Cara Delevingne – Fashions Biggest Crush

The name “Cara Delevingne” has been on the tips of tongues of those who love a little wild when it comes to fashion and trends. The waif-like model is the face of Burberry Beauty and has been seen on the catwalks of some  of the major names out there including Oscar de la Renta, Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana. Fashion is her world, and she once said that once you’re surrounded by it, you can’t help feeling like you have some of your own ideas and expressions. This is the mark of a trendsetter.

Cara Delevingne

















Her style is completely unique, her fresh face and goofy attitude reminds us of when we had no worries, and life was purely fun. At the same time she has an ability to be completely demure and mysterious, it’s what makes her so interesting.  She seems to have an attitude of “I wear what I want, when I want” and the little bundle of energy that she is will make her one of the most stimulating people to be around, and to keep watch for. Her unwavering confidence is seen in her ability to make any time into a good time, and to wear whatever she wants, and makes it look amazing.

From beanies to cropped sweaters, jeans and jackets to high-tops, Cara keeps her look comfortable but somehow makes it edgy and sassy. She is pure girl and pure fun. Get that “Cara” look by throwing on a beanie, a vintage tee and your favorite skinnys and booties or sandals. Make it pop by wearing fun colors and mixing textures. A chunky gold necklace and a beanie, like her look to the left, makes a statement because of how opposite the two are. Relaxed vs classy. Check out some more of her looks below!