The Essential Wardrobe: Sleeveless Tops & Skirts

If it were winter, this title would read “The Essential Wardrobe: Knits” . But lucky for us it’s summer and so our wardrobes must reflect this.

In the ongoing “Essential Wardrobe” series, we’ve covered denim, pants, blouses, tees and even under garments. Today we’re going to focus on sleeveless tops and skirts.

Tanks or Sleeveless Tops

  • White cotton, linen or brushed silk. Don’t just find a plain white tank top, get something truly special.
  • Black silk.
  • Something fun! Stick to good materials and choose a style or color that you feel is timeless and suits you extremely well. Nothing can every surpass an item of clothing that fits truly well.


The essential wardrobe, book, how to have the perfect closet, style, fashion


I love skirts! They are a vital part to any wardrobe. Here are some essentials to have.

  • Black pencil skirt. Always. Whether for work, funeral, meeting, dressy date, etc etc. You can never go wrong with a black pencil skirt.
  • White pencil skirt. The same goes for this. In regards to white clothing; if you have small children or a terrible knack for spilling things and you know that white is not your friend, then opt for another neutral color. Whether it’s a flowy cream, hunter green or something along those lines. Make sure then that the rest of your neutrals are all in the same color family so that your outfits go together regardless. (Creams and reds, or creams and greens, never reds and greens as essential pieces).
  • A splashy dressy skirt – something with sequins or gold. This is your party skirt. Every girl needs at least one.
  • A fun every day skirt. Cotton or linen are good choice and I also love denim because it’s hardy and ages well. Choose a style that suits you that you can live in.

The essential wardrobe, book, how to have the perfect closet, style, fashion

Next time we’ll do some outfits! Check out my new ebook “The Essential Wardrobe: How To Have the Perfect Closet“!!


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