Outfit Construction

by Cat Russell 

Victorias Secret Wrap

Ever wonder why your outfit just wont look right? Like something was a little off, but you just couldn’t figure it out. Well, help has come!

Every outfit you wear should be carefully constructed. Through the ages woman have achieved a natural knack for this and therefore hardly need pay attention when they piece their outfit together. There are though, those moments, or those articles of clothing that you just cant make work and you have no idea why.



Here are some rules I live by that have helped me in my most trying times.

1. Curvature. If you wear something loose or baggy on top, the bottom HAS to be tight-fitting. For instance a loose knit sweater with skinny’s or leggings and boots. Dress up your sweater by adding knee-high leather boots or ankle boots, heel or no heel and some fun accessories. On the flip side if you’re wearing baggy jeans or pants with pleats I always go for a more tight-fitting tank or sweater. You never want to hide all your curves at the same time. The only way to pull off an all baggy look is if the top and bottom don’t have a busy pattern or everything is neutral and in the same color family.

2. The rule of Heels. Want to wear heels but always feel too dressy or like you’re the center of attention? Good! These things are all good. I love pairing a cute sweater with skinny jeans or leggings and a heel. This gives you the relaxed but classy look. Even if the knit sweater is pretty baggy (I tuck in the front a little) I’ll always go for the gold. If you’re wanting to wear a hoodie, make sure its nice and tight fitted; baggy hoodies and heels make it seem like you’re borrowing clothing and can look tacky. If you’re at a soiree on a lawn and you desperately want to wear heels? Go for a wedge, that way you’re not the awkward person pinned to the lawn.

3. The rule of Flats. I love flats! They’re so comfortable but can be hard to pair with outfits at times. When wanting to be dressy with flats always make sure your whole outfit is sleek, this way you wont look like a soccer mom or Librarian. Pair flats with  a mini, fun tights, and a cute sweater or fitted long sleeve T and you’ll be golden. When wearing a pencil skirt, but you can’t or don’t want to do heels, wear a tight fitted top, that way your whole outfit is sleek and sexy without that Librarian look. Pair nice flats with a casual outfit and you’ll be classy and put together.

4. Flannel. Flannel was Gods gift to mankind. I used to hate wearing flannel because I thought it would be too frumpy looking. But I have since discovered that wearing a loose flannel with skinny jeans and heels, or leggings and flats with super cute earrings and bangles can make the outfit classy casual. Pair it with a more dressy coat and your outfit is complete. Belt it in the middle too for a different look. I mostly buy my flannels in the mens department  since they’re not as tailored as women’s and they’re way more comfy. I also never pair flannel with sneakers, that look can make you seem way younger than you actually are. Also it’s what they wore in the 90’s.

Have fun experimenting with your closet and don’t be afraid to try new things!!