Lip Craze!

by Cat Russell

Ladies, it’s almost Spring time! The pull of the Summer sun is close and all around we’re starting to see colors emerge in wardrobes as women of the world are waiting with eager anticipation for the suns warming touch.

Our wardrobes, so far, have functioned as the main source of color during this drab, cold winter. If you’re anything like me you have a winter closet consisting of grays, whites, blues, blacks and lots of stripe-y things. Venture out of this Winters frost and throw on something that pops! A look we’ve been LOVING and has been around for a while, but not actually seeing “in real life”, is the coral lip. Ladies, don’t be afraid of your obvious beauty.

So far we’ve gone through the reds, and it’s been great, but start hinting at that Summer sizzle, lazy siestas and glowing skin with this gorgeous hue. Deviate to the tangerines, soft pinks and shimmering nudes and champagnes and your whole look will sparkle with energy. (Keep your eye makeup neutral if your going bold so your lips can get the attention.)

Pair your gorgeous colored lips with that monotone outfit and your face will look brighter, your outfit complete and put together. (Throw a vague shimmer on the tops of  your cheek bones, forehead and nose to make your face glow.)  Alternatively, if you’re going with that shimmery nude or champagne, pull out those red or coral jeans you’ve been dying to wear with some nude pumps, a white or light yellow comfy tee with fun summer beach hair and your look will scream “Where the heck is summer, I’m obviously ready”.

In closing, don’t be afraid to live and let live, wear your lips with pride! Whether its with a grey hoodie and messy fishtail braid, fav leggings and riding boots or your LBD, you can wear your colors and wear ’em well.


Summer of ’59

by Cat Russell 

Inspiration From A Different Time



The late 50’s and early 60’s were a rich time for fashion and style inspiration. Sizzling as the sun, maybe just as blond, style was taking a fresh and freeing turn into the new decade. All the world over women embraced a classy-ness and poise peppered with liberated expression and decadent choices. Every day a little more luxe than the last.

Edith Head, a stylist famed for dressing the famous, said, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”. This quote rang true then, as it does today. Pooling from a time era, we found actresses and models, presidents wives and moms who all shared a general disposition and outlook on style and fashion; classy and elegant, both in nature and personal dress, mixed with the joi de vivre of a simple, yet enriched life.

Find inspiration in everything! We found inspiration in Bridget Bardot’s perfect yet not perfect hair, her fun loving personality and her lust for life. It goes without saying that Audrey was as down to earth as the girl next door, and seems to have had a certain charm about her that inflicted a dear heart-pain on everyone within her reach. The list carries on of women who inspire us from that time, despite their struggles. Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Edie Sedgwick, the list goes on.

The style inspiration we derive from this “Joi De Vivre” time period is the minxy cat-eye eyeliner mixed with our wild and free hair styles. The simplicity of high-waisted skinny trousers and tanks with flats that carry that ease of every day. Bridget wore a t-shirt with cropped skinny jeans in a picture of her dancing around with a guitar and later we see her lounging about in a bathing suit. From there Audrey takes us to high waisted shorts with her adorable sailor inspired t-shirts and flats and we see Jackie owning it with a gorgeous smile.

Never feel like you have to be stuck with a certain look or style. Be free to experiment and find what you love and what works.  Grab ideas from the 50’s, 60’s etc  and incorporate them in your wardrobe. You’ll not only feel elegant and fun, but your timelessness and ease will be noted by everyone including strangers on the street.







The Brits Picks: Nail Art

by Leanne Cox

Nails are a great way to subtly or non-subtly express ourselves as women AND they are a fashion accessory in their own right. A good shape and polish can boost our confidence and enable us to manifest many different sides of our personality. Whether we opt for an elegant French manicure or multi-coloured neon nails we should always OWN our talons with pride.

I recently had an urge to become a rock star, apart from the fact that I am nearly tone deaf and would feel awful at the prospect of throwing a TV out of a hotel window, I really wanted to break the mould of my non rock star-like life. Instead of purchasing a whole new closet of black clothes and studded accessories I decided to pop into my local nail salon. The particular nail technician I requested had been recommended to me by many of my friends due to his incredible artistic nail designs. After exchanging our ideas and visions with each other, the work begun and my nail dreams came to life. I left the salon with my head held high feeling like I could run the world!

