The Uniform: How To Be Stylish 100% Of The Time

We all have those days where putting on clothing is the hardest thing your brain can comprehend to do. You’ve had a long week, you’re exhausted, you can’t think straight, you have deadlines looming and the babies are screaming. It’s at these times we see mommas rocking their pj’s to drop their kids off at school.

Recently in the UK a school principle wrote a letter to ask parents to stop this habit (only in the UK would something like this happen) but there was stiff opposition, and even friendly protesting. I imagine getting your kids ready for school means that you pay zero attention to yourself in those frantic 30 min before the bell rings.

For those of you who aren’t  mothers, but have the same scheduling demands, the pressure can be just as overwhelming. You’re running out of the house, coffee mug in hand and you have no idea what you’re wearing. Raise a hand if you’ve been there.

I don’t have kids, but in the past, when I was pressed for time, I developed a habit of creating uniforms to streamline my preparation for the day. As well as waking up earlier, I found that I had some extra time every morning to add a bit more mascara, or actually eat a piece of toast before the hectic day began. Creating a “uniform” will help you focus on what you need to focus on, and you’ll feel good about yourself at the same time!

My go to off duty outfit will always be high-waisted black skinny pants/jeans and a black fitted tee, when I’m in a rush or getting dressed feels hard. It’s extremely simple. So much so that writing an article about it seems like a major waste of time. It’s the obvious choice. I accessorize however with earrings and fun belts and shoes. It works for me. I have multiples in tees and jeans which means I can grab and go. No rummaging around.

If you work in an office environment and are having a hard time creating looks on the go, try purchasing classic, trendy pieces (still office appropriate and stylish) and you’ll notice how you’ll feel strangely free from the extra burden of deciding what to wear.

Check out these examples of stylish looks that can easily become uniforms if you purchase multiples. Remember to purchase things according to your body type, but don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re buying multiples of a certain style, make sure it’s the most flattering fit you can find and definitely opt for high quality goods.

The Office Look


Here, your basic outfit stays the same, but your accessories and beauty looks change. Every day you wear a different pair of shoes and perhaps one day a feminine neck tie, and the next day perhaps just an open collar with some dainty gold jewelry. You can also focus on doing your hair and makeup nicely; and now you have an amazing look. You’re not only investing into your wardrobe, but also into your time. Time management is critical in todays fast paced society.


Off Duty Look


Here again, your basic look stays the same, but your accessories are what make your look pop. This look is great if you need to run out the door (certainly put more time into your looks where you can, I love putting together great outfits!)

I live in kitten heels, they’re easy to wear, feminine and chic, and your feet don’t hate you at the end of a long day. I also love having a great tote bag. I keep the critical things in a little clutch that I can pull out if I’m not in the mood to carry a larger bag, but can easily throw into the tote when I’m on the go. Invest in good leather products that can last forever. 

Get amazing accessories! You’ll never be let down and you’ll always feel chic and ready to go. Keep a watch on one wrist and a simple bracelet on the other. It’s not time consuming, it’s easy to throw on and you’ll look amazing. Same goes for the necklace and earrings. Have one or two nice pair of sunglasses and belts you can alternate between to mix up your overall look. 

If high waisted skinny jeans aren’t your jam then opt for a look that you know flatters you nicely. The reason this outfit plan works is that you’re dealing with minimal colors and patterns. It’s hard for your outfit to not work. 


Living in todays fast paced society doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice looking and feeling amazing. By tweaking our wardrobes and managing our time better, we get to have the best of both worlds.

Let me know what your morning routines are and what works for you! I’ll feature them in the next article!






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