Why You Should Try Unique Sweaters!

Apart from really elevating a look and giving your over style a total makeover, unique sweaters (ones with a special or different design or design element) are a timeless commodity.

Some examples:

You can dress any of these up or down depending on your situation and your wardrobe contents. I love pairing a unique sweater with a midi length pencil skirt and ankle boots. It creates a really fun, distinct look that stands out in a crowd. Dressing it down can be as easy as throwing on your favorite jeans and sneakers.

Check out my look below!



Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Four.


Sweaters are, for the most part, a neat transition from teenage to young adult/adulthood. If you’re over 22 and still wearing the same hoodie from high school then an intervention is definitely in order. They’re what define the boys from the men and since they’re so versatile and come in amazing styles you dont have to be afraid of bottle shock (..persay) when you realize that you are no longer in boy world but that a vast horizon of possibilities has opened up for you. Women (the right, good, wholesome kind) are at times put off by that guy that still wears a hoodie for a night out on the town or meeting people at the local spot, unless the cut and fit are specifically and obviously more modern (most likely European) and not covered in Nor-Cal insignia. (Do us ladies a favor).

Different sweaters will “go” with different outfits depending on the fit and the style. You have your v-neck sweater, cardigan, shawl collar sweater and then basic pull overs. Sweaters in neutral colors (grays, browns, blue etc) are a good start, but stray to your classic winter/christmas/nordic sweater for spice. Always made with wool, cashmere, or cotton.

Update your love for the hoodie by throwing in a cashmere or wool blend, maybe with a few chunky buttons, layered with a flannel, snug jeans (experiment with dark wash and distressed) and classic Brogues, or work lace up boots. (Check asos.com in the mens “boot” section for ideas). Your look will say fun and sophisticated man instead of angsty teen with girl problems. If you’re wondering how you can keep your hoodie but update your look, try wearing a dressier shoe (so not sneaker-ish) like boots with the jeans tucked in. You’ll have that mix of comfy but not-17-and-skater look.