Thigh High Boots; the Do’s and Dont’s

When the word “thigh high boots” comes to mind, I think of leathery shiny boots from the 80’s that models addicted to crack, wore. And also strippers. The thigh high boot has made it’s comeback, and so far it’s been pretty great. I was nervous at first to admit

that I actually kind of love them because associating myself with anything extremely scandalous is something I’m trying to avoid. I have however, found a way to wear them while staying classy and yet totally edgy. Imagine my ecstasy.

First, lets talk style of boot. I love suede because its subtle and soft, a different color like grey still looks amazing with any outfit. I love the idea of wearing thigh highs with jeans or leggings. Miranda Kerr pulled this look of while still  looking chic and put together. Emmanuelle Alt wore hers with black tights, black loose fitting shorts, a leather blazer and a tucked in t-shirt. This look is relaxed but edgy. The t-shirt tones down the look and the shorts add that element of fun and something different.

I’m a little against wearing thigh highs with very short dresses or shorts and having inches of skin showing. Theres something about it that reminds me of all the afore mentioned people, (strippers and cracked out models. If you’re one of these people email me and lets chat). If you’re not wearing jeans, tights or leggings, opt for a dress or shorts that are longer and maybe just shows a sliver of skin. This look is demure and doesn’t smack the admirer in the face with shock and discomfort. If you’ll be wearing leggings, make sure that your top or jacket covers your booty, else it’s a bit much.


Check out these thigh-high looks and get yours before the weather turns warm! Find some here at Nordstroms!


You’ll notice that these looks are all basically the same idea, but it’s what you wear on top that counts. A blouse verses a t-shirt, a coat versus a leather jacket. Play around and see if you can come up with any cute looks!