I could wear a simple outfit and my rock star nails stood out as a statement all by themselves instead of pairing a bag or shoes to my look. I could also add some bling in the form of multiple necklaces, rings and bangles to add that extra rock star goodness to my outfits.

Sadly my nails today are at the stage where I need to soak them off, however I have compiled a file of nail art that I have fallen in love with which is large enough to easily fulfil my nail fetish for the next year. Below is a snippet. The next nail design I have chosen to wear is the delicious pale pink and glitter design which will look fabulous next to my new faux fur collared coat this Christmas and is simple enough to do myself in the comfort of my own home. Why not create a nail mood board of your own?

In conclusion ladies be yourselves, be inventive, be daring and let your greatness shine through your nails.

New Years Eve Soiree!

by Cat Russell

It’s that time of year! The one legitimate excuse you have to be crazy, wild and free (if that’s not your natural disposition. If it is, then carry on). You’re celebrating another year of being alive, and leaving a year filled with wisdom gained and life lived.

New Years Eve is every girls chance to shine, to glitter and to glow. All this being said, you’ve come to the realization that you’ve nothing to wear (nothing decent, that is) and that you could be that one girl who isn’t covered in sparkles and unicorns, come early morning.

Below are a few outfits I picked out that could just save the day. You may most likely have some of these pieces as every closet should have the fundamentals, but paired with the right things, your look will be stellar.

New Years’ Eve is all about glitter and gold mixed in with mad amounts of fun. If your night is about hitting the town with friends then this is your outfit. Pair leather leggings with your fave loose v-neck or loose tank (love the nautical motives in these) and dress the whole thing up with a sequin blazer. Add pops  of color with a clutch and keep the jewelry toned down. Black flats or wedged heels make this outfit complete. Comfort is key! You’ll be out all night.
In keeping with the gold motif, if you’re going out to a lounge and your night is a little fancier than painting the town red with craze, then opt for a more sleek, sexy outfit. The sequin skirt brings the sparkle while the black tank, blazer and stockings tone it down. Add texture with chunky drop earrings and bangles with that pop of color. Again the flats or wedges are comfortable and wearable into the wee hours of the morning!

In keeping with the “paint the town red” motif; dress up those gams with red leggings! Tone it down with a black blazer and a cream or soft loose graphic tank. This look is perfect if you’re going out in the city and are dedicated to pure ecstasy. Add texture to this look by adding a layered long necklace with a few gold bangles. Throw on a pair of fun studs and you’re good to go! (You don’t want to compete with the necklace.) Go with flats if you’ll be out for hours and comfort is your main concern. If looking fabulous is your main objective, then throw on a pair of pointy toe stilettos and call it a night!

Now if you could care less about the town being covered in all things sparkle and your main objective isn’t to make 2012 you’re slave (Ke$ha used an expletive right there, you’re welcome), then this look is for you. It’s perfect if your main goal is dinner and fireworks with friends on your balcony. (Or whichever the popular firework viewing place is.) Grab your boyfriends’/husbands’ comfy, chunky sweater (we pray he has one) and throw it on over a pair of skinny’s. To keep it classy, go with contrast, and keep the accessories neutral. Dress this outfit up by throwing on something fur and then stick to boots (cold weather most likely) in light tones. A wedge is dressy and park/party appropriate or the riding boot is comfortable and has mileage. Go with rings for some fun, and wear two or three. This adds texture and youthfulness.

All in all, have the best night of your life! Don’t drink and drive, wear a seat belt and be safe. Definitely don’t leave with strangers and don’t drink something you didn’t have your eyes on all night. 😉

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Products We Love: For the Ladies

by Cat Russell

I’m the sort of person that cannot stand dry skin, at all. When I see other women with dry hands my heart secretly breaks because our limbs are meant to be things of beauty. They’re meant to be approachable, touchable and lovable.

I was raised by a mother who believed whole-heartedly in moisturizing. Growing up I remember seeing moisturizer in the car, in her hand bag, by her bedside and God knows where else. As such I have become like this. I, too, have developed the knack of keeping these luscious liquids everywhere and as such have soft, supple skin that has a faint glow to it.

In seeing the dilemma of dry skin among women, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites in an attempt to restore beauty to the masses. Moisturizing daily is critical for your skin to remain healthy and flexible. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, thus its ability to remain smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free. By moisturizing now (and having a healthy diet) you enable yourself to have near-perfect skin well into your golden years. One look at my mothers hands and my point is proven.

