Trend Watch: Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Lace up gladiator sandals are the best thing to happen to summer since, well, summer. This gorgeous shoe is the perfect accessory to any look and since you can lace it either high or low (up around the calf or around the ankle) they’re the perfect alternative to your usual summer sandal due to their versatility.

It’s important to read here that the type of lace up sandal isn’t the zipper going half way up your leg kind. (Although those can be great for some looks..) They can get bulky, sit loosely and make you hot real quick. Rather, simplicity and being delicate is key. Ssticking to leather laces or ropes will keep you cool and give you an on trend look and you’ll be able to wear them through many summer seasons.

Try Zara, Mango and Forever 21 for affordable styles.

Check out these looks!


Inuit Tribes and Tattooed Ladies: Dsquared2’s Breathtaking Collection

I’ve been harping on and on about texture, color, style, layering, etc. and happened upon Dsquared2s’ collection for fall/winter 2015. Needles to say I was drooling. Their collection is absolutely amazing, and not just one or two looks either. Every article of clothing is unique and perfect.

From first glance it seemed that they drew their inspiration everywhere from native american culture to matadors to inked ladies from the 1800’s. When I finally read where they had in fact drew their inspiration from, I wasn’t surprised. I had hit the nail on the head. They designed their collection around their Canadian roots, and imagined something like a plane that fell from the sky with suitcases with clothes from old Europe, and imagined an Inuit tribe incorporating what they found into their own dress-ware.

I’m completely obsessed. They utilized layering in a major way, using different textures and styles to compliment each other and created this visually stimulating collection that takes your breath away. You can easily incorporate a piece, or several pieces into your day to day wardrobe with some fun styling, to make a look thats fun and appropriate for todays street style.

Check out the looks below and tell me what you think!

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The Style Bloggers Conundrum.

When I started blogging about style and outfits it was because style was a major passion of mine. As a child I’d play in my moms closet and I remember wearing her clothes to church even though they were miles to big for my 9 year old frame. I loved stomping around in her high heels. Style is the art of putting something together well. It comes from years of playing with clothes, or having a special affinity for design and construction. From the basics all the way to a statement outfit; styling is when you use the design, color, pattern, cut, etc. to produce something great. I love that some designers this year were inspired by vintage pieces, or by a certain culture or people group. It’s thinking outside the “what will sell” box.

It’s easy, as a style blogger, to get caught up in the high-end fashion, the expensive and name brand things. Style, however, doesn’t have rules. It doesn’t require you to have pricey tags or renowned names in your closet. As a style blogger I’ve fallen into the fast-fashion, easy to buy, “styled for me”, name brand pieces trap that actually takes the art and effort out of street style. I remember the thrill of finding an amazing vintage piece at the local thrift store and making it work till it looked like a thousand bucks. I love the branded pieces as well, but more so I’ve rediscovered the opportunity to create a unique impression by blending clothes from any and every type of retail establishment. Whether it’s the flea market, Banana Republic, that weird thrift store, Zara, wherever. I half lost that love in my desire to appear as on trend and culturally relevant as possible. Street style won’t be street style if what we’re wearing was just on the runway or in H&M’s display window. We have to do better than that.

Perhaps this is my call to return to our roots as artists and lovers of all things material. Let’s wear what we want, when we want, and lose our fear of being outside the box. It’s not about the tags, or even the box, it’s about the expression and the lifestyle. Be you.

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Wednesday Night Cocktails..

Grabbing some cocktails with the girls on a Wednesday night is a nice way to relieve some mid-week stress, and an exciting way to prep for a fun-filled weekend ahead. Since you don’t want to bring out all the stops just yet, a chic but relaxed outfit will make the way for a stress-free night of fun while being cozy. Chic and Easy

Layer a simple but interesting skirt like this one from Zara with a silky tank. To balance it out nicely throw on some chunky peep toe booties with your favorite every day denim jacket to bring the whole look home. Add some fun accessories and soft makeup with tousled hair for that “I just jumped off the couch to come hang out” look. (You know you love it).

Now go have fun!

