Your Boldest NYE Look Ever!

New Years Eve is a prime time to cover yourself in head to toe sparkles. Anything with sequins is a go. BUT for those of us who need to for-go sparkly dresses for a heavy night of YOLO (my best named this years soiree.. Who still says “yolo”!? She does..), then you’ll need a look that can transcend both weather, time and activities.

Taking a cue from Miranda Kerr and her booties with stockings and shorts look; the look below is a few notches up from street style, to evening wear.

I love wearing shorts and stockings, it’s the perfect balance between comfortable and chic, and you can do just about anything in them! Dress this years ensemble up by wearing shorts with a major WOW factor. Pair it with ankle boots and an oversized coat for comfort, but don’t forget those design details! A mesh shirt and silky tank is a great balance between sexy and a 90’s party.

Wear your hair tousled and loose for a fun, playful look.

Check it out!




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