Today’s Look 

I can’t get away from doing a really glowy, natural look for my hair and beauty regime. I have a feeling it has something to do with that effervescent feeling that pregnancy can give you at times.

Here’s a list of beauty products I used today for this look!

1. Vitamin C oil

This will change your life. My skin is so soft and dewy it’s unbelievable.

2.L’Oreal Foundation

I mix mine with a dab of that Vitamin C oil to thin it out and give a more luminous finish. Since it’s so thin then I also use it on my eyelids instead of eyeshadow and a primer.

3. NYX illuminating stick

4. theBalm Hot Mama Blush

5. NYX Bronzer 

6. Your favorite lip balm, mascara and brow!

Remember to contour and you’ll get a breezy summer glow!


Take Me Back To The Summer Of Love

Winged eyeliner is the animal that almost can’t be tamed, but it’s also the animal, that once tamed invokes a feeling of mysterious glamour. I love cat eyes for summer, with a relatively makeup free face, it reminds me of Brigette Bardot and her laid back style, even though she it seems like she never sacrificed her chic.

I had to buy emergency makeup since mine got lost so I had the ELF liner with me. (We recently moved to the UK). It worked alright but I’d definitely go back to getting something more solid. Benefit has a great waterproof liner that’s easy to apply.

7 Steps To Healthy, Glowing, Summer Skin

I can honestly, and positively say that I love my skin. I’ve putting oils and all sorts of lotions daily on my skin since my teens because I love having that fresh summer glow. My tried and proven ways of having great skin has been tested from the winters in New England to the hot, hot, hot summer days in California.

Here are 7 steps to amazing summer skin tried and proven by me!

1. Wax!

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of waxing, I’d say to just do it. I always hated it immensely, but having done it a couple of times I honestly couldn’t go back to solely shaving. Shaving is fine for emergencies, but I love waxing anything that can be waxed including my legs, bikini area and sometimes the tops of my arms because it gives a much smoother look and feel compared to shaving. It also lasts a whole lot longer (up to 4 weeks). When you shave you irritate the top of your skin and quickly develop bumps, in grown hairs, not to mention nicks and scratches etc. Ouch! Waxing also takes off dead skin and leaves you with a nice smooth glowing finish. Now you’re on your way to that summer glow! My favorite wax is Moom wax. 

2. Moisturize!

This is the mother of all things to do as a woman. At night after a shower I prefer to use oil all over, and I find that all natural and organic coconut oil is the absolute best to use, but I’ve also loved using a mixture of essential oils with vitamin E and so on. The company Yves Roches has an amazing selection. (Their Monoi Oil is to die for).  Your skin is immediately infused with moisture as your skin soaks in the goodness. In the morning I use an Argan oil infused body butter like this one all over, and almond oil for my face. The almond oil is very light and doesn’t weigh on the skin. I always try to use lotions and body butters that are free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. Burts’ Bees also makes an amazing super thick moisturizer for ultra dry skin. Here is where I find the coconut, essential and argan oils.

3. Exfoliate!

If you’re not waxing, or between waxes, it’s critical that you do this. Use a loofa sponge, a pumice stone or even a back washer brush to scrub your body all over, at least once a week. This way you get rid of dead, flaky skin that gives you that ashy look, and it also prevents in-grown hairs. Remember to be gentle, no need to take all your skin off!

4. Baths

I love taking hot baths infused with whatever oils I have on hand. I love those coconut, argan or essential oil mixture. When you’re in the tub your pores open up to reduce over-heating, and your skin is soft and supple allowing the oils to soak in nicely. When you dry off you’ll find your skin feeling extra soft and glowing beautifully.

5. Drinking Water

We all obviously know that drinking water is the best way to get healthy, glowing skin. It cleanses you from the inside and washes away all those impurities.

6. Self-Tanner

If you’re ready to have a nice summer tan try this self-tanner, I’ve used it before and it’s amazing. It’ll look extra great used on top of your now gorgeous glowing skin!

