Cara Delevingne – Fashions Biggest Crush

The name “Cara Delevingne” has been on the tips of tongues of those who love a little wild when it comes to fashion and trends. The waif-like model is the face of Burberry Beauty and has been seen on the catwalks of some  of the major names out there including Oscar de la Renta, Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana. Fashion is her world, and she once said that once you’re surrounded by it, you can’t help feeling like you have some of your own ideas and expressions. This is the mark of a trendsetter.

Cara Delevingne

















Her style is completely unique, her fresh face and goofy attitude reminds us of when we had no worries, and life was purely fun. At the same time she has an ability to be completely demure and mysterious, it’s what makes her so interesting.  She seems to have an attitude of “I wear what I want, when I want” and the little bundle of energy that she is will make her one of the most stimulating people to be around, and to keep watch for. Her unwavering confidence is seen in her ability to make any time into a good time, and to wear whatever she wants, and makes it look amazing.

From beanies to cropped sweaters, jeans and jackets to high-tops, Cara keeps her look comfortable but somehow makes it edgy and sassy. She is pure girl and pure fun. Get that “Cara” look by throwing on a beanie, a vintage tee and your favorite skinnys and booties or sandals. Make it pop by wearing fun colors and mixing textures. A chunky gold necklace and a beanie, like her look to the left, makes a statement because of how opposite the two are. Relaxed vs classy. Check out some more of her looks below!


Into the Wild

We’ve gone and done it again. We’ve traipsed through the woods, across soggy marsh land esq situations and towards dried rocky river beds with breathtaking views  to bring you this seasons trends, looks and general attitudes, dispositions and beautiful people.

Brent (photographer and creative genius) and I started the afternoon not knowing quite sure which of our models would show up to the shoot, this is obviously a stressful situation albeit hilarious. As life goes in our small town it just so happens that our models are our friends, and to our advantage they’re all beautiful, but they also have lives and jobs and so on. We met at Brents’ office downtown and with much fear I opened the door, fully not knowing who would be there but having a vague idea and a vague hope.

My fears were stilled because Matt was there, with his beautiful wife Jess. And so, as a troupe, we traipsed out to the truck to go find our location for the shoot that day. Location this time round happened to be Whiskeytown lake, at the back end, and we ended up bouncing down some dirt roads, through trees and into the wilderness stumbling upon the most beautiful vlei you could imagine. It seemed like a little pocket of something, something special and almost magical that I cant’t quite find the words to describe. There were still fresh bear, coyote and mountain lion prints in the squishy floor of the semi dried up cove. We were legitimately in the wilderness and were expectant of an impending wild beast attack at any given moment.

We put Matt into an outfit but were soon joined by a group of native spectators. Mountain people, I think. Or so they seemed. (They were probably just local farmers but my sense for extravagance pins them as mountain folk). They watched with much amusement, whilst puffing away on their joints, as Brent handled the camera and Matt handled the smolder, I in turned handled coughing away the puffy clouds. It was hilarious. I don’t know that they’d ever seen a photo shoot, and they’d make little comments here and there as if to encourage us in our exciting endeavor.

Hunter and his crew showed up then, and as it turned out, we were doing two shoots in one that day. After Hunter and his band, Gabriel Kansas, were done with their album shoot we proceeded with Hunter and Matt. It seemed so easy to shoot them together, both the most laid back guys, no posing needed. It was natural and it was real. After taking in the beauty of that place, and after watching Paul (from Gabriel Kanses) streak around with a Minnesota flag, which was hilarious, and also deciding on next location, we packed up and met Grace on the other side of Whiskeytown. Grace is flawless. A natural beauty who doesn’t try. She just is.

Again we traipsed and hiked/slithered down the side of what I assume to be the dried lake, and came to a rocky little beach where we shot the three of them together, and again, it was perfect. Brent captured them in such an amazing way, so at ease, so peaceful. It was as if we had stumbled upon them just being there. It was such a relaxing shoot, it seemed so easy.

Our outfits were inspired by winter wear; knit norwegian sweaters, scarves, the odd fur here and there, boots, blue grass, european class and that rough but sweet woodsy feel. This seasons winter wear is inspired by cozy but chic.

