Trend Watch: Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Lace up gladiator sandals are the best thing to happen to summer since, well, summer. This gorgeous shoe is the perfect accessory to any look and since you can lace it either high or low (up around the calf or around the ankle) they’re the perfect alternative to your usual summer sandal due to their versatility.

It’s important to read here that the type of lace up sandal isn’t the zipper going half way up your leg kind. (Although those can be great for some looks..) They can get bulky, sit loosely and make you hot real quick. Rather, simplicity and being delicate is key. Ssticking to leather laces or ropes will keep you cool and give you an on trend look and you’ll be able to wear them through many summer seasons.

Try Zara, Mango and Forever 21 for affordable styles.

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