7. Bronzer

When I have a nice tan I like to high-light parts of my body with a very subtle bronzer. Usually the tops of my shoulders and arms, collar bones and naturally the cheeks. This give your overall appearance that dewy summer skin look.

Now you know how to get that amazing summer glow! Give me feedback and let me know if you have questions and how it worked for you!

Spring Blush

.Dear Ladies of the world,

It’s a known fact that caking on makeup has the opposite effect on guys than what we would’ve wanted or expected. So, instead of layering on foundation, why not let’s do a Free Our Glow Campaign and let our skin breathe a little. Spring is upon us, and soon summer will be too. Your natural glow is the most attractive feature that you could have, and enhances your total look.

Eating healthy and drinking lots of water and making sure you’re not consuming food you’re allergic too or can’t tolerate, is the key to having fresh, glowy skin. I don’t particularly exercise a lot (who am I kidding, I never exercise) and I’m not at all a high-maintence person, but I do know what my skin hates, and what it loves. For instance it practically drinks coconut oil, so at night after I’ve washed my face I apply a VERY thin layer of it on my face and my body (organic of course). I also have a very fine creamy facial cleanser/toner with a find scrub that I use almost every day to wash off the days impurities and any makeup I had on my face, and in the mornings I have a tinted moisturizer/sun block I put on my face. I also know that eating a ton of chocolate and unrefined sugar is death to my skin and complexion. Knowing your body and what it loves is the first step to getting that healthy glow.

A trend I see happening more and more often, is that women are going for a more natural look, since Spring is almost here. It makes sense that we want to feel fresh and clean in this mild and balmy weather. A look I’ve been loving is that soft natural skin with a blush and a dewy complexion, with soft eyes. Here is how I’ve been achieving that look:

Step 1. In the mornings I apply a organic moisturizer to my skin. It’s not heavy at all and after a few days gives you a natural tan that’s very light. I love this because it gives my skin that natural glow, it also blocks harmful UV rays, this slows down that aging process. Find something that suits your skin type! I love organic, paraben free products because my skin won’t be absorbing any unhealthy chemicals.

Step 2. Depending on how my day looks and how long I need my “face” to last, I apply a very light primer, again nothing heavy. It should feel like water on your skin.

Step 3. Powder. I never use a cream based foundation on my skin, it’s just too heavy and makes my face feel cake-y. I brush powder that matches my skin tone on my cheeks, top of my forehead, nose and chin. Also along my jaw line, the center of my neck and collar bones. This creates color cohesiveness which means that your face isn’t a different color than your neck and chest. Ladies, it looks terrible when this happens!

Step 4. Apply a light blush to your cheeks! Make sure you’re doing it in such a way that it highlights your cheek bones. You don’t want to look clownish. This will give your skin a natural rosy cheek appeal. It also keeps your face from looking washed out. I’ve loved experimenting with everything from peachy tones to very light, bright pink. Find one that matches your skin tone! A blush that I’ve been using also has a shimmery aspect to it, this allows for that dewy look.

Step 5. Eyes! All I do is wear a slightly shimmery nude eyeshadow all over the eye lid, with a little brown or black eyeliner blended in just on the top lid, and mascara. Thats it.

Step 6. Lips! Lip balm or gloss is what I use to complete my look. If I need to add a bit extra I’ll do a nude lip color with some shimmer to it, or a pink tinted lip balm.

Look Complete!

Love the skin you’re in. Taking care of yourself now will ensure beautiful, healthy skin when you’re older!

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2013’s Icons, and Why We Love Them. Part 1.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have stars and celebrities, fashion icons and debutantes that we secretly admire and look up to. What is it about these people and their lustrous lives that entrances us, makes us believe there’s more to life and has us emulate them down to the shirts they wear on their backs. It’s a known fact of the human race that we look for heroes we can vicariously live through, maybe in an attempt to to make our lives seem better, or in an attempt to have the kind of life they live. For whatever reason, this phenomenon exists. Is it a bad thing? Who knows, but this year is no different. We will pull our style and fashion choices from those who have gone before us, and those amongst us. (Even to a fault at times…. a poor man in NYC started wearing leggings…. let’s hope this trend ends soon, God help us all).

