Today! Eva Franco and Loverly Debut Their New Collaboration.

Just this morning, Loverly debuted their new line of bridesmaid dresses designed by Eva Franco, who hails from sunny Los Angeles and has designed her own collections for many years. If you’ve ever been a bride or a bridesmaid, you know and fully understand the stress that comes along with finding the perfect dresses for your girls. This collection fulfills every need that a bride would have for her big day! The dresses are whimsical, gorgeous, flattering for the feminine figure and Eva’s attention to detail with her fabric choices make these one of a kind dresses that bridesmaids can wear for the big day, or for any other occasion.

The Jax Paloma

Eva Franco’s inspiration for fabrics, patterns and styles come from every corner of the globe, from flea markets to antique stores, and that is what makes this collection so special. From delicate lace to intricate brocade, the dresses tell a story all their own. Each style has a unique flair that transcends a trend driven industry, making each piece timeless and classic.

When you design your wedding day, you want to paint a picture; whether it’s a cool spring day in a beautiful garden with lots of flowers or an Italian riviera affair with twinkling lights and champagne. It’s almost as if each look fits neatly into a picture and then perfectly completes it. I can see the Jax Paloma dress in a garden setting with a modern yet simple wedding, and the Auriela at the Italian riviera. The Ellie at a New York city wedding, like only New Yorkers can throw a wedding. Big, elegant and fun.

I love so many of the looks; the dresses with brocade material are instantly a favorite because the material has such a rich, luxe look and feel, and instantly ticks a weddings’ overall style up a notch. The jumpsuits are absolutely fabulous and perfect either for a transition look for the bride who wants to change before the reception, or before she jets off on a lovely honey-moon. I’m obsessed with the top and skirt separate simply because it’s for the couple that loves to have fun and be playful, and the wedding thats stylish and luxe.

The color palette of this collection is what ties it all together. Soft pinks are romantic and whimsical with their lace details whilst the deep blue baroque is mature, mysterious and sexy. The light sea-green is fun, exciting and celebratory, and the creams and whites complete the picture of perfection, they bring a sense of elegance and timeless style.

Eva Franco, you nailed it!

Check out the rest of the collection below and start planning your big day! Visit┬áto see more of Eva Franco’s collection.