Denim on Denim on Denim

This quintessential American look has gotten a makeover in the last few years. Denim on denim went from a bad 90’s vibe, women with big hair and bad habits, to the streets of Paris and London in what has appeared to be a revival of the laid back chic look. Minimalism being everything right now, this look adds a sense of vibey glory to that wardrobe and lifestyle.

Check out these amazing looks below to get some inspiration for your next denim on denim look!


Fashion Week! And the beef I’ve got.

I love fashion week just like the next person. The looks, the models, everything. There’s something about it that just seems plain fun. This keeping in mind that it’s hard for me to take the especially snobby and pretentious people seriously because I’m from Africa, where seeing people wearing the same outfit till it turned to shreds was real life and was seen more often than not. I do, however, love beauty and timeless style and elegance, having fun and playing dress up.

This being said, my favorite part of fashion week is the street style. What the people actually going to the shows are wearing. Sometimes because it’s hilarious, other times amazing, but most times a little bit wtf-ish. Obviously there are those that have ah-mazing looks, all the time. Olivia Palermo is one of those, we all know it and admit we want her wardrobe. She carefully balances being stylish, but not too much, really well. What I mean is, is that she has a stylish undertone with an every day girl vibe, and that’s something I can respect. The “oh ya I could totally wear that” look. (I hope ya’ll don’t think I’m saying her style isn’t very stylish, it totally is!)

I read an article one time about the different types of woman in New York city. You have the ones that, in the winter time, are wearing short skirts and high heels and their little leather jacket (because it’s stylish) and somehow are keeping their chattering teeth and body-shaking shivering to a minimum. Then you have those that wear the bare legs but maybe with a big coat, it is, after all, -20 if you count in the wind chill factor. Then you have those that wear leggings under their wool blend pants with knee high boots and socks, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, coat and scarf, gloves and a beanie. Maybe ear muffs. That’s me. When it comes to being cold, style can suck it. I hate being cold.

This year at New York fashion week, my jaw hit the ground. There were girls literally wearing nothing. On days I KNEW the temperature was icy icy icy cold. I had checked. I’m talking see-through shirts (her ladies I’m sure were ruining the material), high-waisted shorts and tee-shirts (sweetie, this isn’t California), and then the little crop tops and high wasted skirt ensemble we love. People of the fashion world. Those people lost their minds. For the love of all thats good in the world, style isn’t wearing the latest trending look and being distinguished from the crowd as an “it” girl/guy. It’s many other things including wearing weather appropriate clothes. It’s wearing outfits that aren’t an affront to humanities eyes. Literally, nobody wants to see your nipples. It’s fine for the runway, because runway isn’t real life. This, however, is.

I almost want to start a campaign for the real girls. The ones that can be stylish EVEN when it’s freezing.  It’s being stylish, or having style, or a sense of “put togethered-ness” when there’s a wind chill that could freeze oceans, waist high snow or whatever evil winter image your scared mind can conjure. It seems impossible, but it’s not! It’s doable! I’ve tried, and I’ve conquered. Many others have as well. Here are some deep winter doldrum styling tips:

(P.S I know we’re headed into spring, but better late then never, eh?)

Starting with the first layer; try stockings and a long sleeved v-neck blouse or shirt. Second layer; thermal tights! Yes these are real. Then throw on a nice oversized but slim fitted wool sweater. It should be fairly thick with a nice collar you can pull toward your neck. Finally throw on a pair of socks then some over the knee heeled leather boots, making sure the soles have some good traction. So far so good, you have a chic outfit thats weather appropriate. Lastly grab your favorite calf length oversized coat, and some leather gloves, and voila! If you’re headed to the office or undesignated destination where you’ll be in a building for 9 hours, then it’s totally ok to throw in some work shoes and pants for the day in a nice oversized handbag.

Some truth: If you’re the girl wearing the ridiculous outfits in the freezing cold; it’s not attractive, it’s silly. It shows a sense of being immature, an inability to make wise decisions and a tendency to lean towards being more concerned with what peoples opinions of you are, rather than actually just being confidant and loving yourself. No trendy or sexy outfit is worth you suffering in silence. It’s the difference between being a girl vs. being a woman. The woman is the sexy one, the girl is the self-obsessed one. Learn to love yourself! You’re beautiful as you are.

Good Luck!

Here are some pictures of woman who beat the weather! And looked fabulous doing it.

Fall Outfit of the Day

What are we loving for Fall? Fur vests layered with our favorite moto leather jackets, skinny jeans and cozy sweaters and of course, ankle booties in all shapes and sizes. Check out this look below that can easily be styled and put together.

Have fun!

White shirt
$24 –

Calypso St Barth vest

MuuBaa leather biker jacket
$815 –

J Brand jeans

Burberry shoulder bag

H m ring
$4.78 –

Check out these looks!

Look of the Day!

