Model Love

Trevor Boyd, a fantastic, loveable, amazing, kind photographer that I’ve worked with in the past let me snag these photos he took of Grace, a lovely girl who has modeled for us before. Such a beauty!


Out & Wild! This Seasons Most Tenacious Hair for Her

By Alyssa Quilala 

Every fashionista compiles the perfect look, a combination of clothing, make up, shoes, accessories, and hair. She’s completely aware of her whole outfit and the message she’s conveying. Every aspect of her outfit will complete and compliment the other aspect but whichever happens to be the least put together will stand out. You may’ve put together the cutest look for Sunday Brunch, but when you show up with hair looking like you’ve blown straight out of the 90’s…you  may go unnoticed (or worse, noticed for all the wrong reasons!)

So this is where we begin. Focus on hair to complete an outfit because it’s one of the first things people will notice when seeing you.  Whether your hair is short or long, be creative, and never leave the house without proper attention to that mane!


FREEDOM is this Falls obsession when it comes to your locks. Drop that flat-iron, and pick up a good texturizing spray. We’re in love with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Dont have any at home but feel the need for a tiny bottle of bliss? Do it yourself! 2 cups hot water, 1/2 cup salt…combine into a spray bottle and shake until salt dilutes. Spray over dry hair and crunch! Have straight, heavy hair? Try curling your hair leaving the ends free from the iron, brush it out, spritz with salt spray, and crunch! With dry hair, after hair absorbs the salt spray, try rubbing some coconut oil (or pomade of choice) between fingertips and work though the ends. Don’t apply to roots! Bigger is always better.

Our girl Blake has incredible hair and fashion sense! Notice her hair is straight, yet frizzy and textured…insert salt spray! Braids are happening, however you choose to incorporate. You don’t have to be in a boho mood to pull it off, try combining with a blazer and booted heels for sophisticated sexy! Last Falls’ trend (as we all remember) was a messy bun piled on top of the head. While we can still get away with this cute look, try moving forward with the messy high pony-tail. The higher the better! Not too sleek, but not too loose…keep it natural. Fishtail braids are raging on the runways! They’re sexy, classy, and incredibly easy to pull off, ( we prefer the loose and voluminous look). Try adding mini braids wherever possible. This style works with middle part, side part, bangs, or hair completely off the face.

So Ladies, in conclusion, wherever your fall clothing takes you (we all hope in the right direction!), never underestimate the power of styled hair! Be it Boho or the lux Femme Fatale, fur coats or leather jackets, fingers covered in jewels or your massive cashmere scarf, our fall hair trend? Be OUT & WILD!