Christmas Day Look!

I love oversized sweater dresses! They’re amazingly comfortable and have a certain city chic look about them. Make sure if you buy one that it’s not too long, or too short. Mid to low thigh is perfect. They’re versatile to wear, think sneakers, flats or even sandals, in warmer climates. This is a great piece to have in your closet!

Pair your dress with some chic ankle boots and chunky accessories for a fun, laid back look. I draped a oversized military style coat over the shoulders of the dress to ward off the cold.

Shopping tip: If you can’t find a dress you love, try sweaters that are bigger than your size. They’ll be longer but still have a good shape, though you may have to roll up the sleeves.

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Some street style looks for inspiration..


Summer to Winter: White Pants 

I love wearing white/ivory/cream in the winter time. It feels fresh and whimsical. Taking classic summer pieces and working them into a winter wardrobe is easier than it seems.

For these pants I wanted to go dark and cozy on top, layering a charcoal grey wool sweater with the scarf created a really nice textured look that was season appropriate.

To make an awesome outfit remember things like the texture (does it have things like tassels, is it woven, have special details etc.), or color scheme, patterns, think about unlikely pieces that “go” together. A flight jacket, pencil skirt and cute booties make a great outfit, though you wouldn’t classically think to put them together.

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I love SJP! She’s a true style icon.


sjp, carrie bradshaw, sex and the city, woman, style icon Source: Pinterest

ENG: As she celebrated her 50th birthday recently, let’s just stop and reflect on Sarah Jessica Parker’s always fabulous looks both as the actor and as Carrie Bradshaw. Now, she might not be the most talented of them all in Hollywood, but certainly is (was) the perfect Carrie in the city.

I loved every episode (have my own pink collection), even though the last movie was a bit awkward. But generally, Sex and The City showed us that it is more than OK to be free, independent, sexual, successful and even single. That it is OK to be a woman and want it all while staying a woman. That it is OK to express ourselves, to communicate our thoughts and to shift away from social conventions for our own good.

SJP has become a style icon, she made several unlikely trends chic, and established Manolo Blahnik shoes as…

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Fall Cozy for Him

Fellas, not sure how to put together an outfit that doesn’t consist of a tank, shorts and boat shoes for the soon approaching chill? Here’s how to not be the guy at Thanksgiving this year still living in the Endless Summer.

When it comes to chilly weather, layering is key. The way to pull that off while still hanging on to your dignity is by paying attention to colors first, then textures (whether it’s knit, cotton, leather etc). Your outfit doesn’t necessarily have to match, it just has to “go”. Start with a tee, then throw on a vintage denim shirt, throw on a knit sweater over that (can either be chunky or not, depending on the look you’re going for. Chunky is more cozy and relaxing, the other a little classier). Finish the look with the coat of your choice.

Alternatively, you could try layering flannel under your denim shirt and a tee under that for extra texture. Accessories are an easy way to add layer as well, even if they’re just peeking out. A watch with a few bracelets is always a good look, or a beanie etc. Roll up your jeans and do fun socks with brogues, oxfords, desert boots, work boots etc and your layering 101 is complete. Try looking for shirts that have some fun to them, whether it’s an aztec pattern, a good wash, or great material. Sweaters are great for layering as well, so invest in a few different ones and your wardrobe will be much easier to work with.

Remember to try new things!

Essential Items for the Modern Man Part 3

In the last few weeks we’ve been covering those essential things that every guy needs in his closet.

Sure, you have tons of clothes, and your closet is practically overflowing with t-shirts, sweaters and suits  (those are from when you played football in high school). But do you have the tees that fit right? The sweaters that compliment instead of detract, and lastly the suit, the one that makes a man out of you?

This week’s article will be focused on just that suit. Fellas, it’s imperative that you have a good suit. Whether you have to save or sell a kidney, get one. Looking dapper and handsome is one of the many reasons to own one but also, when a woman sees a man in a suit something like fireworks, loud clapping and shouts of joy and mirth, children cooing and carnations being thrown about the streets ensues. That’s more or less the reaction you’ll receive because of how good you look.