Our icons this year have already been chosen by the people. Their imminent style, easy walk and glimmer in their smile have us wishing that we could, for one day, walk in their shoes. One such beauty is Miranda Kerr. The woman has it all. Not only is she a model for the world’s most well known lingerie company who graces window displays 7 feet tall in every major mall, but who has graced magazines and covers such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, Glamour…. you name it, all in good grace and in a stride. Married to Orlando Bloom, she gave birth to a beautiful boy and two months later was seen on the catwalk for Balenciaga and shortly after that at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York, showcasing the $2.5 million Fantasy Treasure Bra. She was glowing. She has her own skin care line, and her list of charitable work includes working with a wildlife organization to protect koalas.

So why do we love her? What is it about Miranda that has us saying “oh, I can do that!”. Her sense of style, for one, is right on the money. Looking carefully at her public wardrobe you can tell that she wears what she wants, when she wants, and knows that she looks fabulous doing so. Her style is timeless and classy with that edgy sass attached to it. She’s confident and knows what looks amazing on her. It doesn’t seem that she’s afraid to take risks within reason and her stride on the red carpet oozes femininity. She doesn’t sell herself out there but when you see her, it’s always perfect. She’s the girl next door and will always be remembered and known as just that. Her sense of beauty doesn’t just lie in the fact that she’s physically beautiful, but that her true beauty lies within her. She actually believes and knows that she’s beautiful and has a beautiful life. This, ladies, is what makes a great woman, not only great, but added to the ranks of Icon.

Written by Cat Russell at the Luxurie.

Lip Craze!

by Cat Russell

Ladies, it’s almost Spring time! The pull of the Summer sun is close and all around we’re starting to see colors emerge in wardrobes as women of the world are waiting with eager anticipation for the suns warming touch.

Our wardrobes, so far, have functioned as the main source of color during this drab, cold winter. If you’re anything like me you have a winter closet consisting of grays, whites, blues, blacks and lots of stripe-y things. Venture out of this Winters frost and throw on something that pops! A look we’ve been LOVING and has been around for a while, but not actually seeing “in real life”, is the coral lip. Ladies, don’t be afraid of your obvious beauty.

So far we’ve gone through the reds, and it’s been great, but start hinting at that Summer sizzle, lazy siestas and glowing skin with this gorgeous hue. Deviate to the tangerines, soft pinks and shimmering nudes and champagnes and your whole look will sparkle with energy. (Keep your eye makeup neutral if your going bold so your lips can get the attention.)

Pair your gorgeous colored lips with that monotone outfit and your face will look brighter, your outfit complete and put together. (Throw a vague shimmer on the tops of  your cheek bones, forehead and nose to make your face glow.)  Alternatively, if you’re going with that shimmery nude or champagne, pull out those red or coral jeans you’ve been dying to wear with some nude pumps, a white or light yellow comfy tee with fun summer beach hair and your look will scream “Where the heck is summer, I’m obviously ready”.

In closing, don’t be afraid to live and let live, wear your lips with pride! Whether its with a grey hoodie and messy fishtail braid, fav leggings and riding boots or your LBD, you can wear your colors and wear ’em well.

Summer of ’59

by Cat Russell 

Inspiration From A Different Time



The late 50’s and early 60’s were a rich time for fashion and style inspiration. Sizzling as the sun, maybe just as blond, style was taking a fresh and freeing turn into the new decade. All the world over women embraced a classy-ness and poise peppered with liberated expression and decadent choices. Every day a little more luxe than the last.

Edith Head, a stylist famed for dressing the famous, said, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”. This quote rang true then, as it does today. Pooling from a time era, we found actresses and models, presidents wives and moms who all shared a general disposition and outlook on style and fashion; classy and elegant, both in nature and personal dress, mixed with the joi de vivre of a simple, yet enriched life.

