Your Boldest NYE Look Ever!

New Years Eve is a prime time to cover yourself in head to toe sparkles. Anything with sequins is a go. BUT for those of us who need to for-go sparkly dresses for a heavy night of YOLO (my best named this years soiree.. Who still says “yolo”!? She does..), then you’ll need a look that can transcend both weather, time and activities.

Taking a cue from Miranda Kerr and her booties with stockings and shorts look; the look below is a few notches up from street style, to evening wear.

I love wearing shorts and stockings, it’s the perfect balance between comfortable and chic, and you can do just about anything in them! Dress this years ensemble up by wearing shorts with a major WOW factor. Pair it with ankle boots and an oversized coat for comfort, but don’t forget those design details! A mesh shirt and silky tank is a great balance between sexy and a 90’s party.

Wear your hair tousled and loose for a fun, playful look.

Check it out!




Fall Cozy

Get ready this Fall to experiment with layering! Different textures, materials, patterns etc. Don’t be afraid to mix your tweeds and your leather, your glitter and your knits. This season, Comfort-Classy is key, especially if you’re the one living in the small town where high fashion isn’t actually the name of the game. Chic flannel will be a real thing, paired with those little heeled booties and Chanel earrings, chunky bracelets etc. You’ll find that dressing cozy can be more fabulous than you ever thought.

Have fun when layering and remember, nothing needs to match, it just has to “go”. Pair soft camis, silky blouses, over-sized knit sweaters, chunky earrings, leather leggings and booties and your layering winter wardrobe is off to a good start. Alternatively, pair black cropped pants, old tees, flannel, vintage denim button up over that, sparkly studs and lace up booties and again, golden.

When layering jackets and tees, never be afraid to mix and match the posh with the plain. A tweed blazer with a simple modal tee and black (or dark dark blue) skinnys with booties or moccasins can be a beautiful thing. When I get dressed in the morning I hardly pay attention to texture of materials, rather to the color palette I’m starting with and what it is that I feel like wearing, usually coinciding with my mood. That’ll ensure your outfit stays fresh and fun but put together well. The other thing that I do focus on is accessories. Quality is key! When it comes to great style, its all in the details. You could be wearing an outfit from a thrift store but pairing it with a patent leather handbag, shoes and quality jewelry will lux up your outfit and take it up a notch.

Have fun playing dress up and don’t be afraid to try new things!

Check out these different layering looks..

Ladies! Coat Season is Around the Corner!

If you’re anything like me, you’d have saved every coat you’ve had for the last few Winter seasons and now find yourself with an abundance of cold weather wear. In taking stock of the coats you have, you’d notice that maybe you own one of every style, maybe missing either a good leather, or maybe a pea coat? Or you’d find yourself having three of the exact same style, just different colors.. (I have two leathers, almost had three, until I realized I was being ridiculous). Now if a certain style is your thing, like for instance leather jackets, and that’s all you have then consider experimenting this season with something different.Imagine for a second a gorgeous wool pea-coat with a fur collar, it’s simply a different statement than the one you might be used to. Same person, different look.


 Adding variety to your closet will ensure that you’ll always remain eye-catching. It adds mystery, curiosity and intrigue. It does take risk but your sense of self awareness will be alluring.

A few coats that I’m loving for this Fall and Winter include pieces that have a military flair to them. Also anything with fur (maybe not the stringy kind, we don’t wear Alpacas) and then outerwear that have fun angles or zippers, especially when it comes to leather jackets. Down-filled coats (the big puffy kind) can be pretty sporty so be sure that you’re whole ensamble is sporty. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a beautiful lady wearing a big puffy coat over a classy outfit. They dont precisely “go” together. Remember; nothing has to match, per say, it just has to “go” together.

When it comes to collars I’ve always been an intense lover of the high collar and tend to stick to that specific style. High collars (without hoods) tend to add a bit of power to your outfit no matter what style the coat is. On the other hand hoods add that homey girl-next-door feeling whilst no collar adds a bit of posh-ness, for instance, with a wool pea-coat. If it’s a leather jacket it can make your outfit be that hard-core look you’re probably dying to have. (Throw a neutral zip up hoodie and a white tee underneath with your fav pair of skinnies and flats and you wont look like you’re about to jump on a motorcycle with a stranger.)

All in all experiment with a different style of coat this season, something you wouldn’t naturally go after and you’ll see how your whole winter wardrobe will spruce up and be Holiday ready.