Below are some of my all time favorites. I literally NEVER go without these, they are life savers and keepers of beauty. Secret potions, if you will.

My first favorite is Yves-Rocher’s Arnica Precious Massage Oil. Meant for your hands and nails, I douse my whole body in this glory right after I’ve taken a shower. You’ll see your skin glowing in no time at all. From the same company, the Traditional Gardenia Oil is just as amazing. I use this product year round too and it just soaks right in. It does smell strongly of Gardenia, which is completely luxurious but the scent wears off after about an hour, though faint notes will stay behind. You can use it in you hair for that fresh summer glow and before and after sunning yourself. It protects your skins elasticity and the oils will leave you with a subtle Tahitian glow.

My next favorite is Boots Skin Balm. It contains rose oil and geranium oil, both known for their soothing effects. The balm is made of beeswax and other natural oils and is an intensive hydrater. I often use it on my hands, elbows and knees during the winter months and sometimes on my arms and feet. I also use it as a lip balm. Though the company is British, I found some at Bath and Body works, and Target.

My next favorite product is by C.O. Bigelow. Their Rose Salve is perfect in every way. It smells faintly of roses and has this pink hue that can’t be compared to anything I’ve seen. I use it most often on my lips but have used it on my hands and elbows. It’s with me everywhere I go and have been known to stock up in case of the  Apocalypse. You can find this glory online or at Bath and Body Works.

Last but not least at all, my favorite body lotion, Hamamelis Super Soft Body Lotion by Yves-Rocher. It’s not a heavy cream at all and soaks right into your skin, leaving it soft, shiny and smooth. It doesn’t leave behind any oily residue at all and it’s almost like you’ve put water on your skin and simply dried it off.

So there you have it Ladies. No more excuses for dry skin! Moisturize and watch your friends hold onto your hands in a quiet desperation to feel what real skin is like.

Happy Holidays!

Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

by Cat Russell 

Every girl needs a full collection of those shoe basics for her closet. A shoe for every occasion, whether its your basic nude heel or your black ballet flat. You never want to be found in a situation where you’re frantically throwing on a dress to rush off to that wedding you’re probably late for (this might not actually be an issue you have), but then realize you have no shoes to wear. Or you’re still wearing those little heels that have a strong hint of “2002 office wear”.

An amazing shoe can make any outfit complete. Pairing amazing ballet flats with cut off shorts automatically makes your outfit work, or a pair of killer heels thrown with a more modernistic dress (that could other-wise be mistaken for as a burlap sack cloth) can complete the outfit and make you look like the runway model you always wanted to be. Pair that same sack cloth with lame shoes, lame hair and lame accessories, and you are now homeless. Shoes can be organized into an upside down pyramid of importance, per say. On the top you’d have the basic ones that you could pair with anything, then towards the bottom the more fun ones you get to play around with that might not necessarily match with a whole lot in your closet, but can wear out if the occasion calls for. I have a pair of 4 inch gold pumps that I’m in love with, but couldn’t wear every day and nor would I consider it a basic. A basic need shoe will always be in neutral colors and can be dressed up and down, good for whatever occasion.

Here’s a short list of some basics:

The Ballet Flat. It has always been a necessity, whether it’s a round or point toe, and is so multi-functional. I’ve always preferred the point toe as its different take on the classic flat. Talbots has a great patent leather flat, the “Nelli” that’s affordable and adorable. Always buy your go-to shoes in leather, this way they last longer and will be the most comfortable in the long run. The next must-have shoe is the boot. Having a tall boot with either no height or  1 inch wedge, would save time and hassle when running out the door on the way to errands. My favorite must have boot is the “Intyce” boot by Steve Madden. Its style is simple but elegant, very understated but completes any outfit.

The Heels.

The heeled boot is also a must-have. A step above a flat boot, you can feel dressed to impress and your toes will stay warm. This season my favorite basic heeled boot are the booties or ankle boots. The “Tobago” by Hive and Honey on are tickling my fancy, but any style would do though the more simple the style, the more versatile it is.

