City Slicker Part Three: Denim

Part Three!


If you’re anything like me, you have denim in every color, style and even size, from super model skinny to boyfriend baggy. There is, however, just one that fulfills the job of every good jean and that is (in my own personal opinion), a good super dark blue wash, skinny jean. (Whether super skinny or not).  This beauty can be dressed both up for ritz, or down for a cool summer day with a fun tank. We sometimes fail to realize the importance of such a simple article of clothing, but go ahead and check in your closet. Do you have the perfect one? One without holes, fade, cray stitching etc? Remember this is your One of Five articles, therefore keep the fancy and embellished stuff for another time.

In my opinion there should never be costume jewelry on your derriere. The reason? It lacks a sense of propriety and, again, class. You are not, in fact, a show horse. Leave the embellishments for the entertainers. The moment you realize that your outfit matches the lady riding the elephant at Cirque du Soleil is the moment you’ll find yourself taking off your clothes. Take pride in your natural beauty and sophistication, lustre! No need for extra embellishments.

Great denim need not be skin tight, but dont opt for baggy “because you’re trying to hide stuff”.  A great fitting pair will hug you in all the right places. Know your body type! Do you have skinny legs and a booty? Or straight up and down, no curve. You’ll find that as soon as you start shopping for your body type, you’ll feel MUCH better about yourself, and your self-confidence will spike. If it means trying on 20 pairs till you find the right one, then do it. It’s so worth it. Addressing the issue of the skinny jean, I hear girls all the time say things like “oh I’m not skinny enough”, or, “they don’t look on me because of my body type”. I can and will say that 99% of the time this logic simply isn’t true. The only difference between skinny jeans and flared jeans are the cut from the calf down. Now if a boot cut denim looks better on you, then by all means, lets do that one. But never ever give in to insecurity simply because of the name of a pair of denim. Love your body and embrace who you are! Thats when you’ll look your best.

Below are some good denim looks