Pencil This In!

Whether you’re Christmas shopping this season or going for a night out on the town, this staple piece oozes femininity and lux and is sure to not only make you feel like a woman but also a woman with gumption.

This particular skirt carries a requirement and a responsibility of Confidence meets Fox and will without fail draw the attention of both men and women alike with the ease and mystery with which you will wear this certain item. Pair it with ankle booties with tights for the winter or your fav pair of pumps that’ll not only bring length to the legs (definitely a plus if you’re on the shorter side) but give that sophisticated and modern look that you may have been wanting and looking for.

Remember you can bring style and elegance to any situation so long as you carry it with ease and confidence. You are a woman to be reckoned with.



Soak Up the Winter Chill with these Dazzling Colors!

Fall has come upon us and Winter is just around the corner!

For this seasons hottest nail colors in this cold, cold town we’ve turned to the comfort of the gem tones and the softs.

Bobbing for Baubles

The lovely gems bring out that fantastic old world lux that screams “I eat candy with my fingers” and makes you feel that much more femme fatale sophisticated. This seasons colors are rich in elegance and full of glam, spanning from deep blues and purples to the glorious green and Christmas red. Nothing can stand in the way of the gems.

On the other hand the softs are those that invoke thoughts of kashmir sweaters and hot coco on crisp snowy mornings. The pale grays, hunter greens, soft cottons and light pinks are around this year to match our love of the cold seasons and are sure to bring warm snuggles and all round Holiday cheer. Essie has amazing color options but be sure to check out O.P.I and Revlon as well, the latter has an amazing line of quick drying colors in amazing hues. Have fun and dazzle away!

Ladies! Coat Season is Around the Corner!

If you’re anything like me, you’d have saved every coat you’ve had for the last few Winter seasons and now find yourself with an abundance of cold weather wear. In taking stock of the coats you have, you’d notice that maybe you own one of every style, maybe missing either a good leather, or maybe a pea coat? Or you’d find yourself having three of the exact same style, just different colors.. (I have two leathers, almost had three, until I realized I was being ridiculous). Now if a certain style is your thing, like for instance leather jackets, and that’s all you have then consider experimenting this season with something different.Imagine for a second a gorgeous wool pea-coat with a fur collar, it’s simply a different statement than the one you might be used to. Same person, different look.


 Adding variety to your closet will ensure that you’ll always remain eye-catching. It adds mystery, curiosity and intrigue. It does take risk but your sense of self awareness will be alluring.

A few coats that I’m loving for this Fall and Winter include pieces that have a military flair to them. Also anything with fur (maybe not the stringy kind, we don’t wear Alpacas) and then outerwear that have fun angles or zippers, especially when it comes to leather jackets. Down-filled coats (the big puffy kind) can be pretty sporty so be sure that you’re whole ensamble is sporty. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a beautiful lady wearing a big puffy coat over a classy outfit. They dont precisely “go” together. Remember; nothing has to match, per say, it just has to “go” together.

When it comes to collars I’ve always been an intense lover of the high collar and tend to stick to that specific style. High collars (without hoods) tend to add a bit of power to your outfit no matter what style the coat is. On the other hand hoods add that homey girl-next-door feeling whilst no collar adds a bit of posh-ness, for instance, with a wool pea-coat. If it’s a leather jacket it can make your outfit be that hard-core look you’re probably dying to have. (Throw a neutral zip up hoodie and a white tee underneath with your fav pair of skinnies and flats and you wont look like you’re about to jump on a motorcycle with a stranger.)

All in all experiment with a different style of coat this season, something you wouldn’t naturally go after and you’ll see how your whole winter wardrobe will spruce up and be Holiday ready. 

The Brits Pick: New Mod

Reporting from the Motherland

Who said summer’s over? Plain, bold and bright colours sum up this latest trend for Autumn. Think 60’s pop united with the 70’s vibe and voila you have New Mod. This style cannot be diluted with neutrals but instead needs to be embraced to the max, colour over-kill has never looked so good.

Remember, wearing bold colours is a responsibility, a lot of heads will turn to look at the style you are representing therefore do not forget to buy quality, fitted pieces to avoid looking like Barney the Dinosaur!!

Blouse-Mango, Jacket-Topshop, Yellow Dress-Boohoo, Bag-Pauls Boutique, Watch-ASOS, Yellow Shoe Boot-River Island, Yellow and Purple Shoes-ASOS, Orange Dress-Topshop