To start with, one should have a nude and black pump. From there you can branch out to different colors and styles. Your basic pump should have class and elegance. Steve Madden’s The “Traisie” is a good classic, and also “Whistle Patent” by Chinese Laundry. As for a black heel, you can never go wrong with a good pointed toe. Guess’ “Carrie” shoe is pretty perfect and is definitely a day-to-evening wear shoe. Whether style or color is your motivation, a fun heel can do numerous things for oneself, whether its make a grey day happy or add that punch a neutral outfit needs. When going for style over color, a good wedged heel is always fun. Steve Madden’s “Pammie” is super fun and comes in neutral or black. If choosing color over style, go for something that’s bold. I’m loving jewel tones this season and Bakers Shoes have a good selection. The “Karen WP” is a gorgeous shoe and the color is perfect.

All in all, when browsing through your closet and deciding whats missing, don’t feel the need to rush into your purchase decisions. Take it slow and easy and wait for that perfect shoe that fits your style and need. After you’ve figured that out, go for the wants and slowly but surely you’ll see a closet with a fabulous repertoire. Remember quality over quantity!

Happy Holidays!

One Jacket, 3 Different Ways!

by Cat Russell 

Ever run out of things to wear and can’t figure out a decent outfit for the day? Well, here I paired one blazer with 3 different outfits. All for separate occasions and they make sense! Without a shadow of a doubt you’ll have some these items in your closet, so without further ado let the pairing begin!

For the first look, I put together the blazer, loost fit deep v-neck and faded skinny jeans (which I would cuff) with bright red, shiny heels. The heels and the blazer dress up a ordinarily casual look and the gold accessories add a touch of sparkle. The clutch hints to class and elegance without you having to wear a prom dress.

The color co-ordination also makes this fun, note the belt is the same hue as the t-shirt,  thus creating continuance and minimal colors on your color palette.

For the next look, I paired the grey blazer, with that same blouse except this time with dark skinny jeans, and a dark more sophisticated heel. Just the jean color and heel style ( a more traditional pump) drastically altered the feel of the outfit, and now it would be considered business casual. Still a casual look but definitely more put together and elegant.

Note in this the same color belt as before now matches the shoes, this brings back the pops of color, the fun ring brings  the fun element without overriding the job of the outfit, which is to make you sophisticated, elegant and classy.

Last but not least, the grey blazer serves it’s purpose again, this time with the same blouse but with distressed jean shorts and some cute ballet flats. The blazer, earrings and clutch make this a more elegant approach to a other wise casual outfit and the blazer serves to wrap the whole ensemble up, completing it and making it classy. The belt makes its come back and this time adds its own pop of color.

With all of the articles of clothing in these three looks you could create amazing, cute and fun outfits, experiment and be sure to have those closet staples that no girl could live without! The blazer is at the top of that list, pair with absolutely anything!

Happy Holidays!

Outfit Construction

by Cat Russell 

Victorias Secret Wrap

Ever wonder why your outfit just wont look right? Like something was a little off, but you just couldn’t figure it out. Well, help has come!

Every outfit you wear should be carefully constructed. Through the ages woman have achieved a natural knack for this and therefore hardly need pay attention when they piece their outfit together. There are though, those moments, or those articles of clothing that you just cant make work and you have no idea why.



Here are some rules I live by that have helped me in my most trying times.

1. Curvature. If you wear something loose or baggy on top, the bottom HAS to be tight-fitting. For instance a loose knit sweater with skinny’s or leggings and boots. Dress up your sweater by adding knee-high leather boots or ankle boots, heel or no heel and some fun accessories. On the flip side if you’re wearing baggy jeans or pants with pleats I always go for a more tight-fitting tank or sweater. You never want to hide all your curves at the same time. The only way to pull off an all baggy look is if the top and bottom don’t have a busy pattern or everything is neutral and in the same color family.

2. The rule of Heels. Want to wear heels but always feel too dressy or like you’re the center of attention? Good! These things are all good. I love pairing a cute sweater with skinny jeans or leggings and a heel. This gives you the relaxed but classy look. Even if the knit sweater is pretty baggy (I tuck in the front a little) I’ll always go for the gold. If you’re wanting to wear a hoodie, make sure its nice and tight fitted; baggy hoodies and heels make it seem like you’re borrowing clothing and can look tacky. If you’re at a soiree on a lawn and you desperately want to wear heels? Go for a wedge, that way you’re not the awkward person pinned to the lawn.