Find inspiration in everything! We found inspiration in Bridget Bardot’s perfect yet not perfect hair, her fun loving personality and her lust for life. It goes without saying that Audrey was as down to earth as the girl next door, and seems to have had a certain charm about her that inflicted a dear heart-pain on everyone within her reach. The list carries on of women who inspire us from that time, despite their struggles. Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, Edie Sedgwick, the list goes on.

The style inspiration we derive from this “Joi De Vivre” time period is the minxy cat-eye eyeliner mixed with our wild and free hair styles. The simplicity of high-waisted skinny trousers and tanks with flats that carry that ease of every day. Bridget wore a t-shirt with cropped skinny jeans in a picture of her dancing around with a guitar and later we see her lounging about in a bathing suit. From there Audrey takes us to high waisted shorts with her adorable sailor inspired t-shirts and flats and we see Jackie owning it with a gorgeous smile.

Never feel like you have to be stuck with a certain look or style. Be free to experiment and find what you love and what works.  Grab ideas from the 50’s, 60’s etc  and incorporate them in your wardrobe. You’ll not only feel elegant and fun, but your timelessness and ease will be noted by everyone including strangers on the street.







Products We Love: For the Ladies

by Cat Russell

I’m the sort of person that cannot stand dry skin, at all. When I see other women with dry hands my heart secretly breaks because our limbs are meant to be things of beauty. They’re meant to be approachable, touchable and lovable.

I was raised by a mother who believed whole-heartedly in moisturizing. Growing up I remember seeing moisturizer in the car, in her hand bag, by her bedside and God knows where else. As such I have become like this. I, too, have developed the knack of keeping these luscious liquids everywhere and as such have soft, supple skin that has a faint glow to it.

In seeing the dilemma of dry skin among women, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites in an attempt to restore beauty to the masses. Moisturizing daily is critical for your skin to remain healthy and flexible. As we age our skin loses its elasticity, thus its ability to remain smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free. By moisturizing now (and having a healthy diet) you enable yourself to have near-perfect skin well into your golden years. One look at my mothers hands and my point is proven.

Below are some of my all time favorites. I literally NEVER go without these, they are life savers and keepers of beauty. Secret potions, if you will.

My first favorite is Yves-Rocher’s Arnica Precious Massage Oil. Meant for your hands and nails, I douse my whole body in this glory right after I’ve taken a shower. You’ll see your skin glowing in no time at all. From the same company, the Traditional Gardenia Oil is just as amazing. I use this product year round too and it just soaks right in. It does smell strongly of Gardenia, which is completely luxurious but the scent wears off after about an hour, though faint notes will stay behind. You can use it in you hair for that fresh summer glow and before and after sunning yourself. It protects your skins elasticity and the oils will leave you with a subtle Tahitian glow.

My next favorite is Boots Skin Balm. It contains rose oil and geranium oil, both known for their soothing effects. The balm is made of beeswax and other natural oils and is an intensive hydrater. I often use it on my hands, elbows and knees during the winter months and sometimes on my arms and feet. I also use it as a lip balm. Though the company is British, I found some at Bath and Body works, and Target.

My next favorite product is by C.O. Bigelow. Their Rose Salve is perfect in every way. It smells faintly of roses and has this pink hue that can’t be compared to anything I’ve seen. I use it most often on my lips but have used it on my hands and elbows. It’s with me everywhere I go and have been known to stock up in case of the  Apocalypse. You can find this glory online or at Bath and Body Works.

Last but not least at all, my favorite body lotion, Hamamelis Super Soft Body Lotion by Yves-Rocher. It’s not a heavy cream at all and soaks right into your skin, leaving it soft, shiny and smooth. It doesn’t leave behind any oily residue at all and it’s almost like you’ve put water on your skin and simply dried it off.

So there you have it Ladies. No more excuses for dry skin! Moisturize and watch your friends hold onto your hands in a quiet desperation to feel what real skin is like.

Happy Holidays!