The right fitting suit should sit snug about the shoulders, but not so snug that you can’t move about just a little. You should be able to button it comfortably in the front but not so comfortably that there’s plenty of room. The arms (cuff) should sit about half an inch from the edge of the palm. The length of the jacket should end right about the top of the thigh (depending on the style).

The pants should have a nice slim leg and should be about an inch above the ground. The backside should sit comfortably and not have any pull marks from the material either being to tight, or baggy-ness from it being too loose. The pants will fit comfortably if you can fit at least a finger in the waist band. They should also sit right around the hips.

Shoe-wise you could do something like an oxford. Either with fun socks that peek out, or a no-show sock for a more edgy appeal.

Below are some outfit inspiration and fit guides!

Essential Items For the Modern Man

In an effort to have every man looking handsome and dapper, full of self-confidence and suave, we’ve decided to cover the 5 essential items every man needs in his wardrobe. They’re the items you’ll create a history with, the ones that have memories and stories attached to them. This weeks Essential Item for the Modern Man is, then, without a doubt, the Raw Denim.

The logistics behind raw denim is that its simply denim that hasn’t been washed after the dying process. The uniqueness of raw denim created a following of lovers that will wear only raw since it molds to your specific body shape. The whiskering (upper thighs), honey combs (behind the knees) and stacks (at the ankles) are naturally worn in over time without the help of a factory worker. The denim, in essence, is then fully your creation. Over time it fades and becomes fully “you”. Some prefer to not wash their denim for over 6 months at a time to maintain its raw look and feel.

When it comes to fit, make sure your denim is tailored to fit you. Wearing denim in the right fit includes one that isn’t overly baggy, but fits nice and snug in all the right places.

Having a good go-to pair of dark wash denim will make it easier for you to grasp your wardrobe, and a lot easier to pick out a solid outfit.

Some places that have great denim is or even Asos, Levi’s has a good line as well.

Below are some visuals to help get you inspired and headed in the right direction!

Tourist/Home-Body Mini-Cation “How-To”

You’re touristing around a new and foreign town – this is how to not look like those guys you see with the flood pants, awkward hats and hawaiian shirts. Instead you’ll look like a foreigner checking out the lay of the land and you won’t look like a creep or a dork. Being comfortable in your skin no matter where you are is probably the most attractive thing in the world and in no time you’ll be a local.

You’ve just woken up early and you’re about to throw on your favorite sweats and tee.. instead of going for the sweats that neither fit you in waist or leg, reach out for something a little more pleasing to the eye. Remember, you’re in a foreign town. This is the part where you get to look super good, look like a visitor and be mysterious about it. Saunter down to the coffee shop around the corner, get an espresso. Remember your sunnies. Grab a newspaper and get familiar with the locals.

From here you’ll probably take a walk about town. Let the inner explorer in you come out with full force, find the local spots for food and drink. The local spots are usually the best and usually the most hidden. Here is where you’ll get the culture of the town, hear the best stories, find out the true history and leave with a few more friends, all over a mug of the best local beer. Wear something that breathes and is massively comfortable. Cotton is your best bet, stick to your basic white v-neck tee and a pair of shorts, roll up the cuffs to add something extra and wear your fav boat shoes or leather sandals.

In the afternoon hit the closest body of water you can find whether its beach, pool or lake and make use of rays chock full of vitamin D, it gets your endorphins going and ensures your mini-cation will leave you feeling rested as well as having a killer tan.  Siesta with a book or two and educate yourself, or alternatively sleep off the previous nights endeavors. In choosing your bathing suit try something different, other than your baggy board shorts from six Summers ago. Remember fitted and lean is good. Don’t be nervous to show some leg. Leg is good.

