Your Summer Staple: The Maxi Dress

Spring and Summer are when maxi dresses come out in full force. It’s also when my other halfs’ opinions about maxi dresses start making their way to the surface, and I’m rendered to fits of giggles at his rantings every time he sees a maxi dress. He absolutely hates them. According to him they are “one step up from pajamas”, and also according to him when you can see the “offenders” belly button piercing, underwear or texture of skin then you’ve gone too far and you’re lost.

By all testaments of style he is absolutely right. The cotton maxi dress has become the girls’ way of cooling off on hot summer days, and an easy article of clothing to throw on and at times a lazy means of dressing. There are ways, though, to style a maxi dress so that it doesn’t look so drab and unforgiving toward the female figure.

When it comes to maxi dresses, I stick to styles that aren’t made of t-shirt material but rather silky materials that flow and sit nicely. Wearing something super skin tight in t-shirt material usually means it’ll either be see-through or every bump and bruise is visible. Subtlety is key. If I do grab a cotton maxi dress it’s loosely fitted and I belt it around my waist to dress it up. I’d wear leather sandals instead of flip flops as well. Try different styles that have slits, or interesting cuts.

Check out some of my favorites here!

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