Cara Delevingne – Fashions Biggest Crush

The name “Cara Delevingne” has been on the tips of tongues of those who love a little wild when it comes to fashion and trends. The waif-like model is the face of Burberry Beauty and has been seen on the catwalks of some  of the major names out there including Oscar de la Renta, Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana. Fashion is her world, and she once said that once you’re surrounded by it, you can’t help feeling like you have some of your own ideas and expressions. This is the mark of a trendsetter.

Cara Delevingne

















Her style is completely unique, her fresh face and goofy attitude reminds us of when we had no worries, and life was purely fun. At the same time she has an ability to be completely demure and mysterious, it’s what makes her so interesting.  She seems to have an attitude of “I wear what I want, when I want” and the little bundle of energy that she is will make her one of the most stimulating people to be around, and to keep watch for. Her unwavering confidence is seen in her ability to make any time into a good time, and to wear whatever she wants, and makes it look amazing.

From beanies to cropped sweaters, jeans and jackets to high-tops, Cara keeps her look comfortable but somehow makes it edgy and sassy. She is pure girl and pure fun. Get that “Cara” look by throwing on a beanie, a vintage tee and your favorite skinnys and booties or sandals. Make it pop by wearing fun colors and mixing textures. A chunky gold necklace and a beanie, like her look to the left, makes a statement because of how opposite the two are. Relaxed vs classy. Check out some more of her looks below!

Springs’ Most Fun Accessory: The Strappy Sandal

Ladies, the weather is finally changing, it’s warming up, and this Spring has an array of fun accessories to spice up that outfit of yours. It’s the eternal battle of taking it from “meh”, to “yes!”. At the present moment I love love love the strappy sandal.

This look has that contrats of feminine blouse, rough jeans and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.
This look has that contrast of the feminine blouse, distressed jean and a strappy sandal to tie it all in together.

I recently got a pair of black heeled ones and I want to wear them every single day. The fun thing is, is that they actually work with most, if not all outfits. In that sudden moment of panic when you don’t think you have a shoe to match your outfit, throw on the strappy black sandal and you’re all set. It just works. I’ve worn mine with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee, skinnny jeans and a blouse, an oversized sweater and tights. And of course, the LBD. They’re classy, elegant, feminine and the straps and simplicity of it create a point of interest in your outfit.

When getting dressed I always think, “how can I make it better”, keeping in mind that I live to be comfortable. So instead of throwing on that same pair of flats I do every time, or boots, I adjust it and throw on that strappy sandal, giving it that extra oomph. It does something to a woman to show off her beautiful feet, this is certainly the way to do it.

Check out a few of the looks below and get inspired!

Wardrobe Essentials and the Art of the Sock.

Fellas, we’re revisiting the age old story, the one that suggests what you should have in your closet if you want to look back next year and say that the winter of 2012-2013 was your best winter yet; also, it’ll be easier for you to dress in the morning if you have a helping hand with knowing what looks good, no matter what.

First let’s start with these boys:

Jasons’ look:

Keep your vintage tee and a wool blend (either tweed or something to that effect) extra slim fit pant paired with your oldest most rugged brogue boots, it completes this outfit. The tee dresses down the pants and the boot adds that edge that it needed. Sometimes it’s nice to create variety in your look, shying away from wearing jeans every day. Mix it up a little but maintain your comfort and edge if you’d like.  He accessorized with a hat.

Calebs’ look: For a more dressy look, something more put together that’s do-able for the office (not if you’re a lawyer though, sorry…). Try a cotton blend (or wool blend if it’s real cold) button-up shirt paired with an extra slim fit chino pant in dark dark blue (or color of your choice) and a pair of oxfords or brogues. If the weather is particularly cold where you live, go ahead and wear fun patterned or solid colored socks (try something that ties in with the color of your shirt or pants). Not only will your feet stay warm, but the socks give an exciting detail. NEVER wear white socks. Leave those for the gym and other extra-curricular activities.

Which brings us to this conversation: The do’s and don’t’s of sock wearing.

DO wear fun socks with dress shoes – it’s a fun detail that tells women, your boss and all the other important people in your life that you pay attention to detail and that you care.

DON’T wear fun socks with sneakers. It’s too much.

DO wear no-show socks with your sneakers, it’s a much neater look. If you argue that your feet will get cold then you should be investing in boots. It is winter after all and you might be the fool wearing Vans in the snow. No bueno. Your toes’ll turn black and have to be chopped off which makes for an awkward story as to why you no longer have toes. Don’t be that guy.