As soon as the sun starts heading in a direction that looks like down, gather your stuff and head back to your B&B room. At this point you’ll want to shower, aloe , answer some emails and get ready for dinner. Smooth and svelt are the key words you’ll want to keep in mind. Think Bond. Definitely dress according to your level of ritz. If you’ve decided to revisit that local pub and grab whatever food they have there, then stick to the oxfords, chino and tee with a watch to accessorize. If the local five star restaurant with chef infamous for fabulous food is more your jam, then lean more towards a light grey, slim-fit linen suit and white fitted dress shirt that’ll make the ladies swoon. Keep it relaxed and leave the tie behind but don’t forget your watch. Keep the shoes classy and if the weather is balmy, feel free to leave the jacket and roll up the sleeves of your shirt.

After dinner, grab a night-cap at the hotel bar, meet more interesting visitors and settle your evening with a relaxed game of poker with your new friends.

Mini-cation complete. You’re now rested, tan, and a handful of people richer.

Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Seven.

The Shirt

by Cat Russell  

During the 90’s we saw our men wear balloons as shirts. We could assume that in an attempt to personify the rebellious anti-everything movement which happened in the 70’s and 80’s, it caused the masses to all, collectively, look completely homeless with their oversize flannel shirts and dirty jeans. Whether its been to save the Planets supply of cotton, or an attempt to remind fellow-man that they were meant to be handsome, the yards of cloth they were swathed in were slimmed down and today we find men’s shirts to be slim-cut and more refined looking. We went from the peasant look with over-size clothing to a far more sophisticated and sleek gentleman who carries both confidence and resolve, who refuses to give in to what has now become the status quo. What we call the “poor” look.

Slim fit shirts are definitely the next item needed in your wardrobe if you’re that guy that has no dress shirts. The reason you’d want this staple item is that it’ll add a sense of manliness to a closet fraught with Spiderman t-shirts and, paired with basically any outfit, will step your overall look up a notch and you will without fail be noticed by both sexes in the professional and social realms of your life.

The Slim fit shirt need not be skin-tight, any extra material around the arms and the sides (more than 2 inches) and you’re leaning to a more relaxed dress shirt, this is good for wearing un-tucked with chinos and boat shoes.  Stick to light colors and forgo the bold ones unless you’re aware of what looks good with your skin tone. Remember if something makes you look more pale than you really are, cast it aside. On the flip side, if your skin tone is darker and that dark shirt swallows you, also cast it aside unless you’re going for that dangerous, demure look. Dont get too near shirts with bold patterns, but stick to subtle and you’ll be a winner.

Whether you’re going out at night or to the office to work, wear this shirt with confidence and you’ll see your attractive points sky rocket, catching the eye of everyone around you.

Basic Pieces Every Guy Needs. Part Five

The Chino and Pant

The Chino is a classic. A must have. Chino cloth is a twill blend, primarily with cotton whereas the regular pant will have different blends including stretch. Its that pant that bridges classy and casual. It gives off that air of young professionalism accompanied with that laid back look of a holiday by the sea or an escape to the mountains in the Fall and Winter.

ASOS Slim Fit Chino


Chinos come in different widths at the ankle, but by far the slim straight leg or skinny leg would look the most modern and put-together. Just like jeans, be sure that they aren’t too baggy but fit good around the thigh and gluteus maximus.

Wear with your favorite (snug) hoodie and oxfords, rolled up at the leg, for a more relaxed look or with your new fav knit sweater, and then straight at the leg with boots when its cold outside or with dress shoes for a more professional approach. You can never go wrong with these and they’ll mature you in only the best way possible. And again, dont be afraid to experiment with different looks for this, whether its pairing it with a simple graphic tee, boat shoes and massive wool scarf or a blazer too.  Its worth mentioning too, but if you do roll up the pant be sure to wear no-show socks, or on the other extreme wear socks that have a fun pattern or come in fun colors.