Nothing To Wear? How To Streamline Your Closet

“I have nothing to wear” are the infamous words of most woman, unless they have traditional clothing or a uniform or have been blessed with savvy style knowledge. When I was young, single and living in California without a budget, my closet looked like it could’ve been a consignment store. I had so many random items; way too many jeans, odd tops and tons of shoes, and yet I always found that I never seemed to have quite the right things.

After getting married I realized that more than half of my Cali closet wasn’t quite suited for the East Coast. Having grown up there, I realized that my grungy style would have to go, and classic pieces would have to replace it. And so the big purge began. Being a fashion blogger and having this dilemma is really hard, but I decided that it’s better to invest in key pieces that always work, and get fun things here and there, than have a whole closet full of fun things that hardly ever worked. I threw out bags and bags of clothing amidst buckets of tears. I sat down with a glass of wine and gave myself an outline of the “perfect closet”.

1. It would have to be budget friendly, and I must be able to mix and match the items for endless outfit options, and be able to create dressed up and down looks from what I had.

2. I had a full time job and staring at my closet for half an hour to decide what to wear was out of the question.

3. I had to love each item enough to wear it over and over again without getting sick and tired of it, and that meant that I had to be really picky. No more randomly running into stores and just grabbing “cute” stuff.

4. It had to work with everything I already had and have a sense of timelessness. Would Audrey Hepburn wear this? Could I pull this off in NYC, Paris or Los Angeles? (Your parameters will be different per your lifestyle, but being a style blogger, these are the questions I asked myself..)

My closet is still evolving into the perfect closet, as these things take time. I’m painfully picky when it comes to purchasing key pieces and try to stick to pure materials like silks, linens and cottons, and I get them in muted colors that can serve as a back drop for more colorful items that pop.

Here is an example of my perfect spring/summer/fall closet! Apart from maybe the shoes and shorts, most of these are also winter appropriate, just replace the jackets with winter jackets and some sweaters. If your closet needs an overhaul, start slowly and chuck out a few things every couple of weeks, as you replace them with the key pieces. If you throw out everything at once you’ll be in the nudies until you can find replacements. The rule I go by for the basics, is if I purchase something then something else must go. ┬áKeep your closet basics rotating, instead of just collecting. Save the collecting for the “fun” pieces. Those are usually colorful, have an interesting design or style and might be season specific.


The bottom right three tops are tops that might not necessarily be basic items, but they’re items that you really love that you can mix and match with just about anything. These are examples of tops that I would wear for all three, maybe four seasons. When you’re out shopping, pick three fun tops. The rest are examples of tops that are closet staples. Silk blouses, a chambray shirt, silk tank, linen tee’s in the basic colors.



I’m a firm believer in the dress pant for woman. The three styles include white, black and then a cropped tweed or cotton one in a different color. Great with tee shirts for a laid-back but put together look, or with that silk blouse, you have a professional look. Same goes with the denim.

Short a-line skirts are adorable on every body type and great for dressing up, and down. The same goes for the pencil skirts. If you’re insecure about wearing pencil skirts because you might be more petit, then don’t be! They look beautiful on everyone. Kim Kardashian is 5ft 2in and that girl rocks some serious pencil skirts.


Shoes, Jackets and Accessories:

Since this is mostly for spring and summer, I chose my top 4 shoes. I have a pair of sandals I religiously wear, flats, sneakers for exploring and heels for date night. The jackets are simple styles but absolutely classic. I picked a simple black leather clutch and fun earrings that would go with everything.


There you have it!! A full on closet with countless stylish and chic outfits!

Remember to take it slow (unless you have hundreds or thousands to spend on a whole brand new closet), these types of pieces will always be in style.

Try to have the minimum amount; don’t collect, rotate. Instead of 4 pairs of leggings, have 2. Or don’t have 3 grey t-shirts, pick your favorite and toss the rest. If you haven’t worn something in months, it’s time to go. De-cluttering your wardrobe will make you feel amazing, clean and organized.

Good luck!