DON’T wear gym socks (those white bunchy ones) for your every day chukka wear. But DO wear black instead. You can never go wrong with black. It doesn’t stand out like a beacon in the night hailing lost sailors and sirens. Example below!

Jason’s second look:

Simply, cozy, casual, classy. Jason wears a cable knit sweater with a cowl neck and a hat, completely casual but put-together looking. Pair this with those wool blend extra slim fit pants and boots, or jeans and chukkas, and your whole look is complete. You’re put-together but you’re still comfortable.

This sweater is great because you can also throw a tweed blazer over, or a bomber jacket, or a pea coat of some sorts. It goes with everything.

Check out the different looks below, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things! You’ll be surprised at the outcome.

A Look for Her: Meeks

Here’s an excuse to post more pics from the photo shoot that had gone into hiding, but have been found!

I love Meeks’ look in this because of the textures and color scheme. The reason her outfit works is because the silver heels and gold sparkly shirt are both subtle but provide a fun aspect. The cardigan dresses the whole bit down just enough and gives it that final completeness that it needed; it also tones down the flashy. The red hat gives it that necessary pop of color that brings it to life. Her outfit has just the right amount of movement, balanced with the sleekness of the leggings and the heels. Her loose wavy hair takes it from splashy to cozy and comfortable. Ready for winter! Had she wanted to dress up her outfit, all she would need is a wool pea-coat with a fur collar, but very sleek.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to experiment! If the whole texturing thing seems daunting then try something that’s minimal in color, but has lots of texture. You can add the color aspect later when you’re comfortable with the texturing aspect. An idea for subtle texturing (if you don’t think you can pull off something as bold as Meeks’) is to pair black leggings, a dark colored/no print oversized sweater (roll up the sleeves a little, and tuck in a little piece in the front,) and a fun colored heel or flat. Alternatively, do a black boot then add a colored beanie or fun accessories.

If leggings aren’t your deal, then try for instance a black flowy short skirt with black tights, a colored shoe and a tight fitting black long sleeved shirt tucked in. Or do a black shoe and a fun top. That way your color scheme isn’t too crazy but you have lots of movement with the skirt. Add some spice to that by throwing on a black leather jacket.

Have fun!!


Fall Cozy for Him

Fellas, not sure how to put together an outfit that doesn’t consist of a tank, shorts and boat shoes for the soon approaching chill? Here’s how to not be the guy at Thanksgiving this year still living in the Endless Summer.

When it comes to chilly weather, layering is key. The way to pull that off while still hanging on to your dignity is by paying attention to colors first, then textures (whether it’s knit, cotton, leather etc). Your outfit doesn’t necessarily have to match, it just has to “go”. Start with a tee, then throw on a vintage denim shirt, throw on a knit sweater over that (can either be chunky or not, depending on the look you’re going for. Chunky is more cozy and relaxing, the other a little classier). Finish the look with the coat of your choice.

Alternatively, you could try layering flannel under your denim shirt and a tee under that for extra texture. Accessories are an easy way to add layer as well, even if they’re just peeking out. A watch with a few bracelets is always a good look, or a beanie etc. Roll up your jeans and do fun socks with brogues, oxfords, desert boots, work boots etc and your layering 101 is complete. Try looking for shirts that have some fun to them, whether it’s an aztec pattern, a good wash, or great material. Sweaters are great for layering as well, so invest in a few different ones and your wardrobe will be much easier to work with.

Remember to try new things!

All Things Gold and Sparkly

by Cat Russell 

A Little Note On Some of Our Favorite Accessories

How could you not love things that shine and drip with sparkle! This seasons accessories that spoke most to the latest trends had hints from an older, more sophisticated time in history when the women dressed up every day in their best and the men were dashing and wooed us. Bracelets with gold overlay and diamonds in the form of pumas or elephants, feathers and gemstones, with that 1920’s art deco flair of timeless style mixed with a bit of Oriental lux.

Indulge in these delights and dont be afraid to layer layer layer! Mix it up a little and wear that timeless necklace with your favorite blazer, basic tee, leggings and booties, play around with texture and color and dont be afraid to be bold in a way that says, “I woke up looking this good”.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the favorites..