3. The rule of Flats. I love flats! They’re so comfortable but can be hard to pair with outfits at times. When wanting to be dressy with flats always make sure your whole outfit is sleek, this way you wont look like a soccer mom or Librarian. Pair flats with  a mini, fun tights, and a cute sweater or fitted long sleeve T and you’ll be golden. When wearing a pencil skirt, but you can’t or don’t want to do heels, wear a tight fitted top, that way your whole outfit is sleek and sexy without that Librarian look. Pair nice flats with a casual outfit and you’ll be classy and put together.

4. Flannel. Flannel was Gods gift to mankind. I used to hate wearing flannel because I thought it would be too frumpy looking. But I have since discovered that wearing a loose flannel with skinny jeans and heels, or leggings and flats with super cute earrings and bangles can make the outfit classy casual. Pair it with a more dressy coat and your outfit is complete. Belt it in the middle too for a different look. I mostly buy my flannels in the mens department  since they’re not as tailored as women’s and they’re way more comfy. I also never pair flannel with sneakers, that look can make you seem way younger than you actually are. Also it’s what they wore in the 90’s.

Have fun experimenting with your closet and don’t be afraid to try new things!!




All Things Gold and Sparkly

by Cat Russell 

A Little Note On Some of Our Favorite Accessories

How could you not love things that shine and drip with sparkle! This seasons accessories that spoke most to the latest trends had hints from an older, more sophisticated time in history when the women dressed up every day in their best and the men were dashing and wooed us. Bracelets with gold overlay and diamonds in the form of pumas or elephants, feathers and gemstones, with that 1920’s art deco flair of timeless style mixed with a bit of Oriental lux.

Indulge in these delights and dont be afraid to layer layer layer! Mix it up a little and wear that timeless necklace with your favorite blazer, basic tee, leggings and booties, play around with texture and color and dont be afraid to be bold in a way that says, “I woke up looking this good”.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the favorites..

Out & Wild! This Seasons Most Tenacious Hair for Her

By Alyssa Quilala 

Every fashionista compiles the perfect look, a combination of clothing, make up, shoes, accessories, and hair. She’s completely aware of her whole outfit and the message she’s conveying. Every aspect of her outfit will complete and compliment the other aspect but whichever happens to be the least put together will stand out. You may’ve put together the cutest look for Sunday Brunch, but when you show up with hair looking like you’ve blown straight out of the 90’s…you  may go unnoticed (or worse, noticed for all the wrong reasons!)

So this is where we begin. Focus on hair to complete an outfit because it’s one of the first things people will notice when seeing you.  Whether your hair is short or long, be creative, and never leave the house without proper attention to that mane!


FREEDOM is this Falls obsession when it comes to your locks. Drop that flat-iron, and pick up a good texturizing spray. We’re in love with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Dont have any at home but feel the need for a tiny bottle of bliss? Do it yourself! 2 cups hot water, 1/2 cup salt…combine into a spray bottle and shake until salt dilutes. Spray over dry hair and crunch! Have straight, heavy hair? Try curling your hair leaving the ends free from the iron, brush it out, spritz with salt spray, and crunch! With dry hair, after hair absorbs the salt spray, try rubbing some coconut oil (or pomade of choice) between fingertips and work though the ends. Don’t apply to roots! Bigger is always better.

Our girl Blake has incredible hair and fashion sense! Notice her hair is straight, yet frizzy and textured…insert salt spray! Braids are happening, however you choose to incorporate. You don’t have to be in a boho mood to pull it off, try combining with a blazer and booted heels for sophisticated sexy! Last Falls’ trend (as we all remember) was a messy bun piled on top of the head. While we can still get away with this cute look, try moving forward with the messy high pony-tail. The higher the better! Not too sleek, but not too loose…keep it natural. Fishtail braids are raging on the runways! They’re sexy, classy, and incredibly easy to pull off, ( we prefer the loose and voluminous look). Try adding mini braids wherever possible. This style works with middle part, side part, bangs, or hair completely off the face.

So Ladies, in conclusion, wherever your fall clothing takes you (we all hope in the right direction!), never underestimate the power of styled hair! Be it Boho or the lux Femme Fatale, fur coats or leather jackets, fingers covered in jewels or your massive cashmere scarf, our fall hair trend? Be OUT & WILD!