Inuit Tribes and Tattooed Ladies: Dsquared2’s Breathtaking Collection

I’ve been harping on and on about texture, color, style, layering, etc. and happened upon Dsquared2s’ collection for fall/winter 2015. Needles to say I was drooling. Their collection is absolutely amazing, and not just one or two looks either. Every article of clothing is unique and perfect.

From first glance it seemed that they drew their inspiration everywhere from native american culture to matadors to inked ladies from the 1800’s. When I finally read where they had in fact drew their inspiration from, I wasn’t surprised. I had hit the nail on the head. They designed their collection around their Canadian roots, and imagined something like a plane that fell from the sky with suitcases with clothes from old Europe, and imagined an Inuit tribe incorporating what they found into their own dress-ware.

I’m completely obsessed. They utilized layering in a major way, using different textures and styles to compliment each other and created this visually stimulating collection that takes your breath away. You can easily incorporate a piece, or several pieces into your day to day wardrobe with some fun styling, to make a look thats fun and appropriate for todays street style.

Check out the looks below and tell me what you think!

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The Style Bloggers Conundrum.

When I started blogging about style and outfits it was because style was a major passion of mine. As a child I’d play in my moms closet and I remember wearing her clothes to church even though they were miles to big for my 9 year old frame. I loved stomping around in her high heels. Style is the art of putting something together well. It comes from years of playing with clothes, or having a special affinity for design and construction. From the basics all the way to a statement outfit; styling is when you use the design, color, pattern, cut, etc. to produce something great. I love that some designers this year were inspired by vintage pieces, or by a certain culture or people group. It’s thinking outside the “what will sell” box.

It’s easy, as a style blogger, to get caught up in the high-end fashion, the expensive and name brand things. Style, however, doesn’t have rules. It doesn’t require you to have pricey tags or renowned names in your closet. As a style blogger I’ve fallen into the fast-fashion, easy to buy, “styled for me”, name brand pieces trap that actually takes the art and effort out of street style. I remember the thrill of finding an amazing vintage piece at the local thrift store and making it work till it looked like a thousand bucks. I love the branded pieces as well, but more so I’ve rediscovered the opportunity to create a unique impression by blending clothes from any and every type of retail establishment. Whether it’s the flea market, Banana Republic, that weird thrift store, Zara, wherever. I half lost that love in my desire to appear as on trend and culturally relevant as possible. Street style won’t be street style if what we’re wearing was just on the runway or in H&M’s display window. We have to do better than that.

Perhaps this is my call to return to our roots as artists and lovers of all things material. Let’s wear what we want, when we want, and lose our fear of being outside the box. It’s not about the tags, or even the box, it’s about the expression and the lifestyle. Be you.

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Spring/Summer Trend: Culottes

I am amazed and excited that culottes made their come-around this season. We will never rid of these pants, their style is versatile and classic. You can dress them up or down depending on the function and there are a few ways to totally miss the look. Really, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve style a pair of linen Sonia Rykel culottes for a weekend look. Check it out!

It’s definitely a mixture of vintage sporty with some beach vibes. The suede sandals pull the whole look together.

The New Distressed Denim

I’ve had a love hate relationship with distressed denim for a while now. First I’m obsessed, and find a pair that I love and cherish. And then I hate them and throw them away with anger and fury. But then I slowly love them again and so the cycle goes. That being said I’ve managed to find my way through about 3 or 4 solid pairs of distressed denim. Today is the day I’ve decided to love them again and have, thus, acquired a pair, this being with a handy pair of scissors and some south african ingenuity and innovative thinking. I prefer wearing faded black jeans, and I gave them some cigarette legs to try something different.

The way to totally rock distressed denim without looking poor is to pair it with “nicer” things. A loose button down and some kitten heels with some tasteful accessories ought to pull your whole look together. Try a big comfy turtle neck sweater as a replacement if the weather has a chill.

This look surprisingly has maintained a steady following throughout the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon. As much as you, me and the girl next door loves runway chic, we also do love the everyday shabby glam look. Invest in a nice handbag and other accessories and your look is a go!

Have fun trying new things!


Coat Craze Continued..

Remember how in that last article how I mentioned my major obsession with this seasons winter coats. Well I just can’t stop. This outfit is preppy youngster meets seasoned sailor and it’s too die for. Try mixing and matching items that come from different backgrounds, like boho meets chic, or rocker meets classy english lady sipping tea. If it’s done right you’ll always end up with killer looks that totally stand out.

White sweater

Zimmermann coat

H&M black jeans
$40 –

Black boots
$725 –

Michael kors handbag

Peach, Red, Gold, Paris

I love mixing different textures like velvets, wools, etc and this look is a perfect example of just that. These velvet pants and jersey are so chic. The boots dress down the velvet pants to make them more day friendly and can be switched with heels or flats. The warm tones of this outfit make it perfect for a chilly fall day and will instantly make you feel cozy and warm.

Ivy Kirzhner leather boots

Michael Kors watch

Signet ring