This look of the day comprises of a cozy oversized sweater with this chic Balmain skirt.
The sandals make it a relaxed, but glam look. I felt like looking nice today,
(after being on the road for the whole day yesterday) and this was the perfect outfit.
Super cozy, super cute, and even my hubby raised a flirty eyebrow.
   Look of the Day

J brand top

Balmain mini skirt

Topshop doctor bag

My New/Old Love: Skirts

I absolutely cannot wait for cool/cold weather, and wearing skirts and ankle booties with leather jackets and cozy sweaters has me more excited than a kid on christmas morning. I’ve re-inspired myself by getting my fall and winter wardrobe ready, and so far, it’s looking good. Taking cues from fashion week with bold silhouettes, vintage inspired looks, street style and my obsession with leather and black, I’ve created some cute looks and outfit ideas for my two favorite cold weather skirts.

I love this midi 50’s inspired skirt because it just oozes elegance and city chic. Pair it with a rocker esq tee or a cropped sweater with cute shoes and you’ll have an outfit to die for. My other love, the classic leather pencil skirt, is just perfect for an every day glam look. You could wear it with just about anything and easily make it a day to night look with some extra accessories.

Check out these outfits! Have fun and experiment!

Much Love,


Get This Fall Cozy Look!

I’m so beyond excited for Fall to come! Cool weather, crisp, sunny days and hot caramel lattes are what I see when I imagine this gorgeous season. Things I’m excited to wear are ankle booties, fur vests and chunky knit sweaters. Not to mention smokey eyes and demure looks.

Check out this look! It’s so cozy and if the day turns out to be a little warmer than expected, throw on a t-shirt or a blouse and this it would still be city chic.

Fall Cozy Look

Get this look!

Saint Laurent Rabbit Felt Fedora from, Omso sweater from, Calypso St. Barth Mongolian Fur Vest from, slashed acid wash skinny jeans from, Silk blend scarf from, Kate Spade New York small black stud earrings from, Zara bucket bag from, Gianvito Rossi Suede Bootie from

Beach Babe to City Slicker Part 5

The Blazer

Why do I love a blazer so much?  A blazer can be worn with your shorts, shredded blue denim or dress pants, and it’ll work all around. Pair it with a blouse or vintage tee and it just works. It can be layered with a oversized cardi and rolled at the sleeves with your cigarette leg trousers and pumps or thrown on over a tee and skinny’s with booties for a dressed down effect. Fit wise I’d go for something that’s tailored, especially if you have a “straight up and down” build. For this specific blazer (there are hundreds of different styles of blazers) keep it fit and trim. No more than two buttons and a nice little baby flare at the hip. Keep the collar the standard size (though I’m always a fan for a nice, high collar) and try on blazers with different material. You don’t necessarily want to get one out of the business wear section at your local department store (those tend to be a bit bland) but choose one that has a hint of sass. Good for day and evening wear.

Below are some outfit inspirations!

Look of the Day!

          Jill’s look is a chiffon black and white striped shirt layered with a white tank underneath and black cut-offs. The red blazer adds that extra pop of color and structure that the outfit needed to ritz it up just a touch. Any pair of shoes would work! Depending on the weather, you could do black ballet flats, ankle booties or even strappy sandals. Throw on a pair of black stockings, a chunky scarf and your outfit is Winter ready!

Look of the Day!

Jill’s look is a oversized flannel, layered with a slightly cropped sweater, black ripped shorts and the “party from last night” gold kitten heels.

This look is great for every day running around, keeping cozy and looking cute while doing it!

Throw on a pair of black stockings and ankle boots or flats to warm up your look.


Beach Babe to City Slicker

In the last few weeks I’ve been covering how to smoothly transition from your beach babe attire back into the chic Fall wardrobe. We’re seeing it everywhere; that the laid back Summer jams is drawing slowly to a close, the weather is getting chillier and it’s time to step it up a notch. We soon will no longer have the excuse of it being simply too hot to get properly dressed in the morning. The transition from Beach Babe to City Slicker need not cost you a fortune, nor need it be confusing or overwhelming. All you need are those key transitional items that can be worn during the Summer scorch or Fall chill.

This weeks item is a good pair of shorts.

Not necessarily the frayed cutoffs you’ve been wearing to the beach, but one with a little more sass. My favorites so far going into this season have been the lace kind, or even sequin shorts. For city ritz, I try to stay away from skin tight, short shorts. I leave those to the sizzling summer days where I’m wearing longer tees and tanks and the heat ruins poise and half a sense of propriety. (You know exactly what I’m talking about). My favorites for being a little more city-esq is something made a little looser (not baggy, not skin tight), like lace for instance, or just a simple linen, cotton or velvet short. Pair with a cute pair of heels, (nothing to hooker-ish) and a soft blouse or modal tee with either a blazer or boyfriend cardi and you’re golden. Accessories and cute bag, a must.

As soon as the weather gets chilly you can throw stockings (not tights, not the 80’s) underneath with a chic pair of booties or flats and a comfy oversize knit sweater or blazer and you’ve transitioned beautifully. Maintain your Summer wild hair and a bit of glow (Jergen’s has a great lotion for giving off a glow without the trauma of a tanning bed or alternatively you can lather on a natural body oil after a shower and your skin will remain soft, supple and dewy), and combined with your transitional wardrobe would be a great look to have reminding everyone about the long beach days and Summer bliss.

Below are some fun outfit ideas!