fall You Won’t Want To Be Without


In the next 5 weeks we’ll cover the 5  things you’d want in your wardrobe for this Summer and Fall transition. We can all sympathize with each other and realize, with a heavy heart, that the sun is setting sooner, and rising earlier. That the mornings and evenings have a chill, and that very soon the balmy night air will be crispier than usual. It’s with this notion that, slowly but surely, we start packing away our neon tanks and tee’s, our Endless Summer fantasies and the wandering spirit that seeks adventure, and we ease back to the comfy, calm, cool and collected Fall wardrobe. This may mean fishing out last years knit sweaters, chino’s, brogues and button up shirts, but  it also means adding a few key items that’ll ease your transition from Summer to Fall, and won’t leave you feeling too shell shocked. This may sound like an involved process, and you may not care, but care you must. You have a world to conquer and a heart to win.


1. The Henley

The Henley is a basic staple shirt, you may find though, that indeed, you don’t own one. The reason its a great staple shirt is that it you can class it up, or keep it dressed down, whatever your mood in the moment is. Pair it with a pair of slim fit (or skinny) jeans with Brogue boots, Desert boots or Chukkas complete with belt and accessories and you’re good to go. Switch it up with a pair of chinos and loafers with accessories and again your outfit is complete. Throwing on cuffed shorts would be a great look too.

Venture out into long-sleeved shirt land too, try something fun that has some horizontal stripes, a throw-back to sailors from back in the day or one that has a different neck-line. Remember to stray away from super baggy, but try not to do skin tight either. To add some detail to your shirt if you’re feeling a bit “blah”, try pushing up the sleeves to your elbows, or even folding them a couple of times to sit underneath your elbow. Leave it tucked out except the front.


Have fun and experiment!