Two Garments, Five Outfits

Putting together an outfit is without a doubt one of the most frustrating things about getting ready in the morning. A part of this struggle is recognizing that you may not have a closet that works together, is cohesive. Having lots of clothing is great, but having clothing that works together is even better. The “glue” of your closet are items that work with everything, creating multiple looks with different “feels”; dressy, casual, work appropriate etc.

I chose two items that are interesting, have great design elements and wouldn’t be considered items that you can wear in multiple scenarios. The first is an off the shoulder blouse, the second a zip up jacket. Both can be worn to a work scenario (think Fridays..) and both can be dressed up or down.

Check out these two “glue” items that I use in 5 different looks to show you how having pieces like these can expand the versatility of your closet. I also re-used a few elements like the shoes, handbags and sunglasses to show that you don’t need tons of different accessories. Just the right ones.







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