The Essential Wardrobe: Denim & Pants


In the last few articles I detailed some closet essentials that every girl ought to have as a basic foundation for your wardrobe. I see these pieces not as the ONLY pieces you’re allowed to have, but rather the pieces that form the skeleton, or the bones for the rest of your wardrobe. When you have those wardrobe essentials, you can have the fun crazy things without being concerned that it won’t “go” with anything.

Today I’m discussing denim and pants. There are so many styles of denim out there, with so many different body types that it would almost be wrong of me to tell you exactly what style you need to have. You have to wear what fits your body type the best. In my book The Essential Wardrobe  I write a nice exercise to do with someone you trust, that includes trying on all your jeans and tossing the ones that don’t look amazing on you.

The right denim for your body is out there. You just have to find it! Don’t give up hope, be enthusiastic. Ninety percent of the time, what you think looks horrible on you, probably looks amazing. You just needed a fresh pair of eyes. Get someone you trust to be with you when you try denim on.

I’ve picked out the style that I wear the most, which is skinny jeans. You could substitute these with any other style though. The main focus here is the wash and the distressing.

A List of Denim

  • Pitch Black Denim
  • Faded Black-ish Denim
  • Classic Blue Denim
  • A “Fun” Denim (Choose a color, style, distressing etc that you love and is not like the others)
  • Classic White Denim




A good set of pants will never lead you astray. It’s imperative that you have at least one of these styles as part of your essential wardrobe pieces. These are great or the days that you don’t feel like wearing denim; you can toss on a fun tee with the black cigarette pants and some kitten heels and you have a seriously adorable look. Take those some pants and wear them to a business situation. They’re so versatile. Same goes with the white pants.

Pants to have:

  • Black cigarette trousers
  • White long straight leg trousers.



I hope these helped!


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