The Essential Wardrobe: Creating Looks With Your Essential Pieces, Part Two

So far, we’ve covered tops, denim, pants, tank tops and skirts. Creating outfits out of your essential pieces should be the easiest thing in the world. You’ve purchased things that will always go together, no matter what. Below are a few examples of outfits from the previous articles’ pieces that you can easily create using your own things that you’ve picked up. Remember you can choose your essential item pieces based on your own style preferences, following the basic guidelines of material, colors and basic style.

Look One:

I call this my “brunch” look. I love wearing a cozy sweatshirt with unexpected pieces. Here we have this gorgeous white skirt (or color of your choice, if white isn’t your thing), a black silk tank, black flat mules and a cute clutch. I am also a major fan of clutches and have a few in different styles.


Look Two:

Here we have the black pencil skirt, a linen tee, nude heels, dressy sunnies, fun earrings and your black hand bag. I created this look to show that with the right accessories, you can dress down a pencil skirt with a tee, but still look put together. You could even substitute the heels for the black flat mules and have a similar effect.


Look Three:

Here we have all the same accessories as Look Two, but now with a simple black silk tank and the black chinos. This is why it’s important to have really great accessories. Simple outfits are transformed into really stylish looks when you have the right accessories.


Look Four:

Here we have your “fun” jeans, your “fun” tank, same nude heels and a “fun” bag. In my essentials list I always include picking a “fun” item. Something, that is good quality and timeless, but not necessarily those neutral colors or simple designs. They’re a little out of the box. I chose, for my “fun” items; these distressed jeans and the striped cropped tank with a bold and colorful bag. I’d consider the bomber jacket one of my essential pieces (more on light coats and bags later on), and also the nude heels as an essential item.


Look Five:

Your “fun” skirt, in my case denim, with the essential white blouse and fun accessories. Notice how these nude heels are being recycled through a lot of the outfits, despite them being quite busy. Also notice I’m using primarily two sunglasses; a dressy pair, and a casual pair.


Look Six:

Your pencil skirt, sleeveless white blouse, and accessories. Notice how all the pieces in this look are the same as Look Two, except for the tops. That’s how easy it is to recycle looks. Simple by adding a dressy blouse to essential the same outfit, you’ve created a stunning dressy look.


Look Seven:

Here we have the bomber jacket, white skirt, blue linen blouse (in place of denim, more on that here), black mules and a fun clutch. This is another way to dress down a dressy skirt, tuck the front of that comfy blouse in, toss the jacket over your shoulders and you have a really simple but nicely put together look.


Look Eight:

The splashy look! Grab that sequin skirt, bedeck yourself in all things sparkly and have fun!



Let me know if this was helpful in the comments below and check out my Essential Wardrobe ebook on Amazon!!



The Essential Wardrobe: Blouses & Tee’s

Three days ago we chatted about what an Essential Wardrobe is and why every girl needs one in the article that also included your first batch of undergarment needs.

Today we’re detailing the next step. Tee’s and blouses.

You’ll notice throughout this series that the color scheme basically stays the same, apart from a few pops of color. This is because having an orange shirt and purple pants makes it hard to coordinate a effortless look. Neutral colors are easy because everything goes with everything. The oversized light blue linen blouse can go with denim cut-offs or a classy white pencil skirt.

The items I picked out are pieces that I personally love, they’re examples of what you could look for. This essentials list is also high customizable. If you find that you don’t love wearing heels (that article will come in a few weeks) then opt for more flats. Although do give the heels a try! Try everything. Because this essential wardrobe is the foundation, there’s two ways to work it. You can fill it out with the “meat” which might be the stuff you wear on a day to day basis. Gym clothes, farm gear, etc. The second way is that this becomes your “uniform”. The items you always wear. Your “meat” items become the sprinkling of on-trend pieces or those pops of colors. It all depends on your life-style.





I love, love, love a good blouse. So effortless. The list of must-haves is as such:

  1. Classic stripes: This is will never not be in style.
  2. Black: I’d go for a chiffon or satin, something that can be dressed up and down. A plain button front blouse would be just that.. plain. Make it splashy. Give your wardrobe some texture and life with different types of materials. Chiffon, linen, satin, etc.
  3. White dress shirt: I love this particular shirts style elements. It’s not your classic ¬†office wear white button front, and it has some fun details. The length means you can rock this with leggings and perhaps cute flats. Win.
  4. Silk Blouse: I love wearing white, ivory and creams because it looks classy and timeless. This particular blouse is great because of the hidden buttons, but also because it only opens half way. This can be both office appropriate and casual.
  5. Casual linen or denim blouse: I love this light blue linen blouse. It’s the perfect blend between chic and casual. If you don’t love denim shirts then this is a good option to give more color and texture variety.





I live in my t-shirts, so they have to be good quality and super comfortable. I love oversized tee’s because they look so effortless, and because I’m curvy, I don’t like to always accentuate absolutely everything. I can breath in this style. For some of you however, this may not be your look. So pick something that you love and can live in!

  1. Something with stripes. I love this tee because it has some great style elements. The collar being a bit tighter and the sleeves being a bit looser make it something unique. If you absolutely hate stripes then pick a lovely neutral color, like a blush pink or nude.
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Grey


Stay tuned this week! We’ll be tackling denim and dress pants!