Summer of Love: It’s Still Denim 

I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks due to a major traveling schedule, and then being willingly stuck at my parents house, which is right around the corner from the beach. I’m not mad. It being that it’s super beachy and chill, I’ve basically been living in all things denim, cotton and bathing suit.  I found an amazing pair of vintage esq high-waisted denim shorts at Loft and, embarrassingly enough, wore them for a week straight. My excuse is the beach. I’ve just never in my life worn a pair of denim shorts that was so incredibly comfortable! They have just the right amount of distressing, are supple and the coloring is perfect.

The jacket was another great project that turned out so great. Remember that denim jacket from a few articles ago? The one paired with the lace dress in the english countryside. I didn’t love the color and texture so I soaked it in a bucket of bleach water, distressed it and washed it with super hot water.

The result was this: It fit a bit more snug, but a good snug. The color was on point! A nice washed out, softer and more supple denim. The distressed pieces turned out great after a few washes too.



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