Top 10 Award Show Dresses

Now that I’m in the mood for staring at gorgeous gowns, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 pre-fall 2015 award show dresses. (A girl can dream, right?)




The Golden Globes Style Recap

Who watched the Golden Globes!? I love the awards aspect of it, but the part that really gets me excited is the dresses, the beauty, the glamour. Who doesn’t love watching what the ladies bring to the proverbial table with their flowing gowns, gorgeous manes and glittery eyes.

The looks I felt half sad about:

The looks I loved!  These ladies killed it by being modern, glamorous (but not showy), classy and chic. Arriving at the Golden Globes with anything other than those style characteristics is simply a waste of time. What I prefer to see on a woman is a long dress with a flattering shape, made to fit well, in a color that flatters not only the skin tone but also the grandeur of the event. Keep the color story simple so that your dress can be magnificent.