And so here it is, introducing our Into the Wild shoot. Enjoy! Also check out Brent’s website

Click on the first image to open the slideshow.

Wardrobe Essentials and the Art of the Sock.

Fellas, we’re revisiting the age old story, the one that suggests what you should have in your closet if you want to look back next year and say that the winter of 2012-2013 was your best winter yet; also, it’ll be easier for you to dress in the morning if you have a helping hand with knowing what looks good, no matter what.

First let’s start with these boys:

Jasons’ look:

Keep your vintage tee and a wool blend (either tweed or something to that effect) extra slim fit pant paired with your oldest most rugged brogue boots, it completes this outfit. The tee dresses down the pants and the boot adds that edge that it needed. Sometimes it’s nice to create variety in your look, shying away from wearing jeans every day. Mix it up a little but maintain your comfort and edge if you’d like.  He accessorized with a hat.

Calebs’ look: For a more dressy look, something more put together that’s do-able for the office (not if you’re a lawyer though, sorry…). Try a cotton blend (or wool blend if it’s real cold) button-up shirt paired with an extra slim fit chino pant in dark dark blue (or color of your choice) and a pair of oxfords or brogues. If the weather is particularly cold where you live, go ahead and wear fun patterned or solid colored socks (try something that ties in with the color of your shirt or pants). Not only will your feet stay warm, but the socks give an exciting detail. NEVER wear white socks. Leave those for the gym and other extra-curricular activities.

Which brings us to this conversation: The do’s and don’t’s of sock wearing.

DO wear fun socks with dress shoes – it’s a fun detail that tells women, your boss and all the other important people in your life that you pay attention to detail and that you care.

DON’T wear fun socks with sneakers. It’s too much.

DO wear no-show socks with your sneakers, it’s a much neater look. If you argue that your feet will get cold then you should be investing in boots. It is winter after all and you might be the fool wearing Vans in the snow. No bueno. Your toes’ll turn black and have to be chopped off which makes for an awkward story as to why you no longer have toes. Don’t be that guy.

DON’T wear gym socks (those white bunchy ones) for your every day chukka wear. But DO wear black instead. You can never go wrong with black. It doesn’t stand out like a beacon in the night hailing lost sailors and sirens. Example below!

Jason’s second look:

Simply, cozy, casual, classy. Jason wears a cable knit sweater with a cowl neck and a hat, completely casual but put-together looking. Pair this with those wool blend extra slim fit pants and boots, or jeans and chukkas, and your whole look is complete. You’re put-together but you’re still comfortable.

This sweater is great because you can also throw a tweed blazer over, or a bomber jacket, or a pea coat of some sorts. It goes with everything.

Check out the different looks below, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things! You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Four.


Sweaters are, for the most part, a neat transition from teenage to young adult/adulthood. If you’re over 22 and still wearing the same hoodie from high school then an intervention is definitely in order. They’re what define the boys from the men and since they’re so versatile and come in amazing styles you dont have to be afraid of bottle shock (..persay) when you realize that you are no longer in boy world but that a vast horizon of possibilities has opened up for you. Women (the right, good, wholesome kind) are at times put off by that guy that still wears a hoodie for a night out on the town or meeting people at the local spot, unless the cut and fit are specifically and obviously more modern (most likely European) and not covered in Nor-Cal insignia. (Do us ladies a favor).

Different sweaters will “go” with different outfits depending on the fit and the style. You have your v-neck sweater, cardigan, shawl collar sweater and then basic pull overs. Sweaters in neutral colors (grays, browns, blue etc) are a good start, but stray to your classic winter/christmas/nordic sweater for spice. Always made with wool, cashmere, or cotton.

Update your love for the hoodie by throwing in a cashmere or wool blend, maybe with a few chunky buttons, layered with a flannel, snug jeans (experiment with dark wash and distressed) and classic Brogues, or work lace up boots. (Check in the mens “boot” section for ideas). Your look will say fun and sophisticated man instead of angsty teen with girl problems. If you’re wondering how you can keep your hoodie but update your look, try wearing a dressier shoe (so not sneaker-ish) like boots with the jeans tucked in. You’ll have that mix of comfy but not-17-and-skater look.