Your Guide To The Top 10 Spring/Summer Shoe Must-Haves

Every year we wait eagerly to see what the trends will be come spring and summer, “will those high-waisted denim cut-offs still be trendy? What about those wedged sneakers?” Nothing is more infuriating than investing in something that’s only stylish for a short season before it becomes a faux pas. One season might be sporty and athletic, another might be minimalistic and simple.

This year is no different. We saw colors, suede and texture on the runways this year along with some major street style vibes from fashion bloggers world wide, and it all seems to point in one direction (R.I literal P Zayne?). Apart from still having a foot in the norm core scene, trends seem to swinging back towards a more feminine approach to style with a sprinkling of that 70’s gamine look with a smack of bohemian.

That’s not to say we’ll all be walking around with flowers and feathers in our hair (although nothing surprises me anymore), but you’ll be seeing suede everything, denim everything and white embroidered everything. Along with all of this, naturally, comes the shoes. Though I wouldn’t suggest purchasing 10 pairs of shoes (for your banks sake), I would look at these and find similar items that speak to this seasons trends.


I’ll be creating some outfits in the coming days and weeks with these along with more season appropriate closet must-haves.

Here’s a list of all the shoes from top to bottom:

1. ATP Liv Flat Sandal at NELLY.COM

2. Rag & Bone Sullivan Buckel Detail Suede Bootie: Caramel at INTERMIXONLINE.COM

3. Gianvito Rossi Black Suede Lace Up Sandal at SHOP.HARPERSBAZAAR.COM

4. COLLECTION by John Lewis Capri Leather Loafers at JOHNLEWIS.COM 

5. ASOS Laboratory Pointed Mule Black Ballets at ASOS.COM

6. Chloe Black Lace Up Sandals at SSENSE.COM

7. Guiseppe Zanotti Suede Fringe Booties: Brown at SHOPBOP.COM

8. Gianvito Rossi Suede Sandals at FARFETCH.COM

9. Vans Canvas Slip On Sneakers at NET-A-PORTER.COM

10. Tibi Fringe Front Mules at FARFETCH.COM


City Slicker Part Three: Denim

Part Three!


If you’re anything like me, you have denim in every color, style and even size, from super model skinny to boyfriend baggy. There is, however, just one that fulfills the job of every good jean and that is (in my own personal opinion), a good super dark blue wash, skinny jean. (Whether super skinny or not).  This beauty can be dressed both up for ritz, or down for a cool summer day with a fun tank. We sometimes fail to realize the importance of such a simple article of clothing, but go ahead and check in your closet. Do you have the perfect one? One without holes, fade, cray stitching etc? Remember this is your One of Five articles, therefore keep the fancy and embellished stuff for another time.

In my opinion there should never be costume jewelry on your derriere. The reason? It lacks a sense of propriety and, again, class. You are not, in fact, a show horse. Leave the embellishments for the entertainers. The moment you realize that your outfit matches the lady riding the elephant at Cirque du Soleil is the moment you’ll find yourself taking off your clothes. Take pride in your natural beauty and sophistication, lustre! No need for extra embellishments.

Great denim need not be skin tight, but dont opt for baggy “because you’re trying to hide stuff”.  A great fitting pair will hug you in all the right places. Know your body type! Do you have skinny legs and a booty? Or straight up and down, no curve. You’ll find that as soon as you start shopping for your body type, you’ll feel MUCH better about yourself, and your self-confidence will spike. If it means trying on 20 pairs till you find the right one, then do it. It’s so worth it. Addressing the issue of the skinny jean, I hear girls all the time say things like “oh I’m not skinny enough”, or, “they don’t look on me because of my body type”. I can and will say that 99% of the time this logic simply isn’t true. The only difference between skinny jeans and flared jeans are the cut from the calf down. Now if a boot cut denim looks better on you, then by all means, lets do that one. But never ever give in to insecurity simply because of the name of a pair of denim. Love your body and embrace who you are! Thats when you’ll look your best.

Below are some good denim looks

5 Essentials for Summer/Fall You Won’t Want To Be Without


In the next 5 weeks we’ll cover the 5  things you’d want in your wardrobe for this Summer and Fall transition. We can all sympathize with each other and realize, with a heavy heart, that the sun is setting sooner, and rising earlier. That the mornings and evenings have a chill, and that very soon the balmy night air will be crispier than usual. It’s with this notion that, slowly but surely, we start packing away our neon tanks and tee’s, our Endless Summer fantasies and the wandering spirit that seeks adventure, and we ease back to the comfy, calm, cool and collected Fall wardrobe. This may mean fishing out last years knit sweaters, chino’s, brogues and button up shirts, but  it also means adding a few key items that’ll ease your transition from Summer to Fall, and won’t leave you feeling too shell shocked. This may sound like an involved process, and you may not care, but care you must. You have a world to conquer and a heart to win.


1. The Henley

The Henley is a basic staple shirt, you may find though, that indeed, you don’t own one. The reason its a great staple shirt is that it you can class it up, or keep it dressed down, whatever your mood in the moment is. Pair it with a pair of slim fit (or skinny) jeans with Brogue boots, Desert boots or Chukkas complete with belt and accessories and you’re good to go. Switch it up with a pair of chinos and loafers with accessories and again your outfit is complete. Throwing on cuffed shorts would be a great look too.

Venture out into long-sleeved shirt land too, try something fun that has some horizontal stripes, a throw-back to sailors from back in the day or one that has a different neck-line. Remember to stray away from super baggy, but try not to do skin tight either. To add some detail to your shirt if you’re feeling a bit “blah”, try pushing up the sleeves to your elbows, or even folding them a couple of times to sit underneath your elbow. Leave it tucked out except the front.


Have fun and experiment!


Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Seven.

The Shirt

by Cat Russell  

During the 90’s we saw our men wear balloons as shirts. We could assume that in an attempt to personify the rebellious anti-everything movement which happened in the 70’s and 80’s, it caused the masses to all, collectively, look completely homeless with their oversize flannel shirts and dirty jeans. Whether its been to save the Planets supply of cotton, or an attempt to remind fellow-man that they were meant to be handsome, the yards of cloth they were swathed in were slimmed down and today we find men’s shirts to be slim-cut and more refined looking. We went from the peasant look with over-size clothing to a far more sophisticated and sleek gentleman who carries both confidence and resolve, who refuses to give in to what has now become the status quo. What we call the “poor” look.

Slim fit shirts are definitely the next item needed in your wardrobe if you’re that guy that has no dress shirts. The reason you’d want this staple item is that it’ll add a sense of manliness to a closet fraught with Spiderman t-shirts and, paired with basically any outfit, will step your overall look up a notch and you will without fail be noticed by both sexes in the professional and social realms of your life.

The Slim fit shirt need not be skin-tight, any extra material around the arms and the sides (more than 2 inches) and you’re leaning to a more relaxed dress shirt, this is good for wearing un-tucked with chinos and boat shoes.  Stick to light colors and forgo the bold ones unless you’re aware of what looks good with your skin tone. Remember if something makes you look more pale than you really are, cast it aside. On the flip side, if your skin tone is darker and that dark shirt swallows you, also cast it aside unless you’re going for that dangerous, demure look. Dont get too near shirts with bold patterns, but stick to subtle and you’ll be a winner.

Whether you’re going out at night or to the office to work, wear this shirt with confidence and you’ll see your attractive points sky rocket, catching the eye of everyone around you.