Spring/Summer Trend: The Playsuit

Playsuit, romper, jumpsuit; whatever it’s called, it’s adorable. I love a fun, bright romper because it’s so easy to wear and looks amazing on anyone. You can have a dressy romper or a playful one, and I’d consider this towards the playful, fun day-date weekend look. The reason I chose it for my Spring/Summer Trend collection is because of the material. The bright color, silky material and the pattern feel like a 1950’s vintage beach girl, which I love. Any romper that has a burst of color, pattern or texture will be trending this season.

I added a trench coat because it tones down the busy-ness of the romper and gives it a more mature approach. The clutch compliments the material on the pattern and the sandals are those wardrobe staple leather sandals that every girl should own. Perfect for a balmy spring day! The earrings add to that boho vibe and with hair worn loose and wavy, will complete the look entirely.



Elegant but Daring

Amanda Wakeley brown sweater
$495 – amandawakeley.com

Oasis long coat
$145 – debenhams.com

Wolford tight

Forever New black shorts
$45 – forevernew.com.au

Witchery ankle boots
$225 – witchery.com.au

Burberry leather tote

Weather Forecast: Rain

Tomorrows weather forecast is rain, rain and more rain. I’m usually running errands and trying to stay dry but sometimes end up looking like a drowned cat. I love this look below for many reasons, the boots are fur lined, which means your feet and toes will stay nice and toasty warm, and so is the jacket. There is no discomfort here. The henley top will go nicely with the boots and jeans should you be in a building and it gets a little too toasty. The sweater is a layering piece. Keep your look fresh by adding that beanie and keeping your makeup bright and fresh to combat the weary weather.
Enjoy your look!

Madewell cardigan

Burberry trench coat

True Religion super skinny jeans
$385 – conleys.de

Giuseppe Zanotti slip on boots

H M black bag
$24 – hm.com

Black slouch beanie
$100 – black.co.uk

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$30 – liberty.co.uk

Fall Outfit of the Day

What are we loving for Fall? Fur vests layered with our favorite moto leather jackets, skinny jeans and cozy sweaters and of course, ankle booties in all shapes and sizes. Check out this look below that can easily be styled and put together.

Have fun!

White shirt
$24 – chiarafashion.co.uk

Calypso St Barth vest

MuuBaa leather biker jacket
$815 – nelly.com

J Brand jeans

Burberry shoulder bag

H m ring
$4.78 – hm.com

Check out these looks!

The Trench

by Cat Russell 

Well, it’s started raining again. Alas we thought Spring was around the corner, little did we realize that we first had to survive through the many waters that would be the precursor to the season we so eagerly await. If you live in a sunny place where the weather is fine and the living is good, then I envy you and this article is not written for you. You cannot possibly sympathise. Rather read, and then encourage us poor, drenched cats.

Courtesy of Burberry, Emma Watson.

The onslaught of water we’ve received for the last few days, and the many more days to come, has given me an idea to write about trench coats. Ladies, trench coats are a necessity in the closet of any modern women! I breezed through some articles concerning the history of the trench coat, and as it stands, Burberry was in fact one of the first founding designers of the Trench. As the story goes, they designed these light weight coats for the soldiers during the First World War and the term “trench coat” came from the soldiers. After the war many soldiers kept their trench coats and that’s when they became fashionable to wear for both men and women in civilian life.

Fast forward a few decades and you’ll find Burberry thriving and see that the Trench has developed a culture all its own. It not only denotes class and elegance but for both men and women exudes a sense of well-being, it has the capacity to complete any outfit, changing a pair of cut-off shorts, a blouse and flats or wedges into a classy affair.  You could find your Trench anywhere from Nordstrom’s to Target but the key is to wear it with pride.

Below are some cute outfit ideas for this miserable weather! We will overcome.

First Set.

I love this set. You’ll notice that you could just about mix and match any of these pieces, all with the trench. This set contains a more relaxed look for everyday running around. Play around with this mixing and matching and find your favorite outfit!

Second Set.

This set is for a more put together look, especially if you’re not the wild Twenty something that would prefer the first few looks. This set is perfect because again, it all goes. Both sweaters are a little cropped, since the jeans are high-waisted and slim fit, it creates an illusion of long legs. The tanks being a little longer than the sweaters would then create  fun layered looks and the orange one brings a nice pop. (Obviously don’t wear them together.) Be sure to not purchase an Autumn orange as you would be dressing for the wrong season. The heels bring class and the earrings are a suggestion of what could work here. Mix and match these different pieces and come up with a favorite look. Remember these are ideas of similar pieces that you will find in stores and online.

A favorite website to check out for ideas and general trench coat culture is Burberry’s artofthetrench.com 

Have fun playing around with your Trench and finding your favorite looks!